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SBEP: Historic rainfall deals Sarasota Bay water quality a setback 6/20/2024 Research finds dolphins with elevated mercury levels in Florida and Georgia 6/17/2024 EPA is asked to set blue-green algae toxin standards for Florida 6/17/2024 Florida agriculture fuels algae blooms — how much remains unclear. 6/17/2024 Volunteers needed to help monitor bay health 6/17/2024 USF Ocean Circulation Lab braces for a busy hurricane season 6/11/2024 Manatee County extends burn ban 6/11/2024 SBEP Director’s Note: The data (and the fish) show that the bay is getting better 6/6/2024 Florida homebuyers are getting more transparency about flood history 6/5/2024 Manatee County imposes burn ban 6/3/2024 Environmental groups ask the feds to set Florida water quality standards for algae bloom toxins 5/31/2024 Mote and partners receive $3.2 million from DEP to combat harmful algal blooms 5/28/2024 Holmes Beach exploring $308K algae harvester purchase 5/22/2024 Palma Sola Bay bacteria linked to horses 5/22/2024 Applications now being accepted for FY25 stormwater education funding 5/21/2024 US Circuit Court of Appeals nixes Florida’s request for a stay in a wetlands permitting fight 5/21/2024 Register now for June 11th TBEP Mini-Grant webinar and Q&A 5/17/2024 Manatee County man drops wetlands lawsuit, as law says challenger must pay winner’s legal fees 5/17/2024 Caloosahatchee River discharges and the duration of red tide events 5/17/2024 Florida's outdated urban drainage systems cause more flooding, but there is a natural solution 5/14/2024 2025 Bay Mini-Grant applications now being accepted 5/8/2024 Governor announces investments in Wildlife Corridor, red tide mitigation 4/29/2024 First-of-its-kind study shows Florida Wildlife Corridor eases worst impacts of climate change 4/19/2024 South Palma Sola Bay passes bacteria testing, north bay under scrutiny 4/18/2024 How beach groins protect Longboat Key’s sand 4/18/2024 Switch to green wastewater infrastructure could reduce emissions and provide huge savings, new resea 4/16/2024 UF/IFAS launches landscape water use survey 4/16/2024 U.S. District judge nails down decision in wetlands case 4/15/2024 Seawalls can now be up to 6 feet tall on Longboat Key 4/11/2024 CHNEP annual photo contest is underway! Deadline for submissions is July 1st 4/11/2024 4/11/2024 Longboat Key Commission votes to allow additional freeboard with possible expansion 4/4/2024 Florida Legislature lets local governments make their own fertilizer rules, bans again 4/4/2024 Cost of watering lawns in Florida? Not so bad compared to other states 4/3/2024 Finding ways to anchor dunes, Naples Botanical Garden looks at how different plants grow and survive 4/3/2024 Judge: PACE home resilience loans must be included on tax rolls statewide 4/3/2024 Blue-green algae concerns in Lake Uihlein postpone fishing tournament 4/3/2024 U.S. losing valuable wetlands at alarming rate 4/1/2024 Here’s a look at Tampa Bay’s reclaimed water, and the future of reuse 3/29/2024 Lake Okeechobee water is heading to Florida’s coasts. What that means for red tide. 3/28/2024 New surveys will provide updated report on Longboat Key canal conditions 3/28/2024 Manatee County now accepting applications for ELMAC 3/28/2024 A small leak is contained at the Piney Point phosphate plant 3/25/2024 Ferry expanding service to five days a week, Wed.-Sun. 3/21/2024 FDEP invites public input on new water quality credit program 3/21/2024 Report: Sarasota Bay ecosystem gets clean bill of health 3/21/2024 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program releases 2023 water quality report card 3/19/2024 State seeks to speed up decision in wetlands permitting case 3/13/2024 Manatee County to pursue Emerson Point Preserve expansion 3/12/2024 Environmental groups oppose a stay in the fight over wetlands permitting in Florida 3/11/2024 Seagrasses in the Gulf of Mexico could be overgrazed by migrating herbivores due to warming waters 3/11/2024 Experts: Flooding puts flat Florida at risk 3/8/2024 SWFWMD launches “Water 101” campaign 3/8/2024 Allowed freeboard height would increase under Longboat Key ordinance 3/8/2024 Spring break beachgoers should know about the dangers of rip currents 3/8/2024 TBEP releases “State of the Bay” report 3/8/2024 City of Bradenton spill releases 1.2 million gallons of wastewater in Manatee River 3/4/2024 Manatee County purchases 64 acres of undeveloped riverfront property 3/1/2024 The Atlantic is hotter, earlier. That’s a bad sign for hurricane season, Florida corals 3/1/2024 NOAA rolls out new tool to predict river levels 2/29/2024 Florida DEP seeks stay on judicial ruling that removes its authority over wetland permits 2/29/2024 Climate change is throwing the water cycle into chaos across the U.S. 2/29/2024 Univ. Miami developing artificial reef modules to reduce coastal flooding 2/29/2024 UF Study: About half of Floridians not aware of local water restrictions 2/29/2024 Photographer: Inland development is destroying Florida’s coastal freshwater wetlands 2/23/2024 Quick Point Nature Preserve gets boardwalk repairs, new signage 2/22/2024 Invasive grass species threatens Braden River ecosystem 2/22/2024 USF’s ‘Flood Hub’ is helping the state look into resiliency needs 2/21/2024 Judge rejects handing over wetland permitting duties to the State of Florida 2/19/2024 Report: Florida received D– in coastal management and sea level rise preparations 2/15/2024 Crucial system of ocean currents is heading for a collapse due to climate change 2/12/2024 Spanish Main Yacht Club installs $1M of potable water pipes 2/8/2024 Ferry service adds new Bridge Street Pier stop 2/8/2024 New NASA mission could help Lake Okeechobee, red tide in Florida 2/7/2024 Tara Elementary students learn about water conservation 2/5/2024 LBK’s Sleepy Lagoon residents urge higher priority for drainage improvement 1/31/2024 UCF researchers estimate cost to tourism of 2018 red tide at $2.7 billion 1/30/2024 Rubonia resilience summit held 1/29/2024 Sarasota Bay water quality is better... Why? 1/29/2024 Study: White House rule dramatically deregulates wetlands, streams and drinking water 1/26/2024 Flooding, groundwater rise can have impact on septic systems 1/25/2024 Saltwater intrusion, an emerging water quality issue below our feet 1/25/2024 UF/IFAS: Timing of fertilizer ordinances impacts water quality 1/24/2024 A controversial report says there is not enough evidence proving fertilizer bans help water quality 1/24/2024 Manatee County water quality is improving 1/24/2024 Good water quality leads SBEP to propose transition from restoration plan to protection plan 1/18/2024 DEP exempts Anna Maria mangrove removal, work stalled 1/17/2024 TBEP soliciting proposals for Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund (TBERF) projects 1/17/2024 Manatee County upgrades water filtration 1/17/2024 Atlantic sargassum mass growing early, setting records, eyeing Florida 1/17/2024 Thousands of Florida homes flood repeatedly. You’re not allowed to know which ones. 1/16/2024 New UF report says it’s unclear if fertilizer bans stop pollution. Not everyone agrees. 1/12/2024 Flooding concerns rise amid intensifying impacts of rainstorms 1/11/2024 Manatee County accelerates land conservation from 2020 referendum 1/9/2024 Manatee County making sandbags available ahead of Tuesday storm 1/8/2024 Applications now being accepted for Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund Grant Program 1/4/2024 Apply now for Sarasota Bay Partners grants 1/3/2024 Gulf Islands Ferry Service to start January 12th 1/2/2024 Florida Cabinet approves ‘critical’ conservation easement in Southwest Florida 1/2/2024 Registration open for Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Summit 1/2/2024 Fertilizer legislation likely to be included in 2024 Florida Legislative session 1/2/2024 A quest to get an amendment guaranteeing a right to clean water pushed back 1/2/2024 New study identifies Florida’s potential invasive species threats 12/19/2023 USF scientists lead a grant to better forecast sargassum blooms for coastal communities 12/18/2023 Manatee County to acquire Crooked River Ranch property 12/13/2023 Sarasota EcoSummit tackles development, pollution and water quality 12/12/2023 Drought vs deluge: Rainfall totals either too little or too much on each of Florida’s coasts 12/11/2023 MarineQuest School Daze registration opens Dec. 6th 12/5/2023 EPA proposes revising certain water quality standards for Florida’s waters 12/5/2023 Florida discontinues manatee winter feeding program after seagrass conditions improve 12/5/2023 2024 CHNEP Nature Calendars are now available 12/4/2023 Timetable to replace lead water pipes could be accelerated 12/1/2023 Gulf Stream weakening now 99% certain, and ramifications will be global 12/1/2023 EcoSummit focuses on coping with Sarasota’s growth 11/30/2023 USF survey finds that many homeowners don't realize they're unprotected from flooding risks 11/30/2023 Sea turtle nests break records on US beaches, but global warming threatens their survival 11/27/2023 What does an El Niño winter mean for Florida red tide? 11/27/2023 TBRPC secures $1M EPA grant to launch Clean Air Tampa Bay Climate Action Program 11/27/2023 Many Floridians with private wells don’t know how to take care of them 11/27/2023 Manatee County already complies with Phase I Water Shortage conservation order 11/17/2023 Go slow, look out below when on the water this Manatee Awareness Month 11/16/2023 Canal maintenance update leaves Longboat Key commissioners confused 11/16/2023 FISH Preserve fully restored 11/16/2023 Local experts search for red tide answers 11/15/2023 Sarasota Bay Water Quality Improving 11/14/2023 SWFWMD declares Modified Phase I Water Shortage, limits some counties to once a week irrigation 11/14/2023 One stack capped, three to go after $75 million spent following Piney Point disaster 11/13/2023 Keeping Florida coastlines and oceans a key part of the economy is threatened by climate change 11/13/2023 Flash Sale this week only: Eco-Summit tickets are half-price! 11/1/2023 Marine heat waves are becoming more severe, scientists said at a recent Gulf of Mexico meeting 10/31/2023 Anna Maria Island Bridge water main repairs scheduled for November 1 10/26/2023 Nov. 3rd ribbon-cutting planned for "FISH Preserve" in Cortez 10/24/2023 Florida scientists are mapping red tide fish kills to help regulate fishing afterward 10/24/2023 State multi-year plan sought for water-related projects 10/24/2023 Fish and Wildlife Service proposes a sprawling conservation area in the Everglades watershed 10/24/2023 New study projects sea level rise to drain Florida’s financial future 10/16/2023 Will Florida manatees be listed as an endangered species again? Feds to review data. 10/13/2023 FPL investigation underway after failure of some LBK underground transformers 10/4/2023 Proposed conservation area could help protect the Florida Wildlife Corridor 10/2/2023 Mote’s Sea Turtle Protection initiative urges boaters to ‘Go Slow for Those Below&rquo; 10/2/2023 Final vote nears on protection of Manatee wetlands 9/29/2023 Skyway Fishing Pier online educational course, certificate required beginning Oct. 1 9/27/2023 Native Florida plants could be part of the solution to state's flooding, water quality problems 9/26/2023 Longboat Key restores a lagoon’s link to Sarasota Bay 9/25/2023 First pond atop the troubled Piney Point gypsum stack is closed 9/22/2023 Florida looks to increase number of wetland mitigation banks, credits available to developers 9/20/2023 Island mayors question Palma Sola Causeway resiliency 9/20/2023 Manatee County asks feds for beach nourishment post-Idalia 9/20/2023 Biden administration restores the power of states and tribes to review projects to protect waterways 9/15/2023 Researchers: Coastal ecosystems will drown if world warms above 2°C 9/15/2023 Longboat’s beaches withstood Idalia’s surge, but flooding still prevailed. How? 9/14/2023 Mote Marine Lab hosts workshop on red tide mitigation tools 9/14/2023 Bioluminescent algae bloom dazzles beachgoers on Anna Maria Island 9/12/2023 Manatee County’s Robinson Preserve is now part of the Great Florida Birding Trail 9/12/2023 Red tide sets manatee deaths along Florida’s west coast apart, experts say 9/12/2023 ‘No obvious culprit’: Questions remain after Port Manatee oil spill 9/11/2023 Greer (Beer Can) Island accessible again via Canal 1A 9/11/2023 “Decline of Seagrasses in Tampa Bay” Story Map released by TBRPC 9/11/2023 Hurricane Idalia caused widespread pollution in Florida’s waterways 9/11/2023 Flesh-eating bacteria lurk in post-hurricane floodwaters. Here’s how to stay safe. 9/11/2023 NASA scientists test new tool for tracking algal blooms 9/11/2023 Carl Hiaasen to headline upcoming EcoSummit in Sarasota 9/11/2023 Supply chain delays Anna Maria Island Bridge water main work 9/6/2023 Oil spill at SeaPort Manatee prompts Coast Guard investigation 9/5/2023 No-swim advisory issued for Palma Sola beach after countywide swim advisory lifted 9/5/2023 Manatee County implements a wetland mitigation program 8/31/2023 The EPA removes federal protections for most of the country’s wetlands 8/31/2023 What’s the connection between climate change and hurricanes? 8/31/2023 Derelict vessels are often a nuisance in Sarasota and Manatee waters 8/24/2023 Warm water combined with an algal bloom could be behind dead fish in Manatee County 8/22/2023 UF study promotes reducing outdoor water usage 8/22/2023 Manatee County advances a plan to cut wetlands protections 8/21/2023 Scientist: An ‘alarming level’ of PFAS compounds found in some Florida drinking water 8/21/2023 Register NOW for Aug. 23rd TBEP Bay Mini-Grant webinar! 8/18/2023 A Florida journalist reflects on his reporting of seagrass losses in estuaries across the state 8/17/2023 Algae bloom continues impacting Lake Manatee, officials say concentrations are improving 8/16/2023 In Manatee County, proposed changes would allow developers to build closer to wetlands 8/16/2023 A new study aims to pinpoint pollution feeding algae blooms in Tampa Bay 8/16/2023 Gulf of Mexico hit highest sea surface temperature in recorded history 8/16/2023 SWFWMD to hold virtual public workshop on ranking Minimum Flows and Levels for water bodies 8/16/2023 Florida manatees find food and shelter at Myakka 8/15/2023 WANTED: Boaters for 2023 Great Scallop Search on Aug. 26th 8/14/2023 Could a slowing Gulf Stream bring Florida more flooding? UMiami study will find out 8/14/2023 Struggling seagrass in Sarasota Bay shapes up as an environmental, economic worry 8/14/2023 Registration is now open for Nov. 4th Tampa Bay Debris Derby 8/9/2023 Climate change giving extra fuel to storms during hurricane season 8/7/2023 Port Tampa Bay seeks to widen its shipping channels at a cost of $1.11 billion 8/7/2023 As water reuse expands, proponents battle the ‘yuck’ factor 8/7/2023 Tampa Bay Estuary Program now accepting applications for Bay Mini-Grants 8/4/2023 Warmer water temperatures already have effect on Sarasota Bay 8/3/2023 Northwest Florida WMD officials are testing new technology that turns algae into fertilizer 8/3/2023 FWC invites public input on burrowing owl conservation and permitting guidelines 8/3/2023 The interconnectedness of Sarasota Bay and other coastal waters 8/3/2023 Toxic algae suspected cause of panther disease 8/2/2023 Wetland regulations set for review by Manatee County 8/2/2023 Florida schools can register now for FWC’s School Fishing Club program 8/2/2023 Study: Ocean currents vital for distributing heat could collapse by midcentury 7/31/2023 Mote Marine’s new laboratory will feature the Gulf of Mexico—but miles from saltwater 7/31/2023 What the Supreme Court’s Clean Water Act decision means for Tampa Bay 7/28/2023 44th Avenue Bridge to open August 7th 7/28/2023 Careful planning, budgeting required for north-end drainage improvements 7/27/2023 Greer Island Spit Management Project will limit beach access through Sept. 4 7/26/2023 Progress is made on closing the troubled Piney Point phosphate plant stacks 7/26/2023 Mosaic wants to test ‘radioactive road’ with 337 tons of phosphogypsum, records show 7/26/2023 How scientists are saving Florida’s endangered coral reefs from extreme heat 7/25/2023 USACE publishes draft Tampa Harbor Navigation Improvement Study for public review 7/25/2023 Scientists planting seagrass hope to slow down Florida’s alarming loss 7/25/2023 Manatee County looks to remove wetland protections 7/24/2023 Rising saltwater is threatening marine ecosystems 7/24/2023 Great Bay Scallop Search scheduled for August 19th 7/24/2023 Manatee County Dept. of Health issues no-swim advisory for Palma Sola Bay 7/24/2023 Fishing restrictions to protect pelicans are enacted at the Sunshine Skyway south fishing pier 7/21/2023 NOAA launches new hurricane forecast model as Atlantic season starts strong 7/20/2023 Ghost traps and a river of plastic: How our trash is slowly killing Tampa Bay 7/20/2023 EPA recommends water filters to purge most forever chemicals from Florida’s drinking water 7/20/2023 Independent testing confirms safety of drinking water from Lake Manatee 7/18/2023 Extreme heat may show effects in Florida’s oceans, lakes, coral reefs 7/17/2023 How does increased water temperature affect our estuaries? 7/14/2023 Vessels arrive for new Gulf Islands Water Ferry Service 7/13/2023 USF welcomes its most technologically advanced ship into the Florida Institute of Oceanography 7/13/2023 Wild vs. Farmed: Intense debate surrounds proposed offshore fish farm off coast of Sarasota 7/12/2023 FWC to meet July 19 and 20 in St. Petersburg 7/11/2023 FWC releases new red tide video on seafood safety 7/10/2023 Researchers tag two endangered smalltooth sawfish inside Tampa Bay 7/10/2023 Algal bloom affects taste/odor in Lake Manatee Reservoir 7/10/2023 Manatee water main back online 7/7/2023 DEP Launches Water Quality Protection Grant Portal for Fiscal Year 2023-24 7/6/2023 How old oyster shells from restaurants are being used to clean Tampa Bay 7/6/2023 USGS estimates potential spread of invasive species carried by hurricane-induced flooding 7/3/2023 Top Florida Ports official seeks petition to protect whales tossed 7/3/2023 Florida DEP Launches the Resilient Florida Grant Application Portal 7/3/2023 SBEP Update: Restoration projects and vinyl seawalls 7/3/2023 Sarasota man aims to make environmental science understandable 6/27/2023 Florida Department of Health issues statewide Mosquito-Borne Illnesses Advisory 6/27/2023 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program plans for $2.7 million in restoration projects 6/23/2023 Anna Maria Island residents asked to curtail water usage as water main repairs continue 6/21/2023 Sign up now for “Eyes on Seagrass” citizen science training sessions 6/21/2023 DeSantis to pause bans on fertilizer. Advocates worry it’ll worsen water woes 6/20/2023 SWFWMD to hold virtual public meeting on Tampa Bay SWIM plan 6/16/2023 More oyster gardens installed enhancing Longboat Key green initiatives 6/15/2023 Contamination from Piney Point spill detected as far away as Tarpon Springs 6/14/2023 TBRPC now accepting applications for FY2024 Stormwater Outreach & Education grants 6/14/2023 WUSF ”The Price of Plenty“ series focuses on phosphates in Florida 6/6/2023 Good news: The Sargassum belt has shrunk 6/6/2023 SCOTUS wetlands decision could spell more construction, major impact on Florida 6/5/2023 Tampa Bay gets EPA grant money to help environment 6/1/2023 How the Supreme Court’s wetlands ruling could impact pollution, flooding 5/31/2023 A perfect ‘pathogen’ storm: Vibrio bacteria, Sargassum and plastic marine debris 5/31/2023 SCOTUS sinks Clean Water Act protection for 51% of U.S. waters 5/26/2023 Water management districts want visitors to enjoy Florida’s springs and rivers responsibly 5/26/2023 How big an area was impacted by Piney Point? 5/26/2023 Red tide appears to be gone from area beaches 5/25/2023 St. Pete is ‘banking’ on seagrass efforts 5/24/2023 Red tide? Seaweed blob? Nope, scientists are watching a different algae 5/24/2023 Sign up now for the 2023 Florida Waters Stewardship Program 5/23/2023 Tampa Bay fertilizer bans go into effect June 1st 5/22/2023 Bathroom to Bay: How old toilets are being transformed into a sea life habitat in Tampa Bay 5/17/2023 Florida environment groups, businesses urge DeSantis to veto ‘attack’ on fertilizer bans 5/17/2023 Native wildlife, plants thrive as result of seasonal low water levels at Myakka 5/15/2023 TBRPC now accepting applications for FY24 Stormwater Education Funding 5/15/2023 Tampa Bay leaders talk resiliency strategies as hurricane season approaches 5/9/2023 New park opens along Florida’s Manatee River with trails, art and focus on water quality Read more 5/9/2023 A Tampa-area resiliency summit explores ways for cities to deal with climate change 5/8/2023 Lawmakers give green light to seagrass technology innovation bill 5/8/2023 Mote’s Marine Science Education & Outreach Center now open at the Anna Maria City Pier 5/8/2023 Florida Legislature moves to block fertilizer bans 5/4/2023 Drones offer more efficient way to survey vital oyster reefs 5/3/2023 Manatee residents invited to join Environmental Lands Management and Acquisition Committee 5/3/2023 University of Tampa researcher says algae in Tampa Bay could guide seagrass restoration 5/1/2023 Sea turtle nesting season starts May 1; Property owners urged to make sure lighting is ready 5/1/2023 Manatee County residents invited to attend 3rd annual Hurricane Preparedness Expo 4/27/2023 Pinellas County to receive $2.2M NOAA grant to remove old tires from Tampa Bay 4/24/2023 Winter Haven resiliency efforts to be featured at May 3rd Resilient Florida Forum 4/24/2023 New sign raises access concerns for beach walkers 4/20/2023 A deep well injection could herald the end of spills from the Piney Point phosphate plant 4/20/2023 How will the Great Atlantic Sargassum Blob affect Florida’s west coast? 4/20/2023 U.S. House fails to override Biden’s veto of resolution to overturn EPA water rule 4/20/2023 Manatee County begins wastewater transfer at Piney Point 4/12/2023 Registration is open for Manasota Neighborhood Summit 2023 4/7/2023 Wildfire threat grows as Florida drought gets steadily worse 4/7/2023 Florida has the most lead pipes in the U.S. and is getting $376 million for drinking water upgrades 4/6/2023 Human drugs are found in popular Florida fish, including in Tampa Bay 4/6/2023 Florida cities wary of bill that would cap transfers from municipal utilities to general revenue 4/3/2023 Piney Point 2 years later: How close is it to shutting down for good? 4/3/2023 Senate votes to roll back Biden administration clean water rule 4/3/2023 Tampa Bay area upgraded to a severe drought 3/31/2023 Red tide research not slowing down despite shrinking bloom 3/31/2023 UPDATE: Water protections removed from fertilizer bill 3/31/2023 Longboat’s canal maintenance program still years from reality 3/30/2023 Red tide is back in Manatee and Sarasota counties 3/30/2023 Piney Point injection well ready 3/29/2023 Army Corps seeks public input for proposed dredging of Gulf Intracoastal Waterway 3/29/2023 Missed the recent “Water Conservation in Sarasota” workshop? Watch it on YouTube 3/29/2023 Conservation Foundation of Gulf Coast invites public to join Myakka restoration initiative 3/28/2023 Longboat Key to host water conservation workshop on March 28th 3/23/2023 Seagrass loss threatens environment on Florida Gulf Coast 3/22/2023 Here’s what to know about red tide in Pinellas County this week 3/21/2023 What is the answer to Florida’s red tide problem? Local experts say it won’t be cheap 3/20/2023 New Manatee River bridge span at Fort Hamer is Manatee County’s top priority for federal funds 3/20/2023 FWC, DEP visit SW Florida to survey red tide conditions, ensure local needs are being met 3/20/2023 Dead fish on the beach? Longboat Key leans on nature for cleanup. 3/16/2023 University of Central Florida uses 6-foot ‘test tubes’ to study red tide 3/16/2023 EPA to limit toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water 3/15/2023 Red tide update from the Town of Longboat Key 3/13/2023 Seaweed blob visible from space takes aim at Florida Gulf coast 3/13/2023 Reef installation to fight algae and red tide 3/10/2023 Florida’s love-hate relationship with phosphorus 3/10/2023 International treaty to protect world’s oceans will help SWFL 3/10/2023 Florida impacts kick federal beach renourishment policy back to panel 3/10/2023 Was Florida red tide made worse by Hurricane Ian? Here’s what we know 3/2/2023 Red tide is getting worse along the Gulf beaches 3/2/2023 Researchers looking into toxins that Blue-Green Algae release into the air 2/28/2023 Red tide is back in Pinellas County — and worse in Sarasota, Manatee 2/24/2023 Longboat Key works toward north-end flooding solutions 2/23/2023 Register now for Southwest Florida Climate Summit 2/17/2023 No debate anymore: Climate change makes extreme weather worse, federal scientists say 2/17/2023 Red tide is still being found at the mouth of Tampa Bay and Sarasota beaches 2/17/2023 Experts: reducing plastic use is the only way to cut down on microplastics in Tampa Bay area waters 2/17/2023 Longboat Key reminds residents to follow irrigation restrictions 2/16/2023 Seagrasses have been in decline in Tampa Bay for three years in a row. Here’s why 2/16/2023 Manatee/Sarasota volunteers are working to slow down climate change one tiny forest at a time 2/16/2023 Scientists working on compounds to combat red tide 2/15/2023 Webinar for Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund on February 15th 2/14/2023 Longboat Key receives $3 million for sewer main replacement 2/13/2023 Major projects make progress on Longboat Key 2/13/2023 DEP launches Hurricane Stormwater and Wastewater Assistance Grant Program 2/13/2023 Tampa Bay seagrass declines for the third consecutive mapping assessment 2/13/2023 Study: Gulf of Mexico has warmed at twice rate of global oceans 2/9/2023 In response to growth, Manatee seeks to expand reclaimed water supply 2/3/2023 FWC conducts workshop to explore ways to help pelicans at Sunshine Skyway fishing pier 1/27/2023 The next meeting of the Blue-Green Algae Task Force will be on Feb 1st 1/26/2023 Air-breathing, frog-hunting snakehead fish found in Manatee County 1/25/2023 USF engineering-led team awarded $2.5M federal grant for coastal harmful algal bloom research 1/24/2023 Recent cold fronts were good news for Tampa Bay’s red tide situation. At least for now. 1/19/2023 Beaches battered by hurricanes will get help in Sarasota and Manatee counties 1/19/2023 Learn, collect, create! at two-part macroalgae workshop 1/17/2023 Longboat Key still waiting on New Pass groin permits 1/17/2023 Registration open for Florida Waters Stewardship Program; Classes begin March 8th 1/17/2023 No debate anymore: Climate change makes extreme weather worse, federal scientists say 1/13/2023 Update on Manatee County water main repairs 1/13/2023 Florida’s emergency chief seeks changes in disaster response 1/11/2023 Researchers look at ways to control Red Tide 1/10/2023 Key Florida lawmaker focuses on shifting from septic tanks to sewer systems 1/9/2023 Florida is fighting to feed starving manatees this winter 1/6/2023 New year, same goal: A debris-free Florida 1/6/2023 Emergency water line repairs continue in Manatee County 1/4/2023 U.S. approves Little Manatee River study 1/4/2023 Info session scheduled for Bradenton Beach Sewer Rehabilitation project 1/4/2023 Plan to inject Piney Point waste underground to become reality in 2023 1/4/2023 After Ian and Nicole, experts warn of health risks from blue-green algae 12/14/2022 In Tampa Bay, boat propellers have killed seagrass. A new mapping project may help. 12/8/2022 Flesh-eating bacteria cases at a 15-year high in Florida 12/8/2022 EPA: Florida must change water quality standards to protect citizens’ health 12/6/2022 Some red tide detected near mouth of Tampa Bay 12/6/2022 Scientists from the U.S., Mexico, and Cuba met to start combating acidification in the Gulf of Mexic 12/6/2022 SBEP Bay Partners Grant Program applications accepted beginning January 1st 12/5/2022 Dead fish stench: Red tide worsens along Sarasota and Manatee beaches 12/5/2022 Tampa Council pushes off decision on what to do with wastewater 12/2/2022 Red tide has been found at Fort De Soto and Anna Maria Island 12/2/2022 FWC commissioners vote to deny captive breeding of diamondback terrapins 12/2/2022 Long-running Longboat Key public works projects near completion 12/1/2022 Florida wildlife officials approve protections for endangered manatees 12/1/2022 FWC now accepting applications for newly created Vessel Turn-In Program 11/29/2022 Expedition retraces a legendary explorer’s travels through the once-pristine Everglades 11/28/2022 How floating wetlands are helping to clean up urban waters 11/23/2022 Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council releases comprehensive climate change plan 11/23/2022 FWC Harmful Algal Bloom Grant Program funds three projects 11/22/2022 Here, there, everywhere: Red tide plagues SWFL after Hurricane Ian 11/22/2022 Petition urges USFWS to protect Florida manatees as endangered 11/22/2022 Red tide is drifting north and is now at the mouth of Tampa Bay 11/21/2022 Hillsborough purchases land along the Little Manatee River for preservation 11/18/2022 Longboat Key beaches in good condition after storms 11/16/2022 Photos show contaminated water plaguing southwest Florida 11/15/2022 New website dedicated to tracking Piney Point’s progress now available 11/14/2022 FWC reminds owners unable to salvage their storm-damaged vessels that waivers are still available 11/14/2022 Manatee County Health Department issues Health Alert for four locations 11/14/2022 Manatee Dept. of Health issues Health Alert for red tide at some beaches 11/11/2022 Red tide conditions return to Southwest Florida 11/9/2022 SWFWMD recognizes 35th anniversary of SWIM program 10/31/2022 FWC assessing thousands of ‘displaced’ vessels in the wake of Ian 10/31/2022 SWFWMD: Check your irrigation timer when you ‘fall back’ to standard time 10/31/2022 Participatory scientists needed to help seagrass 10/27/2022 How Hurricane Ian swamped Florida rivers: Before-and-after photos show record floods 10/27/2022 Red tide algae is back in Southwest Florida waters. Here’s what experts predict 10/27/2022 Apply now for Florida Lake Management Society’s ‘Love Your Lake’ grants 10/26/2022 Update: FWC responds to red tide in Southwest Florida 10/24/2022 SWFWMD awards Splash! Grants to Manatee and Sarasota County schools/teachers 10/24/2022 Researchers look into Hurricane Ian’s impact after reverse storm surge in Tampa Bay 10/20/2022 FWC creates hotline to address thousands of vessels displaced by Hurricane Ian 10/17/2022 Gulf of Mexico rose 15 feet in southwest Florida during Ian 10/17/2022 SWFWMD sharply curtails funding for stormwater projects 10/17/2022 Hurricane Ian left millions of gallons of spilled wastewater, dirty runoff in its wake 10/17/2022 Manatee County provides additional help to Myakka residents with water issues 10/17/2022 Myakka well water testing shows contamination 10/13/2022 Shorelines model ordinance template released by TBRPC 10/13/2022 Could red tide become a problem after Hurricane Ian? 10/12/2022 Your questions answered about SWFWMD water control structures 10/11/2022 Dying seagrasses, algae blooms found in Tampa Bay could be lingering effects of Piney Point releases 10/10/2022 What we know (and don’t) about how climate change impacts hurricanes like Ian 10/10/2022 Hurricane Ian causes release of wastewater into Manatee River 10/10/2022 FWC reminds boaters: Use caution after Hurricane Ian 10/10/2022 Pollution from Florida’s phosphate mining industry a concern with Hurricane Ian 10/5/2022 Florida DOH to private well owners in flood areas: Use caution, get wells tested immediately 10/5/2022 Boil water advisory lifted for Longboat Key 10/4/2022 Manatee County well-water advisory 10/4/2022 Manatee County Utilities update – Oct. 2nd. 10/3/2022 Manatee County reopens after Ian 10/3/2022 Ian could bring storm surge to Tampa Bay. Here’s what to know. 9/26/2022 Do you know the main hazards caused by hurricanes and tropical weather? 9/26/2022 Manatee County declares State of Emergency in advance of Ian 9/26/2022 Researchers will study how to best support Florida mangrove and coral reef ecosystems 9/23/2022 The Little Manatee River is a step closer to receiving a federal ‘scenic’ designation 9/23/2022 Longboat plans flooding projects with final ARPA funding 9/21/2022 SBEP Ecosystem Health Report Card shows improved water quality 9/19/2022 9M gallons of wastewater bypassed into Manatee River; city says improvements are in the works 9/16/2022 Manatee County helps businesses prepare for floods 9/14/2022 Florida scientists will study how homeowners affect the water quality of stormwater ponds 9/13/2022 Report: Sea level rise will affect the property lines of Florida’s coastal counties 9/13/2022 Study shows fertilizer ordinances improve water quality (but timing matters) 9/8/2022 TBRPC awards $90,000 in Stormwater Outreach and Education Grants 9/8/2022 National Estuaries Week is Sept. 17-24. How will you celebrate? 9/7/2022 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program to release update to CCMP 9/7/2022 Human link to Red Tide highlights need for better water monitoring 9/6/2022 Oyster shells used to create more than two miles of reefs in Tampa Bay 9/6/2022 UF scientists to study stormwater pond benefits 9/2/2022 Red tide projections indicate no toxic blooms in the near future, but that could change 9/2/2022 Seagrass meadows in Tampa Bay see ‘significant’ decline over last four years 8/31/2022 USF study: Oyster reefs threatened by changes to Florida’s climate 8/30/2022 FWC releases new red tide video to educate visitors and residents 8/30/2022 Mote hosts workshop to guide implementation of mitigation tools for Florida red tide 8/26/2022 Bacteria prompting no-swim advisories likely from multiple sources 8/24/2022 TBEP releases its 2022 State of the Bay Progress Report 8/22/2022 Sarasota researchers find evidence that airborne exposure to red tide could have neurological impact 8/22/2022 FIT Researchers: Biochar may help fight against harmful algal blooms 8/22/2022 Good news on Sarasota Bay’s recovery from SBEP 8/18/2022 Manatee County on board for $500k, big win for ‘clams on deck’ 8/17/2022 Rainwater from Piney Point released into Tampa Bay 8/16/2022 Longboat Key advances green initiatives to improve, sustain environment 8/15/2022 Can citizen scientists turn the tide against America’s toxic algal blooms? 8/15/2022 SWFWMD seeks public input on annual MFL prioritization 8/15/2022 Manatee County now accepting ELMAC applications 8/13/2022 Public input sought on Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Action Plan 8/11/2022 Tampa Bay Estuary Program now accepting 2022 Bay Mini-Grant applications 8/10/2022 Roundtable event invites public to help solve pressing issues in Florida’s waters 8/10/2022 Resilient Ready initiatives take innovative approach to sea-level rise 8/9/2022 FSU researcher leads team to study conditions for plant survival in ocean desert 8/9/2022 NOAA and Saildrone launch seven hurricane-tracking surface drones 8/9/2022 Florida’s Blue-Green Algae Task Force meets after half-year hiatus 8/8/2022 Florida’s algae bloom response called too limited, too slow 8/5/2022 Study: Most rainwater on Earth contains PFAS exceeding safe levels 8/4/2022 New boater rules set after completion of emergency dredge on Beer Can Island 8/3/2022 NOAA High Tide forecast predicts an increase in coastal flooding 8/3/2022 Manatee County aims to improve water quality through oyster restoration projects 8/3/2022 Shining example: Tampa Bay’s water quality is declining after a half-century of gains 8/2/2022 UPDATE: No-Swim Advisories LIFTED for 4 Manatee County beaches 8/1/2022 Another research study implicates nutrient pollution in exacerbating red tides 8/1/2022 Millions of gallons of Piney Point stormwater will be released into Tampa Bay 7/28/2022 EPA Announces $132 Million for National Estuary Programs from Bipartisan Infrastructure Law 7/27/2022 New law requires the state to hit certain cleanup levels of toxic ‘forever chemicals’ 7/27/2022 Florida’s fertilizer use is affecting beach water quality 7/22/2022 You can help track Tampa Bay terrapins – with your phone 7/21/2022 Sign up now for the Great Bay Scallop Search 7/21/2022 FAU study assesses climate warming, water management impacts on West Florida's continental shelf 7/21/2022 Florida’s vanishing beaches: The fight against coastal erosion 7/19/2022 Brown patches along Gulf beaches are likely algae, scientist says 7/19/2022 Florida restaurants now facing stronger regulations for grease disposal 7/19/2022 How to clean up Tampa Bay and keep it that way 7/18/2022 Neighbors concerned about contaminated drinking water as Piney Point well project pushes forward 7/18/2022 FWC approves derelict Vessel Turn-In Program 7/15/2022 Rattlesnake Key slated to become a state park 7/14/2022 Robinson Nature Preserve earns top travel honor 7/14/2022 UF research: Norms, not knowledge, drive irrigation habits 7/14/2022 TBEP now accepting 2022 Bay Mini-Grant applications 7/14/2022 Is more algae mucking up Tampa Bay? Scientists need to track it first 7/13/2022 Florida provides funding for coastal restoration with seagrass, clams 7/13/2022 SWFWMD to hold virtual public meeting on land management plans 7/12/2022 Splash! School Grants now open! 7/11/2022 Contaminated oysters found as far north as Tampa Bay could pose health risks 7/7/2022 Effort to improve stormwater ponds aims to clean up Sarasota Bay through grant program 7/6/2022 Regional Planning Council reveals proposed solutions for Tampa Bay area flooding 7/6/2022 “Protecting Florida Together” water quality grants portal is now open 7/6/2022 New Piney Point discharges: Should we be concerned? 7/6/2022 UPDATE: No swim advisory LIFTED for Palma Sola South 7/5/2022 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program Director: What a difference a year makes 7/5/2022 Manatee County’s new skimmer boats will help clean up red tide fish kills 7/1/2022 Florida Sea Grant, GCOOS and FWRI collaborate on new red tide messaging poster 6/30/2022 SWFWMD to conduct prescribed burns in Manatee County through September 6/28/2022 Greer Island emergency Canal 1A access dredge work has begun 6/27/2022 A new study looks at parks and natural areas to absorb impact of storm surge and flooding 6/27/2022 New law directs DEP to set up PFAS cleanup rules, as feds issue advisory 6/23/2022 Longboat Key adopts Motor Boats Prohibited areas on Greer Island 6/23/2022 Manatee County invites residents to apply to join ELMAC committee 6/23/2022 Manatee County continues Piney Point injection well work 6/23/2022 SBEP Director: Good news, bad news in red tide forecast 6/23/2022 Are humans making toxic algae blooms worse and more frequent? A new study aims to finds out 6/23/2022 Area scientists study why Lakewood Ranch ponds have been turning brown 6/21/2022 EPA grants permit for Ocean Era aquaculture demonstration project off of Sarasota County 6/21/2022 Governor signs bill putting all soil and water board seats on the ballot days before qualifying 6/21/2022 Sarasota Bay Watch receives aquaculture lease to raise clams for bay restoration 6/16/2022 Coastal engineers fight battle of Longboat Key erosion 6/15/2022 Bradenton to end snowbirds’ water bill loophole 6/13/2022 Longboat Key seeks path around troublesome seawalls 6/10/2022 Volunteers with boats needed for ‘Eyes on Seagrass’ monitoring 6/10/2022 NOAA proposes sites for fish farms in the Gulf of Mexico 6/9/2022 State funds to purchase Rattlesnake Key escape budget axe 6/3/2022 Symposium will showcase the Resilient Ready Tampa Bay Project 6/3/2022 Fish license-free two weekends in June 6/2/2022 USFWS agrees to update critical habitat for Florida manatees 6/2/2022 TBEP Policy Board supports federal legislation to re-list West Indian Manatee as endangered 6/1/2022 Longboat Key builds funds first, then aims to construct sewer pipeline 5/31/2022 Online ‘Florida Friendly Angler’ course is now available 5/31/2022 Longboat Key fertilizer restrictions begin June 1st 5/27/2022 Tampa Bay area student researchers return from studying the Gulf of Mexico’s health 5/27/2022 Gulf Coast commercial fishermen file lawsuit over new red grouper quotas 5/23/2022 Hustle and flow: USF studies how water moves in Tampa Bay 5/23/2022 Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council to offer flood planning webinar May 26th 5/19/2022 Holmes Beach explores algae remediation 5/18/2022 TBEP awards Gulfport rain garden Golden Mangrove Award 5/17/2022 SBEP Director’s Note: Mangroves, Mangrove Trimming and Water Quality 5/17/2022 SWFWMD to hold peer review of wetland-based criteria for minimum wetland and lake levels 5/17/2022 United Nations offers free online freshwater water quality courses 5/16/2022 Snook and redfish remain catch-and-release only through August 5/16/2022 City agrees to improvements in wastewater settlement 5/13/2022 Manatee County federal legislative priorities include Ft. Hamer bridge, manatee protections 5/13/2022 What you need to know ahead of the seasonal fertilizer bans 5/11/2022 FDEP invites stakeholders to participate in public meeting on TMDL prioritization 5/6/2022 Water quality at Sarasota Bay is improving, an environmental group says 5/6/2022 Sarasota Bay Watch needs volunteers this weekend for clam release 5/3/2022 A new study shows the Piney Point spill likely made red tide worse 5/3/2022 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program hiring new Public Outreach Manager 5/3/2022 Water managers in ever-growing Southwest Florida work to ensure the drinking water supply is safe 5/2/2022 Experts: Tampa Bay can be a leader in flood mitigation strategies 4/28/2022 Fishermen and scientists probe phosphate's connection to Florida red tides 4/28/2022 Fear of new sea walls quelled following Manatee County comprehensive plan change 4/27/2022 Environmentalists fear proposed policy change will impact coastal habitats in Manatee County 4/21/2022 Report details climate change’s impact to Tampa Bay, says cost of doing nothing is dire 4/20/2022 Climate change fueled extreme rainfall during the record 2020 hurricane reason 4/20/2022 Sarasota researcher predicts 22 named storms, 5 major hurricanes in 2022 4/20/2022 Tampa Bay Watch protects area shorelines one project at a time 4/19/2022 Sarasota Bay Watch will hold a clam release this week 4/19/2022 Builders seek ability to develop more coastal areas in Manatee County 4/18/2022 Tampa Bay Partnership releases report offering a clear economic case for investing in resilience 4/18/2022 Green infrastructure helps cities with climate change. So why isn’t there more of it? 4/18/2022 Want to live more sustainability? This online toolkit can help. 4/14/2022 One year after Piney Point, researchers assess its impact 4/14/2022 What we know about Piney Point’s impact on Tampa Bay 4/11/2022 Scientists, engineers gather for 2022 SWFL Climate Summit in Fort Myers 4/11/2022 New study: Human activity intensifies red tide 4/11/2022 Bradenton to settle lawsuit over sewage spills 4/8/2022 Tampa Bay leaders discuss resiliency at regional conference 4/7/2022 Business leaders make billion-dollar case to address climate change across the Tampa Bay area 4/6/2022 Sarasota Bay is a local exception to bad news on Florida manatee populations 4/6/2022 SBEP releases 2022 Sarasota Bay Ecosystem Health Report Card 4/6/2022 No-swim advisory issued for Palma South Beach in Bradenton. 4/4/2022 Piney Point closure plan: Injection well could be pumping in 2022, facility capped by 2024 4/4/2022 TBRPC now accepting applications for FY2023 Stormwater Education funding 4/4/2022 Inside the effort to close Piney Point and keep Tampa Bay safe 4/1/2022 State takes milestone step toward final closure of Piney Point Facility 3/31/2022 Palma Sola boat ramp closing for maintenance 3/31/2022 Contractor withdraws, puts end to Anna Maria Island clam-seeding proposal 3/30/2022 Photo submissions now being accepted for 2023 CHNEP Calendar contest 3/30/2022 Register now for annual Sister Keys cleanup 3/29/2022 Federal judge puts environmentalists’ lawsuit against Piney Point on hold 3/29/2022 Conservation advocates praise death of bill they say would have hurt seagrass – and manatees 3/28/2022 Study: Sea level rise may gentrify Florida’s inland regions 3/28/2022 Florida tops list for most polluted lakes in the U.S., study finds 3/24/2022 Registration is open for Sarasota’s 2022 Seagrass Survey! 3/17/2022 Study: Florida’s stormwater ponds are net sources of atmospheric carbon 3/15/2022 Bill limiting membership on Soil and Water Conservation District boards en route to Governor 3/11/2022 Manatee County Utilities customers urged to save water 3/11/2022 Coquina South Boat Ramp closing for repairs 3/10/2022 New FWC diamondback terrapin conservation measures in effect 3/9/2022 Rezone approval clears way for development by Lake Manatee State Park 3/8/2022 Polk County environmentalists want a land conservation tax on the November ballot 3/8/2022 Bradenton’s Ward Five to get much-needed drainage project 3/7/2022 Climate scientist: Florida ‘not acting fast enough’ Report: Time to act is closing 3/7/2022 Piney Point cleanup, closure might take three years or longer 3/7/2022 3 agencies investigating illegal dumping claims in wetlands near Bradenton condos 3/7/2022 Areas of drought are expanding across Florida 3/4/2022 Florida House approves creating climate change resiliency office 3/4/2022 Sarasota Bay Watch to use 1 million clams to help water quality 3/4/2022 Prescription drugs are contaminating Florida’s marine life, researchers find 3/1/2022 Report horseshoe crab sightings to FWC for science 2/28/2022 Red tide study documents severity of blooms to identify risk levels during future outbreaks 2/28/2022 How bad is red tide? NOAA scientists create index to quantify it 2/23/2022 Report: Sea level rise to have worst impacts along Gulf of Mexico, East Coast 2/21/2022 Local organization is teaching kids about sharks 2/18/2022 Reminder: Proposals for TBERF projects due by March 11th 2/14/2022 Longboat Key sends proposed projects list to Sarasota County 2/11/2022 Buttonwood Harbour, Sleepy Lagoon neighborhoods to undergo drainage assessments 2/9/2022 A new water taxi may link Anna Maria Island and Bradenton 2/8/2022 Manatee County seeks public input on Warner’s Bayou Boat Ramp Improvements 2/7/2022 Anna Maria again defers decision on clam project 2/2/2022 Florida gets another $404 million for climate change prep 2/2/2022 Manatee County seeking Environmental Land Management & Acquisition Committee members 1/31/2022 SCOTUS agrees to review WOTUS 1/31/2022 Next Blue-Green Algae Task Force meeting will be Feb. 10th in Gainesville 1/31/2022 Volunteers collect over 2 tons of marine debris in Ghost Trap Rodeo 1/31/2022 Environmental activists: Red tide report from algae task force doesn’t go far enough 1/31/2022 Manatee County seeks public input on Coquina South boat ramp improvements 1/31/2022 Manatee County to offer Florida Water Stewardship Program Feb. 23-Mar. 3 1/31/2022 Models show double the number of Tampa Bay area homes will flood during a storm like Eta in 2050 1/21/2022 Manatee County seeks public input on Coquina South Boat Ramp improvements 1/21/2022 Conservation Foundation permanently protects 14.38 acres in Manatee County 1/21/2022 Anna Maria delays decision on $50K clam-seagrass project 1/19/2022 Mote outreach center project at Anna Maria Pier delayed 1/19/2022 Florida resiliency plan scrutinized for failure to address prevention, aid smaller communities 1/19/2022 Environmental groups wary of Florida Senate’s ‘Heartland’ plan 1/19/2022 Manatee County Commission looks for strategies to protect pelicans on Skyway Fishing Pier 1/12/2022 This legislative session, lawmakers to take up water quality, land conservation and seagrass 1/12/2022 Bradenton Beach combats rising sea, reviews new plan for living shorelines 1/12/2022 SWFWMD plans prescribed fire in Manatee County 1/12/2022 Applications now being accepted for Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund projects 1/11/2022 Officials are monitoring ‘seepage’ at the Piney Point phosphate plant 1/10/2022 Applications open for 2022 SBEP Bay Partners Grants 1/7/2022 TBRPC launching new initiative, ‘Resilient Ready: Tampa Bay’ 1/3/2022 Rattlesnake Key on deck to become a new state park in Manatee County 1/3/2022 Evaporation is being used to get rid of Piney Point’s nutrient-rich water 1/3/2022 Florida scientists are finding new income sources for shellfish aquafarmers in case of shutdowns 1/3/2022 Five environmental stories that affected Tampa Bay in 2021 and what’s ahead in 2022 1/3/2022 Piney Point well drilling begins 12/17/2021 Longboat Key offering public information forums on sea turtle protections 12/16/2021 Gamble Creek Village project comes back before Manatee BOCC Thursday 12/15/2021 DEP launches new Green Stormwater Infrastructure website 12/15/2021 Florida scientists: Social media can track toxic algae 12/14/2021 USF launches mission to map vulnerable Tampa Bay/GOM coastal areas using ‘uncrewed’ ROV 12/14/2021 Proposed Florida budget includes $35 million to fight red tide 12/13/2021 The governor’s wish-list for resilience spending is big on flooding, not climate change 12/13/2021 USF launches coastal mapping mission with remote-controlled boat 12/10/2021 DeSantis wants $270M for Florida waterways; environmentalists say more is needed 12/10/2021 Florida algae task force wants to tap experts from U.S., China, other nations 12/9/2021 Governor announces $270 million toward sea level rise resilience 12/8/2021 Manatee County focuses on coastline, erosion control tools for 2022 12/8/2021 Concerns abound about injecting Piney Point wastewater deep underground 12/7/2021 DeSantis wants a federal judge to dismiss a Piney Point lawsuit against the state 12/7/2021 Longboat Key requests funding help from Manatee for sewer line project 12/6/2021 Registration now open for the “Clamtastic” Scallopalooza 12/2/2021 Manatee County, LBK officials to meet, collaborate on improvements 12/1/2021 Bill in legislature would require FDEP to adopt tech to curb algal blooms 12/1/2021 Florida moves closer to issuing a permit for deep well injection of Piney Point wastewater 11/30/2021 UF/IFAS awarded $100K grant to boost shellfish aquaculture industry 11/18/2021 Red tide among DeSantis' environmental budget priorities 11/17/2021 Bradenton could face lawsuit over sewage spills 11/17/2021 What Florida can expect from the infrastructure spending bill 11/16/2021 Are scientists contaminating their own samples with microfibers? 11/16/2021 New College of Florida wins grant to study Tampa Bay shark population 11/15/2021 Environmental groups lobby receiver on Piney Point deep well 11/15/2021 Longboat Key turtle season affected by beach renourishment, storms 11/12/2021 Mote Marine Lab shark researcher Eugenie Clark to be honored with postage stamp 11/8/2021 Manatee and Sarasota County teachers receive SWFWMD Splash! Grants 11/8/2021 Florida congressional lawmakers hold meeting on state’s water quality woes 11/5/2021 Contractor hits 36-inch water main in Braden River 11/5/2021 Red tide persists along Florida’s Gulf coast; here’s how you can help stop it 11/3/2021 Florida Congressional Delegation to convene on water quality challenges 11/1/2021 Check your irrigation timer when you ‘fall back’ to standard time 11/1/2021 DeSoto County residents worry about proposed phosphate mine 11/1/2021 Manatee County Commission discusses effort to preserve environmental land 10/29/2021 SBEP seagrass scarring pilot helps determine effective boater outreach methods 10/21/2021 Flood insurance rates are spiking for many, to account for climate risk 10/18/2021 FWC asks lawmakers for $7M to save Florida’s beloved manatees 10/18/2021 SWFWMD scheduling prescribed fires in Manatee County, Oct.-Dec. 10/18/2021 Here’s why red tide could continue to affect Gulf Coast beaches for months 10/14/2021 Plans to dispose of Piney Point wastewater underground gain momentum 10/8/2021 FWC: Patchy bloom of red tide continues to persist along Florida Gulf Coast 10/8/2021 Manatee County officials say a Piney Point deep well injection is the least offensive option 10/8/2021 Red tide levels grow in Sarasota and Manatee counties 10/1/2021 Environmental Groups suing Manatee County over Piney Point wastewater injection 10/1/2021 Tampa Bay Red Tide Study focused on nutrients gets financial backing 10/1/2021 Red tide experts: latest bloom an example of longer-lasting, stronger blooms 10/1/2021 Red tide returning to Tampa Bay area beaches 9/28/2021 Concentration of microparticles in lakes reflect nearby human activity and land use 9/21/2021 Mobile wastewater treatment machine could be the answer in fighting red tide 9/21/2021 Red tide and algae blooms: Florida waters in crisis 9/21/2021 Public meeting scheduled for Oct. 6th on Manatee County Piney Point injection well permit 9/21/2021 Fighting red tide with nature: Could clams be the key to fighting red tide? 9/17/2021 Red tide gone from Manatee, Sarasota county beaches 9/10/2021 Applications now being accepted for 2022 Tampa Bay Mini-Grants 9/10/2021 Tampa Bay loses 6,350 acres of seagrass over past two years 9/9/2021 ManaSota 88 asks Manatee County to withdraw deep well injection application 9/8/2021 There are ways to help protect manatees in SWFL 9/8/2021 Longboat Key awaits FDEP feedback for pipeline reassessment 9/2/2021 DEP Secretary tours Piney Point, Vows its safety as summer rains threaten 9/2/2021 Volunteers needed for Tidy Island planting project Sept. 25th 9/1/2021 Court vacates NWPR, is still weighing WOTUS restoration 9/1/2021 University of Florida study aims to reduce nutrients in Manatee County ponds 8/30/2021 Longboat Key limiting public parking for beach renourishment 8/30/2021 Registration open for 2021 Sarasota Bay Water Quality Restoration Workshop 8/30/2021 Manatee County Commission okays water bill hike for maintenance, improvements 8/27/2021 Judge appoints third party receiver to oversee Piney Point closure 8/26/2021 Blue-Green Algae Task Force talks stormwater at virtual meeting 8/25/2021 Water quality concerns stir up citrus BMP and phosphorus questions 8/25/2021 Trash-Free Waters Program builds partnerships to curb marine waste 8/24/2021 Massive red tide bloom lingering in Sarasota County could be ‘every bit as bad as 2018’ 8/20/2021 Florida says another Piney Point wastewater release is possible 8/20/2021 Study: Florida tourism industry lost out on more than $184 million after 2018 red tide outbreak 8/18/2021 Climate change: Researchers concerned for SWFL, managing infrastructure 8/17/2021 Florida worried continued rainfall will cause Piney Point to overflow by the end of September 8/17/2021 SWFWMD to hold public workshop on ranking water bodies for MFL 8/16/2021 Blue-Green Algae Task Force to meet on August 23rd 8/16/2021 Longboat Key adds rough and ready high-water rescue truck 8/12/2021 Here’s how climate change could make future red tide blooms worse 8/12/2021 Tampa Bay snook, redfish and spotted seatrout catch-and-release measures extended 8/11/2021 Anna Maria commission asked to back clam project 8/11/2021 Florida coral reef restoration projects receive NOAA funding 8/9/2021 Florida Department of Environmental Protection files lawsuit against Piney Point property owners 8/6/2021 Manatee County makes progress on underground injection well at Piney Point 8/6/2021 Red tide: How oyster beds naturally filter harmful nutrients, brevetoxins from Tampa Bay water 8/5/2021 Drones, money pitched To bolster Florida’s red tide efforts 8/5/2021 New FEMA Flood Insurance Maps could impact Manatee County homeowner premiums 8/5/2021 Mote Marine Lab opens first-of-its-kind red tide mitigation technologies testing facility 8/5/2021 Manatee cleans 10 tons of dead fish off area beaches, Sarasota cleanups begin 8/5/2021 Nikki Fried, Michele Rayner-Goolsby roll out clean water initiative 8/4/2021 Florida Ag Commissioner outlines new state Clean Water Initiative 8/3/2021 Water quality roundtable attracts experts from around the Suncoast 8/2/2021 On Sarasota Bay, seagrass scars from boats cut deep 7/30/2021 Experts: Keeping water nutrient-free key to red tide battle 7/29/2021 What is the proposed Florida Wetlands Protection ballot amendment? 7/29/2021 Here’s how you can improve local water quality during red tide 7/29/2021 Water issues plague the Tampa Bay region 7/29/2021 Manatee County officials to break ground on 88-acre Washington Park 7/27/2021 No, there isn’t ‘scientific consensus’ on red tide impact from Piney Point 7/27/2021 Sarasota and Manatee counties take different approaches to red tide fish kills 7/27/2021 Manatee County taking steps to reduce red tide impacts 7/26/2021 Estuary Program scientists blame Piney Point during red tide forum 7/23/2021 Red Tide may recede in Tampa Bay but worsen off Pinellas beaches 7/21/2021 Mote scientists use drones to study red tide 7/21/2021 State environmental officials tour Tampa Bay, pledge help in fighting Red Tide 7/21/2021 Researchers testing new strategy to battle red tide in Sarasota 7/19/2021 Waterkeepers hosting scientific forum on Harmful Algae Blooms 7/19/2021 Florida DEP launches ‘One Water Florida’ campaign promoting recycled water 7/19/2021 FWC issues Red Tide-related sportfish catch-and-release measures for Tampa Bay 7/19/2021 FWC and DEP host Red Tide roundtable 7/15/2021 Longboat Key response to Red Tide outbreak 7/15/2021 ‘Sunny day’ high-tide flooding may soon affect much of Florida’s coast 7/15/2021 Expert: Elsa did not wash away red tide in Tampa Bay, could have made it worse 7/14/2021 Red tide creeping south, high levels impacting Sarasota and Manatee counties 7/14/2021 Elsa takes out sea turtle nests on Anna Maria Island 7/14/2021 NASA: Moon ‘wobble’ will cause dramatic increases in coastal flooding 7/14/2021 Two sawfish tagged in Tampa Bay area! 7/9/2021 TBRPC receives Resilient Coastline Program grant 7/9/2021 Elsa adds 9 million gallons of stormwater to Piney Point pools 7/8/2021 Local experts: TS Elsa may or may not impact red tide 7/8/2021 TS Elsa causes minor flooding in Manatee, Sarasota counties 7/8/2021 FDEP accepts Longboat Key's environmental projects 7/8/2021 Post-Elsa Piney Point update from Florida DEP 7/7/2021 EPA revokes use of phosphate waste products in road beds 7/6/2021 Piney Point being prepared for gusty winds, rain from Tropical Storm Elsa 7/6/2021 Video of June 23rd Blue-Green Algae Task Force meeting available 7/2/2021 Longboat Key businesses bank on a healthy bay 7/1/2021 DEP launches online grant portal for FY2021-22; Deadline July 15th 7/1/2021 Conservation groups sue over Piney Point pollution 6/30/2021 FSU researchers find most nitrogen in Gulf of Mexico comes from coastal waters 6/30/2021 Rising sea levels, high tides will lead to more floods, researchers warn 6/28/2021 Blue-Green Algae Task Force meets for first time since November 6/24/2021 Coast Guard planning to reinstall Longboat Pass navigational markers 6/24/2021 Fishing and aquaculture affected by Piney Point spill 6/24/2021 Want to be on Flip My Florida Yard? 6/23/2021 Researchers working on new test to detect cyanobacteria in humans 6/21/2021 Hillsborough acquires undeveloped land along Little Manatee River 6/21/2021 Surge in nitrogen has turned Sargassum into the world’s largest harmful algal bloom 6/21/2021 Saharan dust moves toward Florida, may fuel red tide 6/18/2021 Proposed Florida constitutional amendment aims to give waterways legal rights 6/11/2021 Tampa Bay algae blooms could be fed by Piney Point wastewater 6/11/2021 Fertilizer ingredients contribute to SWFL’s algae crisis 6/10/2021 Florida officials no longer responsible for Piney Point maintenance after emergency order expiration 6/10/2021 Biden administration initiates legal action to repeal WOTUS 6/10/2021 Poll: Floridians want federal infrastructure plan to deal with climate change 6/9/2021 Citizen scientists needed for seagrass/macroalgae survey in Sarasota Bay 6/9/2021 Piney Point update from the Tampa Bay Estuary Program (6/4) 6/7/2021 Tampa Bay shellfish farmers can resume harvesting at sunrise after Red Tide scare 6/7/2021 Input requested on Sarasota Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan 6/7/2021 Hillsborough health officials send Red Tide warning for Tampa Bay 6/4/2021 Restoring urban streams benefits habitat, water quality 6/3/2021 Governor vetoes funding for local water-related projects 6/3/2021 State tightens rules for sewage sludge used as fertilizer but leaves a loophole in place 6/3/2021 Gov. DeSantis nixes Southwest Florida projects, but will environmental trust bring some back? 6/3/2021 Longboat Key rainy season fertilizer restrictions begin June 1st 6/3/2021 Fertilizer bans begin June 1st in Tampa Bay area 6/1/2021 Hurricane season begins June 1st. Be flood-ready. 6/1/2021 Free 2021 Hurricane Guide released by TBRPC 6/1/2021 Water restrictions in place across Tampa Bay as dry conditions persist 5/28/2021 Longboat Key proposes rate increases to fund utility projects 5/27/2021 UF research aims to help reduce nitrogen flow into Tampa Bay 5/27/2021 Citizen Scientists To Document King Tides In Sarasota, Manatee Counties 5/27/2021 Manatee County Utilities reminds customers to conserve water, especially during current dry period 5/27/2021 Public feedback sought on Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Action Plan 5/27/2021 Sarasota Bay losing vital seagrass, research shows 5/24/2021 USF scientists announce initial findings from Piney Point research effort 5/24/2021 Water quality activists push state for toxin-measuring standards 5/18/2021 EPA website restores climate change data 5/17/2021 Snook, redfish, spotted seatrout harvest changes begin June 1st 5/14/2021 FWC developing rule for limited goliath grouper harvest 5/14/2021 TBRPC now accepting grant applications for Stormwater Education Funding 5/14/2021 Governor signs sea-level rise bill into law 5/13/2021 FWC takes step toward opening goliath grouper fishery 5/13/2021 FGCU researcher: Masks can also protect us from Red Tide 5/12/2021 EPA announces additional $9.6 million for beach water monitoring, notifications 5/12/2021 Seagrass in Sarasota Bay drops to 12-year low 5/10/2021 Longboat Key makes progress on beach renourishment 5/10/2021 Red Tide has now reached Hillsborough as blooms persist in southwest Florida 5/10/2021 Public invited to help identify flood-prone areas in Bowlees Creek Watershed 5/10/2021 FWC launches new statewide Fishing Pier Finder 5/6/2021 Governor announces $148M in local resilience funding 5/6/2021 SBEP holding King Tides Photo Contest 5/6/2021 Litter Gitters deployed in Bay Area waterways to remove trash 5/5/2021 RESTORE Council approves Florida funding 5/5/2021 Research shows long-term recovery possible for areas impacted by seagrass die-off 5/5/2021 Red tide blooms continue causing fish kills and respiratory irritations in SW Florida 5/3/2021 Senate passes bipartisan $35B water infrastructure bill 5/3/2021 Longboat Key beach renourishment questions answered 4/29/2021 Get a preview of the 2021 Southwest Florida Climate Summit 4/28/2021 Declines in Tampa Bay seagrass observed in 2020 4/28/2021 Legislature agrees to budget $100M in federal relief for Piney Point 4/26/2021 Manatee County preservation of coastal habitat helps to mitigate climate change 4/26/2021 Red tide blooms causing fish kills In Sarasota, Charlotte Counties 4/26/2021 Guidelines for 2021 sea turtle nesting season 4/26/2021 Deep well injection project approved for Piney Point 4/21/2021 Scientists tracking environmental impacts from Piney Point wastewater release 4/20/2021 State funding announced to permanently close Piney Point gyp stack 4/16/2021 Update on Piney Point gyp stack situation from DEP 4/14/2021 USF researchers use models to predict travel of Piney Point pollutants 4/14/2021 Florida DEP: Piney Point discharges ceased, monitoring ongoing 4/12/2021 Manatee County water safe to consume; discoloration caused by treatment modifications 4/12/2021 FDEP: Piney Point discharges to Tampa Bay reduced by 90% 4/9/2021 Measuring Piney Point’s impacts will take time, USF researchers say 4/9/2021 USF launches research cruise to study Piney Point’s environmental impact 4/8/2021 Longboat Key plans wet well upgrades, generator replacement 4/8/2021 Deep well injection now imminent at Piney Point 4/7/2021 Regional water authority talks cyber security 4/7/2021 Bradenton Beach dredge project gears up 4/7/2021 Piney Point: Here’s how to read water quality results 4/7/2021 What could Piney Point do to Tampa Bay? 4/6/2021 Regional water authority plans ahead for huge capital costs 4/6/2021 Local students win conservation art awards 4/6/2021 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program helps us to ‘Sort Through the Green Stuff’ 4/6/2021 Updates from Manatee County on Piney Point reservoir 4/5/2021 Piney Point update from the Tampa Bay Estuary Program 4/5/2021 Piney Point update from the Fla. Dept. of Environmental Protection 4/5/2021 Millions of gallons of polluted water continue to flow into Tampa Bay 4/2/2021 10 tips to save water for “Water Conservation Month” 4/1/2021 Longboat Key considers funding model for canal dredging 3/31/2021 Wastewater from Piney Point released into Tampa Bay following leak at phosphogypsum stack 3/31/2021 Mote Marine Lab to construct marine science education center at Anna Maria pier 3/31/2021 LBK Gulfside Road beach access temporarily closed 3/26/2021 Researchers use drones to study coastal habitat migration across Tampa Bay 3/19/2021 UF scientists to probe downstream ecological impacts of stormwater ponds 3/19/2021 Submit photos now for 2022 CHNEP Nature Calendar Photography Contest 3/19/2021 Manatee County considering easing regulations for some coastal development 3/17/2021 Manatee BOCC asks State for deep well injection at Piney Point 3/17/2021 Longboat Key not required to replace sewer line after 11-million gallon spill 3/11/2021 Manatee pursues disposing hazardous Piney Point wastewater into Lower Floridan Aquifer 3/10/2021 Coastal changes worsen nuisance flooding on many US shorelines, study finds 3/10/2021 Apply now for CHNEP research and restoration funding 3/9/2021 Bradenton Beach moving ahead on dredging, seagrass mitigation project 3/3/2021 Longboat Key plans to plant 8,600 mangroves, part of fix after spill 3/3/2021 TBEP announces Tampa Bay water quality test results 2/23/2021 FBI issues cybersecurity outline for water treatment plants 2/22/2021 Florida celebrates sea level rise planning tool after years ‘behind the curve’ 2/19/2021 Church plans to begin construction to resolve drainage dispute 2/18/2021 Longboat Key leaders set to decide on how to handle sewage break penalties 2/18/2021 Red Tide is present in southwest Florida again 2/17/2021 Good times roll for outdoor exploring at Camp Bayou 2/16/2021 Florida DEP to communities: Please assess your sea-level rise risk 2/10/2021 Longboat Key expects to save about $8.7 million on beach projects 2/5/2021 Manatee County invites public input to proposed impact fee changes 2/4/2021 Listening stations helping to evaluate red tide effect on Sarasota Bay 2/1/2021 Investments in wastewater treatment help protect water quality in Manatee County 2/1/2021 Congress moves to invest in the nation’s estuaries    2/1/2021 Governor proposes $1 billion for local resilience programs 1/29/2021 Divers pull debris out of Gulf of Mexico in honor of Super Bowl 1/28/2021 Longboat Key extension granted on sewage break penalties 1/26/2021 Cleanup in Gulf continues for wrecked shrimp trawler 1/20/2021 Florida unveils new statewide sea rise mapping tool 1/20/2021 Save the date for Florida macroalgae virtual workshops 1/20/2021 Red Tide respiratory forecast is expanding with federal grants 1/15/2021 Environmental groups ask judge to throw out EPA decision to let Florida oversee wetlands permitting 1/15/2021 Project applications sought for Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund 1/11/2021 Why are so many Florida manatees dying? 1/11/2021 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program announces 2021 Bay Partners Grants 1/6/2021 Study shows positive effect of restoration 1/5/2021 Beer Can Island dredging and renourishment planned 1/4/2021 Fried asks new EPA head to reconsider wetlands move 1/4/2021 Report blames underground log in Longboat sewage spill 12/21/2020 Longboat Key gains time for state response on sewage spill 12/21/2020 EPA gives Florida wider authority over wetland development 12/18/2020 Manatee leaders say draining toxic water from abandoned mine is county’s top priority in 2021 12/17/2020 Reel Time: Threatened seagrass has trickle-down effect 12/16/2020 EPA considering “extremely hazardous” pesticide for Florida citrus 12/11/2020 Manatee officials receive crash course in sustainability 12/10/2020 Low levels of red tide found in Manatee County waters, state says 12/8/2020 New batch of Florida red tide offers research opportunities 12/4/2020 Living shorelines: Natural defense to storms 12/1/2020 Coral reef restoration and other resilience projects win national funding 12/1/2020 SWFWMD to hold virtual public workshop to update land use and management rules and processes 11/30/2020 Longboat Key moves forward with beach projects 11/25/2020 AMI renourishment provides beach buffer for Eta, future storms 11/18/2020 Mote announces 2nd round of red tide projects 11/16/2020 DEP to host online Blue-Green Algae Task Force meeting 11/12/2020 Experts brainstorm ways to meet growth demands while protecting water supplies 11/10/2020 Eta stalls beach renourishment projects in Sarasota and Manatee 11/10/2020 SWFWMD awards Splash! grants to Manatee and Sarasota County teachers 11/10/2020 Environmentally significant lands referendum passes in Manatee County 11/4/2020 Check your irrigation timer as we ‘fall back’ to standard time 11/2/2020 Emails lost, Army Corps extends fish farm public comment period 11/2/2020 USGS unveils National Water Dashboard (NWD) 11/2/2020 SWFWMD schedules prescribed fires in Manatee County in Nov.-Dec. 10/30/2020 Public invited to help identify flood-prone Areas in Manatee’s Mill Creek Watershed 10/30/2020 Myakka River headwaters watershed purchased for conservation 10/22/2020 Florida wants to control wetlands permitting. Critics say it isn’t equipped to do the job 10/21/2020 2021 Cortez Fishing Festival cancelled due to COVID-19 10/21/2020 SBEP: Your boating behavior can be a lifesaver 10/21/2020 New bill would officially make Little Manatee River “Wild and Scenic” 10/15/2020 Hurricane Delta pauses beach renourishment 10/14/2020 Manatee County to purchase land for government operations center 10/14/2020 Enter the 2020 King Tides Photo Contest Oct. 14th-21st 10/13/2020 Study will address how climate disasters impact GOM restoration projects 10/9/2020 Gulf fish farm gets federal approval to dump thousands of pounds of waste 10/6/2020 Longboat Key fined for raw sewage spill in June 9/30/2020 Exploring the widespread impacts of ongoing nitrogen pollution 9/28/2020 Longboat Key seeks permitting for dry line piping after June’s sewage break 9/24/2020 Beach renourishment slows for Sally, dune addition approved 9/23/2020 Governor announces $50M in springs funding 9/21/2020 EPA allocates $1M to help USF study harmful algal blooms 9/18/2020 Longboat Key estimates 11 million gallons spilled in June’s sewage break 9/17/2020 FWC funds grant to study airborne red tide toxins 9/10/2020 Longboat Key receives permits for Canal 1A dredging 9/10/2020 More than 1 million gallons of partially treated sewage released into Manatee River 9/10/2020 UCF Researchers Developing Models to Predict Storm Surges 9/9/2020 UF/IFAS wants to hear from those impacted by the red tide of 2017-2019 9/8/2020 FDACS launches “Florida Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Program” 9/3/2020 Public feedback sought on beach renourishment in Manatee County 9/2/2020 Discarded gloves and masks pose a threat to Tampa Bay waterways 9/1/2020 Bradenton City Council joins horse debate 8/31/2020 Manatee County opens Canopy Zone at Robinson Preserve 8/31/2020 Longboat Key expects to face penalties following sewage spill 8/27/2020 Consultant: No bacterial impact from LBK sewage spill 8/26/2020 Longboat, DEP await final tests on sewage spill 8/19/2020 Beach renourishment crews push pause on pumping to move south 8/19/2020 SWFWMD to hold virtual public workshop on ranking water bodies 8/18/2020 Scientists decry new WOTUS rule 8/14/2020 EPA agreement brings Florida a step closer to issuing certain Clean Water Act permits 8/10/2020 Longboat Key looks to advance redundant pipe project 8/6/2020 Manatee County conservation referendum headed to November ballot 8/3/2020 Blue-Green Algae Task Force: Alert public when algal toxins detected 7/30/2020 Public invited to help identify flood-prone areas in Pearce Drain/Gap Creek area 7/30/2020 Register now for Aug. 4th Bay Mini-Grants webinar 7/29/2020 Timeline of the recent Longboat Key sewage spill 7/27/2020 Apply now for TBEP Bay Mini-Grants 7/24/2020 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program seeking executive director 7/16/2020 Testing follows Longboat Key 26M-gallon sewage spill 7/15/2020 EPA limits states’ power to review projects that affect water quality 7/15/2020 Tampa Bay Scallop Search registration open 7/15/2020 Environmental groups say latest water bill bad for Florida 7/14/2020 Hundreds of sea turtle nests relocated for Anna Maria Island beach renourishment 7/10/2020 Florida’s new environmental laws: A breakdown 7/7/2020 Reports of blue-green algae ‘too soon’ to link to Longboat sewage spill 7/7/2020 New technology delivers fast, easy results on water quality 7/7/2020 Longboat Key moved to address aging pipe a month before spill 7/6/2020 Florida researchers are studying metals in the Gulf of Mexico 7/6/2020 Longboat Key pipe may have dumped 28 million gallons of sewage into Sarasota Bay 7/2/2020 New law gives Florida DEP gets new duties, including septic systems oversight 7/2/2020 Algae bloom along Florida’s west coast is not red tide. So what is it? 7/2/2020 Governor vetoes more than $21 million for Sarasota-Manatee projects 6/30/2020 Study: Saharan dust may help fuel red tide in the Gulf of Mexico 6/29/2020 Manatee Commission to deny ‘Concession’ development plan 6/29/2020 Study: Florida has thousands more high-risk properties than FEMA says 6/29/2020 Anna Maria Island-wide beach renourishment project begins in July 6/22/2020 Rehabbed mother manatee and calf released into Sarasota Bay 6/19/2020 SWFWMD draft 2020 Regional Water Supply Plan available 6/18/2020 Deadline approaching for 2021 CHNEP calendar photo contest 6/17/2020 $2.8M Robinson Preserve restoration will benefit people, snook 6/16/2020 2020 CHNEP Watershed Summit videos available 6/15/2020 SWFWMD schedules prescribed fires in Manatee County 6/15/2020 FWC holding virtual workshops on future management of the stone crab fishery 6/11/2020 Summer storms mean runoff, but you can help reduce its negative impacts 6/8/2020 Manatee County residents invited to virtual town hall on hurricane prep 6/8/2020 Bradenton sewage leak spills 800K gallons into Sarasota Bay 6/3/2020 Commission approves $1M for Florida Gulf Coast wetland projects 6/1/2020 Report: Tampa Bay, Sarasota-Bradenton metros most at risk for storm surge 5/29/2020 SWFWMD “Splash! Grants” bring water education to students 5/29/2020 Parts of Robinson Preserve to close as expansion project resumes May 26th 5/21/2020 Manatee public beach parking time limits lifted, Bayfront Park reopened 5/13/2020 Study eyes red tide’s effects on humans 5/12/2020 Sargassum seaweed could return to Florida’s beaches in coming weeks 5/11/2020 SWFWMD declares Phase I Water Shortage in central and southern regions 4/29/2020 Manatee County residents may visit public beaches for two hours daily beginning May 4th 4/29/2020 Bipartisan senators announce $19.5B water infrastructure proposal 4/27/2020 State Resilience Officer: Florida’s climate change efforts ‘Disjointed’ 4/24/2020 Dissolved Oxygen and pH Policy Leave Fisheries at Risk 4/24/2020 Lawsuit: Endangered species harmed by Lake O discharges 4/21/2020 Governor gives some Florida beaches green light to reopen 4/21/2020 FGCU, Mote Marine Lab project studies if dead fish are feeding red tide 4/21/2020 Pandemic could nix new environmental funding 4/21/2020 Manatee County urges public to heed local burn ban as dry conditions persist 4/16/2020 Manatee County boat ramps open; curfew extended 4/16/2020 Manatee County opens boat ramps 4/13/2020 Abnormally warm Gulf of Mexico could intensify tornado, hurricane seasons 4/7/2020 Water associations reassure public on tap water safety 4/7/2020 Longboat Key budgeting up to $34.5M for beach management plan 4/3/2020 Manatee County public beaches closed 3/20/2020 El Niño may skip hurricane season: what it means for Florida 3/20/2020 Don’t flush disinfectant wipes! 3/18/2020 Legislature approves bill creating new Aquatic Preserve 3/13/2020 Heading to an event? Verify its status first! 3/13/2020 Bill aimed at battling algae blooms heads to governor 3/12/2020 Public construction in Florida could require sea level study 3/12/2020 New research shows mangrove conservation can pay for itself in flood protection 3/10/2020 Lakewood Ranch filtration project set to begin 2/27/2020 Manatee Commissioners say ‘yes’ to more funding for Mote 2/27/2020 Thursday: “Mythbusting Marine Aquaculture” webinar 2/26/2020 Red Tide toll prompts state to limit some fishing to catch-and-release 2/20/2020 Florida moving ahead to take over federal wetlands permitting 2/20/2020 Florida's chief science officer says we need to reduce carbon emissions 2/7/2020 Researchers release playbook for combating red tide, other deadly algae 2/7/2020 SBEP study contributes to regional understanding of tidal creeks 2/5/2020 Will experimental fish farm pave the way for privatizing federal waters? 2/3/2020 What impact will relaxing of federal water regulations have on SWFL waterways? 2/3/2020 CHNEP seeking volunteers to coordinate horseshoe crab monitoring 1/30/2020 Manasota Neighborhood Summit registration open 1/30/2020 Breathe easy despite red tide with HABscope 1/24/2020 Senate budget head seeks $2.5 billion water quality package 1/14/2020 Manatee County readies for beach renourishment in 2020 1/13/2020 JP Morgan Chase invests $500K into affordable housing resiliency program 1/13/2020 Governor likely to get environmental money in upcoming session 1/10/2020 Bradenton legislator seeks money to lift oyster populations 1/9/2020 Apply by March 2nd for 2020 Sarasota Bay Partners Grants 1/3/2020 Mini-reefs aim to keep Anna Maria Island’s water clean and healthy 1/2/2020 Southwest Florida ends the year free of red tide 1/2/2020 Diseases and algae blooms: Florida researchers to make connections 12/20/2019 As seas rise, Florida Republicans examine ways to adapt to climate change 12/20/2019 Holmes Beach commissioners get beach renourishment overview 12/20/2019 An urbanized Florida means more stormwater ponds, invasive plants 12/20/2019 FWC seeking innovative ideas for aquatic plant management 12/17/2019 NASA-funded collaborative project to study South Florida blue-green algae 12/11/2019 Public invited to Dec. 18th screening of “Troubled Waters” 12/10/2019 2020 CHNEP Nature Calendars are here! 12/9/2019 2020 Manatee County calendars feature aquatic wildlife 12/5/2019 With red tide lurking, lawmakers talk water quality at Manatee Chamber event 12/4/2019 Holmes Beach moves stormwater tax hike to a vote 12/3/2019 Suncoast Waterkeeper wants hearing on Palmetto wastewater permit 12/3/2019 Non-native fish are found throughout Florida’s freshwaters 12/3/2019 Noah Valenstein highlights ‘huge issue’ of sea level rise during Florida Taxwatch talk 12/3/2019 Toilet-to-tap proposal sent back to Florida House for reconsideration 11/25/2019 Manatee County considers ban on horseback surfing 11/25/2019 Microplastics omnipresent in Tampa Bay 11/25/2019 Florida senators want federal help on their red tide problem 11/18/2019 Clean Water Act: Economic analysis could undermine Trump rule repeal 11/18/2019 Mangroves reduce flood damages during hurricanes, saving $billions 11/18/2019 Red tide and human health: Researchers study ‘Chronic Exposure’ 11/18/2019 Sarasota civil engineer close to a biochar breakthrough in treating reclaimed water 11/18/2019 Bradenton mayor wants Green Bridge to show its namesake color 11/18/2019 2019-2020 Bay Wise Kayak Tour Schedule Announced 11/8/2019 MOTE-FWC red tide initiative announces new applied research grant opportunity 11/8/2019 Appeals court ruling okays Mosaic mining expansion in Central Florida 11/7/2019 DeSantis rolls out water quality website 11/7/2019 Red Tide back but not as bad -- so far 11/7/2019 How Southwest Florida' s business community got woke about water 11/7/2019 Petitioners challenge Cortez Bridge decision 11/7/2019 Mote launches stone crab research, education project with new grant 11/5/2019 Scallopalooza early-bird pricing available until Dec. 20th 11/5/2019 Pinellas County bans water horses 10/25/2019 SWFWMD seeking volunteers for seagrass/water clarity observations 10/25/2019 Anna Maria Island beach renourishment coming in 2020 10/25/2019 Holmes Beach says ‘time will tell’ for Spring Lake improvement 10/16/2019 Manatee County Announces stormwater updates for 2020 10/14/2019 Blue-Green Algae Task Force approves 1st recommendations 10/14/2019 Federal ‘Wild and Scenic’ status sought for Little Manatee River 10/10/2019 Stagnant Holmes Beach lake sparks concerns, stirs action 10/2/2019 State, federal regulators, environmentalists clash over wetlands 10/2/2019 Too much rainwater? Learn to harvest it 10/1/2019 Report: Florida’s water supplies under extreme pressure 9/30/2019 Congressional committee presses EPA over WOTUS rollback 9/30/2019 Septic tanks eyed in efforts to combat algae 9/27/2019 Water Management District board vacancies concern some conservationists 9/27/2019 EPA considering first fish farm in Gulf of Mexico 9/27/2019 Questions remain over long-term health effects of blue-green algae 9/25/2019 Florida's Blue-Green Algae Task Force focuses on DOH response, future actions 9/25/2019 Public meeting scheduled on Mosaic renewal permit for pollutant discharge 9/24/2019 Stormwater funding topic of Sept. 24th Manatee Commission meeting 9/18/2019 Manatee County invites volunteers to Sept. 21st oyster reef restoration event 9/18/2019 Florida Gov. DeSantis rolls out environmental proposals 9/17/2019 Small harvest leaves Florida stone crabbers in a pinch 9/17/2019 Mote launching stone crab research and education project in Tampa Bay with new grant 9/17/2019 Study: 4 billion particles of tiny plastics pollute Tampa Bay 9/13/2019 Major hurricanes helping shape regional resiliency climate change plans 9/6/2019 Great Scallop Search valued as water quality indicator 8/30/2019 Manatee County Commission declares state of emergency 8/30/2019 8/30/2019 Brown water: natural tannins or sign of looming red tide? 8/30/2019 County passes resolution for renourishment funding 8/28/2019 Court rules Obama EPA violated law on WOTUS 8/27/2019 Longboat Key granted $45,000 for sea level rise plan 8/27/2019 The rain keeps falling. The water keeps rising. And catfish roam the streets. 8/26/2019 How to keep your dog safe from deadly blue-green algae 8/20/2019 District to hold public workshop on ranking water bodies 8/20/2019 Caution urged when driving on flooded roads 8/19/2019 Almost half of Florida water bodies have algal blooms, and climate change is worsening the problem 8/16/2019 Rising seas could speed up loss of Florida mangroves, study finds 8/16/2019 Manatee County commissioner schedules White House meeting 8/16/2019 USF's poop-powered generator could have worldwide impact 8/16/2019 Flooding cause closures across Tampa Bay area 8/15/2019 DEP hosts 2019 resilient Florida: planning, policy and practice workshop 8/12/2019 Sarasota and Manatee administrators discuss shared issues 8/12/2019 Researchers deploy new tech to explore depths of Gulf of Mexico 8/6/2019 A new old way to combat toxic algae: float it up, then skim it off 8/6/2019 Longboat closer to moving forward on north end groin projects 8/6/2019 Registration is open for 2019 CHNEP Nature Festival 8/2/2019 Register now for Great Bay Scallop Search August 24th 7/25/2019 Sarasota researchers conducting red tide/human health research 7/25/2019 Flood warning for Little Manatee River at Wimauma through 7/26 7/25/2019 These maps show where urban sprawl is making big storms more deadly 7/25/2019 Flood warning for Manatee River through Mon. 7/22 7/21/2019 As seas rise, Florida will likely lose more coastal property value than any other state 7/21/2019 Researchers working on spray that could help combat red tide 7/21/2019 Sandy soil and rising seas spell septic tank disaster in Florida 7/21/2019 Blue-green algae making its way around Tampa Bay again 7/21/2019 Deal will protect Murphy Marsh 7/21/2019 Tampa Bay Watch seeking fall interns 7/18/2019 Educators, register now for free Project WILD/Aquatic WILD workshop 7/18/2019 Treating nutrients with algae blooms 7/14/2019 Report: Red tide and aftermath killed 174 dolphins 7/14/2019 Anna Maria Island uses infiltration systems to capture storm water 7/14/2019 Scientists discover the biggest seaweed bloom in the world 7/11/2019 Scientists go microscopic to find answer to prevent blue-green algae 7/10/2019 Inland flooding passes storm surge as #1 killer during hurricanes 7/10/2019 Florida may adopt limits on amount of toxins from blue-green algae blooms allowed in waterways 7/10/2019 Five things to know about blue-green algae. (Yeah, it’s bad. And it’s getting worse.) 7/10/2019 Armoring coast against sea level rise could cost big money in Sarasota and Manatee 7/10/2019 Warm temperatures bring cyanobacteria blooms to Sarasota Bay 7/8/2019 Southwest Florida blue crab trap closure starts July 10, followed by Big Bend trap closure 7/8/2019 DEP announces support to help communities prepare for sea level rise 7/8/2019 Algae blooms plague waterways, inch toward AMI 7/8/2019 Red tide could be to blame for algae problems at Robinson Preserve 7/8/2019 Volunteers Create Vertical Oyster Gardens for Gulfport 7/3/2019 All aspects of Florida water quality discussed at task force meeting 7/3/2019 Florida governor Ron DeSantis signs bill to change environmental enforcement 7/3/2019 Governor vetoes $2 million Bradenton Beach Gulf Drive project 7/3/2019 People love riding horses in Tampa Bay waters. But what about all the poop? 7/3/2019 2019 State of the Bay report: Water quality in Tampa Bay continues to improve 7/3/2019 Algae blooms plague waterways, inch toward AMI 7/3/2019 Florida oceans and coasts strategic plan to be developed 6/30/2019 Florida DEP confirms blue-green algae in Bradenton as parts of Manatee River turn bright green 6/27/2019 Report: Rising seas could cost Florida $75 billion over 20 years 6/27/2019 NASA helps warn of harmful algal blooms in lakes, reservoirs 6/25/2019 Gov. DeSantis signs bill giving Sarasota’s Mote $18 million to fight red tide 6/21/2019 Florida DEP confirms blue-green algae in Bradenton 6/21/2019 June 23-29 is Mosquito Awareness Week 6/21/2019 Big mission awaits Florida's new Blue Green Algae Task Force 6/17/2019 This year's Gulf of Mexico dead zone could be one of the biggest ever, NOAA says 6/17/2019 2019 TBERF grants announced 6/14/2019 Southwest Florida experts spotlight water quality, red tide research 6/13/2019 With biosolids bills failing in Florida Legislature, DEP to develop own rules 6/3/2019 Red tide bills see mixed results in legislature 6/3/2019 In Sarasota-Manatee, the storm surge threat grows 6/3/2019 Brown algae recedes, waters clear at Anna Maria Island 5/29/2019 Fertilizer restrictions increase ahead of rainy summer months 5/29/2019 CDC to study how inhaled algae toxins affect Lake Okeechobee fishing guides 5/28/2019 Stone crab larvae perish from red tide, but bloom intensity matters 5/24/2019 ‘Gumbo’ of blue-green algae stinks up Manatee and Sarasota beaches 5/24/2019 Florida's dirty water tops list of woes for new chief science officer 5/23/2019 Nurdle Patrol looks for plastic pellets on Florida's beaches 5/20/2019 New wrinkles in canal plan have Longboat leaders looking at options 5/20/2019 Could global warming lead to quieter hurricane seasons? Experts say yes, with a caveat 5/15/2019 Trump to ease drilling rules sparked by 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill 5/15/2019 Lawmakers introduce bill forcing EPA to set legal limit for all PFAS in drinking water 5/15/2019 New EPA document tells communities to brace for climate change impacts 5/15/2019 Has a Longboat Key retiree solved the puzzle of the red tide? 5/15/2019 ‘You can call him our water czar’: Nikki Fried names Florida’s new water policy director 5/15/2019 Nurdle Patrol on the hunt for plastic pellets 5/15/2019 Living shoreline project coming soon to SPC Bay Pines STEM Center 5/15/2019 NASA grant lets utilities and partners use space agency data in planning 5/14/2019 Local climate scientists present sea level rise projections 5/14/2019 Beach leaders discuss efforts to clean up the Gulf 5/5/2019 Florida's new chief science officer started off as a surfer dude 5/5/2019 New EPA document tells communities to brace for climate change impacts 5/5/2019 Aquaculture Braintrust Farms clams in Florida’s Tampa Bay 5/5/2019 Turn out the lights, it's nesting season for Florida sea turtles 5/5/2019 Study demonstrates seagrass' strong potential for curbing erosion 5/5/2019 It’s all at sea: new clues to coastal erosion 5/5/2019 County moves forward with stormwater funding mechanism 5/5/2019 Ron DeSantis announces newly-formed Blue-Green Algae Task Force 4/30/2019 Highland Shores boat ramp closes for one month 4/26/2019 Changes in rainfall and temperatures have already impacted water quality 4/25/2019 Manatee County explores costs for improving stormwater-related services 4/25/2019 Flooding changes on the maps in Manatee County 4/25/2019 Florida disasters command huge share of state spending 4/22/2019 Court orders EPA to reevaluate Obama-era power plant wastewater rule 4/22/2019 As oceans rapidly warm, an urgent need to improve hurricane forecasts 4/22/2019 Highland Shores boat ramp closed until end of May 4/22/2019 USF study: Ocean circulation likely to blame for severity of 2018 red tide 4/18/2019 Seven things you can do to help mitigate red tide 4/18/2019 Sarasota County hosting Water Quality Summit 4/17/2019 Tampa port’s expansion of Big Bend channel done a year early 4/16/2019 Giant storms, aging infrastructure pushing Florida’s sewer systems to breaking point 4/15/2019 Florida DOH emails show agency struggled to manage algae crisis 4/8/2019 Red tide life cycle hits four stages 4/5/2019 Mote and FGCU partner on red tide research 4/5/2019 SPC conference focuses on climate, sea level rise 4/2/2019 Senate outlines $1.7 billion environmental spending plan 4/2/2019 Eutrophication of lakes will significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions 4/2/2019 South area of Coquina Beach parking lot to close April 1 to improve drainage, parking 4/2/2019 New for Florida: Gov. Ron DeSantis names chief science officer 4/2/2019 Manatee property owners should be aware of flood zone status 4/2/2019 The Last Green Thread: New documentary focuses on vanishing green space in Florida 4/2/2019 ‘Red Tide Summit’ on Indian Rocks Beach addresses public concerns 4/1/2019 Dolphins with brain disease also test positive for algae toxin: study 3/26/2019 Manatee Commission says suburb may reduce flooding 3/26/2019 As coastal flooding surges, ‘living shorelines’ seen as the answer 3/25/2019 FGCU Study: Airborne toxic cyanobacteria can travel more than a mile inland 3/25/2019 After years of inaction, septic tanks once again focus in Florida 3/21/2019 Will the Tampa Bay area be under water in 100 years? Rising seas tell a frightening story 3/21/2019 Trump budget falls short on Everglades work, omits new reservoir plan 3/18/2019 Scientist Refutes Red Tide Dogma 3/11/2019 Check Your Irrigation Timer When You ‘Spring Forward’ for Daylight Savings Time 3/11/2019 Manatee County to host open house meetings, answer flood map questions 3/11/2019 Experts testify on algae solutions at Florida Congressional delegation meeting 3/8/2019 Opinion: 5 things Florida must do to protect our waterways 3/8/2019 Red tide killed tons of fish. Part of the comeback starts at Robinson Preserve 3/5/2019 America uses 322 billion gallons of water each day. Here’s where it goes. 3/5/2019 Wildlife officials want more mechanical harvesting, fewer chemicals applied to lakes, rivers 3/5/2019 Florida’s legislators expected to focus heavily on water this session 3/5/2019 Can we address climate change without sacrificing water quality? 3/5/2019 Florida delegation focuses on water quality issues 3/5/2019 Bay area legislative delegation meets at mote emphasizes red tide responses 3/5/2019 Climate change is shifting productivity of fisheries worldwide 3/5/2019 Manatee Commissioners ponder how to fairly impose a stormwater fee 3/1/2019 FWC Commissioners direct staff to move forward with improvements to Aquatic Plant Management Program 2/26/2019 Survey: 71 percent of Southwest Florida residents concerned about climate change 2/26/2019 ‘Fatbergs’ are clogging up cities’ pipes. Here’s what one Florida town is doing about it 2/26/2019 Tampa Bay Water awards nearly $30,000 to protect the region’s drinking water sources 2/26/2019 Climate change is here. Will Tampa Bay be ready? 2/25/2019 Hurricanes are strengthening faster in the Atlantic, and climate change is a big reason why 2/21/2019 UF researchers say people are moving away from lakes and rivers 2/21/2019 Kids sue state of Florida for action on climate change. DeSantis wants suit dismissed 2/21/2019 Red tide recovery continues with redfish release in Manatee County 2/20/2019 Manatee County gives update on fall beach renourishment for AMI 2/20/2019 CHNEP gets $75K grant from Florida DEP 2/15/2019 Judge rules for DEP, but Cortez fish camp gets stay order 2/15/2019 Anna Maria Island: More new sand planned to protect beaches 2/15/2019 Manatee official chosen to tackle red tide algae on Florida water policy committee 2/12/2019 Florida red tide levels are the lowest in more than a year 2/7/2019 Polluted lake in Holmes Beach will see a cleanup in the near future 2/7/2019 More than 16K fish to be released in Florida after red tide devastates marine life 2/5/2019 Red tide: Sarasota County considers water quality summit 2/1/2019 Florida red tide levels are the lowest in more than a year 2/1/2019 Florida Aquarium opens Sea Turtle Rehab Center 1/29/2019 Manatee County drops objection to Greer Island groin 1/28/2019 Nearly a third of state's waters are polluted, experts say 1/28/2019 USF forum: Collaboration required to prepare for climate change 1/28/2019 FWC to pause aquatic plant herbicide treatment while collecting public comment 1/25/2019 Florida Gulf Coast University trying to secure more than $9 million to study red tide 1/24/2019 Algal blooms cost Florida $17.3 million in emergency funding last year 1/24/2019 One option for disposal of biosolids: recycling them to make sustainable bricks 1/22/2019 Bradenton Beach washout evident, renourishment planned 1/22/2019 Piney Point's owner has a new plan to clean up the site, but it might take a while 1/22/2019 Northern Manatee County to get improved manatee protection signs 1/17/2019 Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund solicits project proposals 1/17/2019 Gov. DeSantis announces sweeping fixes meant to clean up Florida's water woes 1/11/2019 Hurricane preparedness casualty of federal government shutdown 1/10/2019 Federal government spending $100 million to study desalination 1/10/2019 Baby wipes may clean your backside but the mess down below is another story 1/10/2019 Senate panel briefed on septic tanks’ contribution to algae outbreak 1/10/2019 Pipe break sends 80,000 gallons of waste water into Ware’s Creek in Bradenton 1/10/2019 Musical acts announced for 2019 Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival 1/7/2019 Palma Sola boat ramp to close Jan. 1st for up to 6 months 1/4/2019 Trade industry group bringing ‘2019 Algae Biomass Summit’ to Orlando 12/17/2018 Bayfront rally calls for action on red tide 12/17/2018 Trump wetlands rule rollback makes about 6 million acres in Florida unprotected 12/14/2018 Proposed legislation looks to restore septic inspections 12/14/2018 Fishermen banding together with scientists to fight red tide 12/14/2018 Estuary partners choose their battles coast to coast 12/14/2018 Stormwater fee may be in the offing for Manatee County 12/13/2018 Mote Marine-led initiative will restore resilient corals across 130 acres 12/10/2018 New national report says climate change threatens U.S. water security 12/6/2018 Evacuation and water quality top Longboat Key's legislative priorities 12/6/2018 It's known as ‘The ABC Plan’. Can it solve red tide? 12/6/2018 Snook and redfish harvest closed until March due to red tide 12/3/2018 Regional climate change coalition has one holdout: Pasco County 11/19/2018 Mote hires experienced red tide researcher for new institute 11/16/2018 Still no end to red tide intrusion on Manatee coastline 11/16/2018 Peace River Water Authority may avert litigation 11/16/2018 Bad news for beachgoers: Red tide levels stay on rise in Manatee, Sarasota counties 11/14/2018 South Florida company addressing algal blooms with plastic beads 11/14/2018 Start of stone crab season in Cortez is worst in recent memory 11/13/2018 SWFWMD aims to reduce risk of wildfires by performing prescribed fires 11/9/2018 Red tide, warm water slowing stone crab harvest 11/5/2018 Coastal development, sea rise sent Hurricane Irma storm surge to more homes, study shows 11/5/2018 Watershed groups have a positive impact on local water quality, study finds 10/30/2018 Cooler weather won't help with red tide, but season change could 10/26/2018 Prevent red tide? Start with more wetlands, experts say 10/18/2018 Holmes Beach commission pushes for fix to polluted Spring Lake 10/17/2018 Autonomous vehicle takes water samples, helps USF team research red tide 10/15/2018 Red tide levels lower in Manatee, Sarasota after Hurricane Michael churns up the Gulf 10/15/2018 Shoreline Shindig at Bradenton Riverwalk highlights Manatee’s oyster restoration efforts 10/15/2018 Former TBEP director to be honored 10/15/2018 In a step forward for Everglades restoration, U.S. Senate approves reservoir plan 10/11/2018 Higher tides associated with Michael spark erosion concerns in Southwest Florida 10/11/2018 The hurricanes and climate-change questions keep coming. Yes, they’re linked. 10/11/2018 Plans gel for first Florida Economic Water Summit 10/11/2018 A big piece of Anna Maria Island will be without fresh water one night next week 10/5/2018 Mote leader shares red tide science at Capitol Hill briefing 10/5/2018 Gulf Coast Oyster Recycling and Renewal project wins Golden Mangrove Award 10/2/2018 Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition will help counties adapt to climate change 10/2/2018 Media statement: FWC Commission expands fishery management measures in response to red tide 9/27/2018 Scientists, resource managers share major updates on tackling Florida red tide 9/27/2018 Measures that would help address Florida's harmful algal blooms remain stalled In Congress 9/27/2018 Deal proposed in Peace River water feud 9/27/2018 Oil spill money to restore wildlife habitats 9/27/2018 State directs $2.2 million to Mote for red tide research 9/25/2018 How your lawn's fertilizers can contribute to the red tide; counties combat their use 9/25/2018 FGCU researchers install air quality pump to test blue-green algae toxins 9/24/2018 Hurricane rating system fails to account for deadly rain 9/24/2018 Scientists want to try possible solution to help combat algae on larger scale 9/19/2018 SBA Outreach Center open for businesses affected by red tide 9/19/2018 Red tide renews its nasty grip on Anna Maria Island beaches 9/18/2018 Bradenton wants more development along the water. New rules may limit growth 9/17/2018 Volunteer boaters needed for 25th annual fishing line cleanup 9/13/2018 Celebrate 2018 Estuaries Week with these activities in the Tampa Bay watershed 9/13/2018 Celebrate National Estuaries Week by planting... tea bags! 9/12/2018 Red tide will be a problem again someday. Manatee County wants a ‘playbook’ for next time 9/12/2018 New treatment being developed for manatees poisoned by red tide 9/7/2018 30,000 tons of sand being used for beach renourishment in Longboat 9/5/2018 We learn about an experimental approach to remove blue-green algae from the water 8/30/2018 Caloosahatchee cyanobacteria demo results announced 8/30/2018 New SCCF lab promises improved water monitoring 8/29/2018 View under water shows red tide devastation in Sarasota Bay 8/29/2018 Fishery biologist to talk red tide 8/29/2018 Now you can take your boater safety exam online 8/29/2018 Manatee County announces next phase of red tide cleanup 8/28/2018 Red tide status report from FWC 8/24 8/27/2018 Third species of algae, fueled by decomposing fish, found in SW Florida 8/27/2018 Tampa Bay Watch cancels Great Bay Scallop Search due to red tide 8/27/2018 Sarasota Bay Watch postpones Scallop Search/Clam Jam 8/23/2018 Tampa Bay Mini-Grant application deadline is Sept. 16th 8/23/2018 State to reimburse Manatee County for red tide cleanup 8/22/2018 Manatee County seeks community help for red tide cleanup 8/21/2018 SWFWMD to hold public workshop on ranking water bodies for minimum level/flow rules 8/21/2018 Nelson, Rubio call for passage of WRDA bill to address algae crisis 8/17/2018 Commercial fishers ‘wait and see’ on red tide impacts 8/16/2018 Florida Sea Grant’s Karl Havens on the causes of red tide 8/16/2018 Report outlines Florida’s major environmental concerns 8/16/2018 Polk case to move forward: Judge denies motion to dismiss Peace River water fight hearing 8/16/2018 Manatee County looks to new solutions to clean impacts from red tide 8/15/2018 Algae monitor sponsored by NASA installed in Lake Okeechobee 8/13/2018 Mote Marine researchers racing against clock to study red tide 8/13/2018 A hurricane may be only way to get rid of red tide, expert says 8/13/2018 Red tide causes ‘thousands’ of fish kills on Manatee County’s coast 8/13/2018 Mote scientists to test new method to mitigate red tide 8/10/2018 Who will pay for water main break on Manatee Avenue West? 8/9/2018 SWFWMD performing prescribed burns in August and September in Manatee County 8/9/2018 Manatee County to use oysters in fight against red tide 8/8/2018 Mote Marine Laboratory is working to solve red tide riddles 8/8/2018 Lingering Red Tide bloom moves north, killing fish near mouth of Tampa Bay 8/7/2018 Check out this online tool to see how sea level-rise will impact your flood risk 8/1/2018 DeSoto County Commission denies Mosaic's rezoning request for phosphate mining 7/30/2018 Register now for Tidally United Summit, Aug. 9-11 7/30/2018 Tampa Bay Estuary Program Mini-Grant webinar Aug. 22nd 7/30/2018 Palmer: Keep an eye on local water issues 7/30/2018 No Swim Advisory issued for Palma Sola beach 7/30/2018 Get ready for the 2018 Great Scallop Search – and Clam Jam! 7/27/2018 Longboat Key to prepare sea level rise action plan 7/26/2018 FEMA denies Longboat funding for Irma damages 7/19/2018 Registration now open for 2018 Water School and Boat Tour 7/17/2018 Newly discovered shark species named for Mote Marine founder Eugenie Clark 7/17/2018 Save the date for the 2018 Charlotte Harbor Nature Festival 7/17/2018 Development growth driving need for wastewater treatment expansion 7/16/2018 Tampa Bay most at risk of repeated flooding, says climate scientist 7/16/2018 Homes approved in 25-year floodplain area of Manatee County 7/16/2018 Manatee County repairs sinkholes at Bradenton shopping plaza 7/11/2018 Mote Scientists tag two whale sharks off southwest Florida Coast 7/9/2018 Dead sea turtles washing up on area beaches 7/9/2018 Post-BP map of Gulf Of Mexico fisheries prepares for future disasters 7/9/2018 Administrative judge to hear Polk and Manasota regional water dispute 7/9/2018 Will sargassum be the next algae problem in Florida? 7/6/2018 Red tide still lingering at Sarasota, Manatee County beaches 7/2/2018 Mote scientists studying possible remedy for red tide 6/28/2018 The fate of Florida's wetlands could be decided behind closed doors, groups say 6/22/2018 Manatee County finalizes purchase for Johnson Preserve at Braden River 6/22/2018 FISH nets new funding from fundraiser, FWC 6/22/2018 Red tide largely spares Manatee County, but plagues beaches to the south 6/20/2018 Mote to host fifth Sarasota Lionfish Derby 6/19/2018 Trump's move to redefine water rule threatens wetlands banks 6/15/2018 Study: Anatartica's ice is rapidly melting, threatening coastal communities worldwide 6/14/2018 Tampa Bay spill preparation requires constant vigilance and cooperation 6/14/2018 See a whale shark in the Gulf? Call Mote Marine Lab immediately! 6/8/2018 Public's help solicited in locating marine debris hot spots 6/4/2018 Crews from St. Pete help Bradenton clean up sewage spill 6/4/2018 Hurricane season has anxiety running high. How much is development to blame? 6/4/2018 Tampa Bay still vulnerable to flooding despite major upgrades 5/31/2018 Manatee County Parks & Natural Resources to host World Oceans Day Festival June 9th 5/30/2018 Longboat Key group pushes for sea level rise solutions 5/30/2018 Landowner hopes mitigation bank will save Parrish property from development 5/29/2018 Manatee County Commission preserves 'vested rights' for Mosaic phosphate mines 5/25/2018 Area deemed among most at risk for climate change impacts 5/24/2018 Scientists: Please report horseshoe crabs on Florida's west coast 5/24/2018 Environmental group pushes for Cortez Bridge details 5/24/2018 Polk County interests want potential impacts of Peace River utility project studied 5/23/2018 Majorities see government efforts to protect the environment as insufficient 5/21/2018 Archaeologist hopes to prompt discussion on solutions to problem of rising sea levels 5/21/2018 Challenger students experience Florida wetlands without leaving school 5/21/2018 EPA releases 5-year review of Recreational Water Quality Criteria 5/14/2018 $4 million purchase will help protect Myakka River State Park 5/10/2018 Sarasota Bay Watch looks to bring clams back to Sarasota Bay 5/8/2018 Sister Keys refreshed by Sarasota Bay Watch on April 28th 5/8/2018 Suburb approved for city-owned land in Bradenton 5/4/2018 Longboat Key residents push for higher seawalls 5/4/2018 Senator Bill Nelson files bill to provide loans to coastal communities impacted by climate change 4/30/2018 In red tide blooms, peril for stone crabs 4/30/2018 Sea turtle nesting season begins May 1st 4/30/2018 Irma report: Devastation – and a huge warning sign 4/30/2018 Longboat Key sewers leak from the outside in 4/26/2018 Pulitzer winner paints optimistic picture of Gulf of Mexico 4/26/2018 Longboat Key looks to combat north-end erosion 4/25/2018 Mote Marine Lab studying Florida mullet fishery 4/25/2018 Hillsborough County EPC offers scenic wetland tours in May 4/25/2018 Mosaic seeks revisions to approved phosphate mining plans 4/24/2018 Holmes Beach warned coastal erosion issues are ‘real’ 4/18/2018 New private beach law carries implications in Anna Maria 4/18/2018 Climate change consequences are catastrophic, speakers at Sarasota event warn 4/18/2018 Manatee County supports Guthrie net camp 4/18/2018 No, Anna Maria Island beaches aren't going private in July 4/16/2018 HUD sending additional $791 million to Florida for hurricane recovery 4/16/2018 Manatee County planning board gives nod to suburb 4/13/2018 FSU Research: Urban growth leads to shorter, more intense wet seasons in Florida peninsula 4/11/2018 2018 hurricane season expected to be an active one 4/9/2018 Opinion: It’s time to reconsider cisterns 4/9/2018 Florida Aquarium tries to jump-start coral growth in Apollo Beach test 4/9/2018 Polluters are dumping into Florida waterways 4/6/2018 New law Gov. Scott signed makes public access to beaches harder to establish 4/6/2018 SWFWMD performing prescribed burns in Manatee and Hillsborough Counties to reduce fire risk 4/6/2018 Florida waters continue to be hit with red tide. Millions added to combat blooms 4/5/2018 “Data is king”: Analysis confirms projections of sea level rise models 4/2/2018 Budget bill includes money for red tide 4/2/2018 19th Sarasota Bay Fisheries Forum April 5th 4/2/2018 Salmon farming in Florida? It's a possibility. 3/28/2018 Join the Terra Ceia BioBlitz April 14th! 3/26/2018 End in sight for dispute over Big Pass dredging 3/23/2018 Florida receives $26.5M in funding for conservation and sportsmen access 3/23/2018 Public meeting March 29th on Flamingo Cay water main replacement 3/23/2018 Love clean water? Don't miss the Environmental Summit! 3/21/2018 Wetland protection poised to shift from Corps of Engineers to Florida DEP 3/20/2018 Legislature passes bill to boost aquifers with treated sewage: Environmental groups cringe 3/16/2018 Summertime fertilizer ban persists despite pressure from turf groups 3/15/2018 Judge rejects environmentalist complaints about Aqua by the Bay 3/12/2018 Conservationists seek to protect Braden River wetlands from development 3/12/2018 More manatees died from cold stress this winter 3/12/2018 Manatee County to clean Greer Island 3/9/2018 High-res mapping of U.S. flood risk triples the population in harm's way 3/9/2018 Court rulings may result in groundwater discharges requiring NPDES permits 3/9/2018 UF Study: To prevent harmful algal blooms, limit nitrogen and phosphorus 3/7/2018 ‘Renegade’ otter attacks on Braden River prompt FWC warnings 3/7/2018 America's flood insurance chief has a message for all Floridians: You're at risk 3/6/2018 Trump directs EPA to begin dismantling clean water rule 3/5/2018 Help nesting sea turtles: keep beaches dark and obstacle-free at night 3/5/2018 Daylight Savings Time starts Mar. 11th - Check your sprinkler timer 3/5/2018 Military on front line of battle with sea level rise 3/2/2018 Stone crab fishery could be challenged by ocean acidification, study suggests 3/1/2018 Tampa Bay Watch announces new half-day eco-tours 3/1/2018 Mystery disease killing Florida's only coral reef 2/28/2018 U.S. Supreme Court rejects challenge to EPA water regulation 2/28/2018 Federal wetlands protections threatened by bill advancing in Florida legislature 2/27/2018 2018 Environmental Summit announces agenda for Day 1 2/27/2018 Manatee emergency officials: start preparing now for hurricane season 2/15/2018 Cortez Road project causes another major wastewater spill 2/14/2018 DEP to drop controversial water pollution regulations and start over 2/14/2018 New satellite data confirm accelerated sea level rise 2/13/2018 Floods are getting worse, and 2,500 chemical sites lie in the water’s path 2/12/2018 35 manatee deaths in January blamed on cold weather 2/8/2018 Mote announces plan to move HQ to Nathan Benderson Park 2/8/2018 Save the date for 2018 Environmental Summit 2/7/2018 Everglades restoration: Water storage, political will key to success 2/7/2018 Senate committee approves statewide fracking ban 2/7/2018 New environmental education center to open at Robinson Preserve Feb. 16th 2/6/2018 Manatee intends to impose fee to address flooding woes 1/31/2018 Peace River water authority eyes long-term improvement plans 1/31/2018 Miami state senator introduces bill requiring sea level studies on coastal development projects 1/30/2018 DEP wants to take over issuing federal wetland permits 1/30/2018 Report: Sea-level rise threatens several Tampa Bay area communities 1/29/2018 Robinson Preserve wetlands get boost from Deepwater Horizon funds 1/29/2018 Supreme Court rules that challenges to WOTUS should be filed in district courts 1/29/2018 Research finds discrepancies between satellite, global model estimates of land water storage 1/29/2018 Longboat to install new valves to mitigate north end tidal flooding 1/25/2018 Mote, Secoora to co-host ‘Eyes on the Ocean’ forum 1/19/2018 Florida, Georgia water war reaches SCOTUS 1/19/2018 Research: Oxygen levels continue dropping In world's waters 1/19/2018 Sewer line conflict assessment ends, dispute continues 1/17/2018 Florida Forever bill heads to state Senate floor with amendment banning overhead costs 1/16/2018 Finally, some good red tide news. But not everyone is so lucky 1/16/2018 District asks homeowners to "Skip A Week" of irrigation this winter 1/10/2018 Rick Scott and Trump administration strike deal: No drilling off Florida coast 1/10/2018 High-risk underground fuel tanks in Florida await cleanup as state spends millions on easy fixes 1/8/2018 Despite frigid Florida temperatures, water too warm to kill red tide, experts say 1/4/2018 12-foot-long white shark pinged in Gulf near Tampa on New Year's Day 1/4/2018 Approval sought for as many as 500 homes in flood-prone areas 1/3/2018 Coastal waters threaten Florida's historic resources 1/2/2018 Red tide bloom spreading out along Southwest Florida coast 1/2/2018 Manatee County Marine Rescue named Florida's 2017 Beach Patrol of the Year 1/2/2018 Springs Institute director: 2017 was a mixed year for spring health 12/22/2017 Red tide, boat strikes cause of most manatee deaths in 2017 12/22/2017 Swimming still discouraged in Palma Sola Bay, but residents can drink from the tap 12/20/2017 Broken sewer line repaired; County unsure how much sewage spilled 12/15/2017 Cortez force main break still discharging wastewater 12/14/2017 Moody’s: Unaddressed climate change will hurt Florida bond ratings 12/13/2017 Edwards, Brandes file bills to prevent wastewater discharges 12/11/2017 The 2017 hurricane season is finally over. Why was it so bad? 12/11/2017 Aqua by the Bay judge hears conflicting testimony about wetlands permit 12/7/2017 Learn about crowdsourcing water level data at Dec. 19th webinar 12/7/2017 DEP secretary rejects judge's recommendation, denies Everglades oil drilling permit 12/4/2017 Study to determine number of red snapper in Gulf of Mexico 12/4/2017 Aqua by the Bay mitigation bank proposal set to go before judge 12/1/2017 Sick birds this time of year could mean undetected algal blooms 12/1/2017 Scientists monitor red tide increase off southwest Florida 11/29/2017 Second round of repairs to begin at Lake Manatee dam 11/27/2017 EPA, Army propose to delay WOTUS implementation 11/27/2017 Green sea turtle nest numbers hit record 11/27/2017 USF, Florida welcome new research vessel R/V W. T. Hogarth 11/13/2017 Bradenton area could lose $25.4 billion in homes due to climate change 11/13/2017 Florida Chamber calls for science-based solutions to water issues 11/13/2017 Free Kids’ Fishing Clinic promises day of learning, fun 11/13/2017 Water Off/Precautionary Boil Water Notice - 34th Ave West - 11/15/17 11/13/2017 Register now for Nov. 14th Southwest Florida Stormwater Ponds workshop 11/8/2017 Chris's Plumbing withdraws plans to dump human waste on farm along Little Manatee River 11/8/2017 Lawsuit filed to ‘quash’ approval of Aqua by the Bay 11/7/2017 BOCC Votes 4-3 to Allow Comp Plan Amendment for Housing Near Evers Reservoir 11/7/2017 Check your irrigation timer when you 'fall back' to Standard Time 11/7/2017 Seminole County Commissioner Lee Constantine visits Europe to study water issues 11/1/2017 Irma dumped 19 billion gallons of water into Peace River basin 11/1/2017 FDEP issues violation notice for Cortez fishing structure 11/1/2017 Sea turtle nesting finishes strong on Longboat Key through Venice 11/1/2017 Florida bill could require sea-level-rise studies for publicly funded buildings 10/30/2017 Rock ponds project honored by planning commission 10/30/2017 Miami can now challenge a state rule that allows more toxins in the water 10/25/2017 District will reduce risk of wildfires through prescribed fires for Hillsborough/ Manatee Counties 10/25/2017 Take look at before, after effects of sea floor following Hurricane Irma near Florida 10/23/2017 Irma devastates Florida oranges, other crops 10/23/2017 Manatee County Commissioners express interest in revisiting stormwater utility fee 10/18/2017 Blue-green algae defeated the field at prestigious triathlon 10/12/2017 What will Florida (and its water supply) look like in 2070? 10/11/2017 Public invited to Ft. Hamer Bridge ribbon cutting ceremony 10/11/2017 Mixed-use development approved in Parrish area with drainage woes 10/6/2017 Lake O hits highest level since 2005, raising concerns its dike could fail 10/6/2017 Is development draining Florida’s aquifer system beyond repair? 10/5/2017 Bayshore High gets clean bill of health on irrigation wells but questions remain 10/3/2017 Funds to battle Red Tide may be on the way 10/3/2017 Year-round water restrictions now in effect 10/2/2017 All the ways hurricanes can harm — and help — the ecosystems they hit 9/28/2017 Mote asks local anglers to help gather vital snook data 9/26/2017 Portable Red Tide Detector Debuts at NOAA Emerging Tech Workshop 9/26/2017 Florida needs to improve sewage systems, enviro group says 9/25/2017 Fight over 'flushable' wipes D.C. says are clogging sewer systems heads to federal court 9/25/2017 FEMA visits Manatee County this week to help residents register for damage assistance from Hurricane 9/25/2017 Sewage spills add to misery In hurricane-battered Florida 9/21/2017 Comment period extended for the definition of "Waters of the United States" 9/21/2017 Hurricane leaves ‘river’ of sewage in Bradenton neighborhood 9/18/2017 The Monster Surge That Wasn’t: Why Irma Caused Less Flooding Than Expected 9/18/2017 Damage to Florida’s coral reef has made the state more vulnerable to storm surges 9/18/2017 Tampa Bay Estuary Program seeking new executive director 9/14/2017 Tampa Bay Estuary Program Mini-Grant deadline extended due to Irma 9/14/2017 Snooty Memorial Open House rescheduled 9/14/2017 Irma's gone, rivers still rising 9/14/2017 Manatee County shares post-storm recovery updates, resources 9/14/2017 Long Bar Pointe mitigation bank permit petition hearing to be held next week 9/6/2017 Manatee County to distribute sandbags this week as officials urge residents to monitor news & prepar 9/5/2017 Mote to hold International Ocean Film Tour 8/30/2017 SWFWMD to Hold Public Workshop on Ranking Water Bodies 8/25/2017 Commission postpones vote on Aqua by the Bay 8/24/2017 State bill requests $125 million to help springs, St. Johns River 8/24/2017 FWC: Leave sea turtle hatchlings alone and they will make it to sea just fine 8/23/2017 Sign up now for FREE Sediment Control Inspector Course Sept. 18-19 8/23/2017 Meetings on Cortez Bridge replacement to be held Aug. 26th, 31st 8/23/2017 GE to Upgrade Lake Manatee Water Treatment Plant 8/23/2017 Florida flood risk study identifies priorities for property buyouts 8/18/2017 Tampa Bay Water, Glazer Children’s Museum partner to teach wonders of water 8/14/2017 Record year for sea turtle nests means more hatchlings on beaches 8/14/2017 The sea level did, in fact, rise faster in Florida and the southeast U.S. 8/14/2017 Be mindful of summertime algal blooms, report them to FDEP 8/10/2017 North Jetty Cleanup 8/8/2017 Businesses bucked Gov. Rick Scott's rule to notify public about pollution 8/8/2017 Record year for sea turtle nests means more hatchlings on beaches 8/8/2017 Is Tampa Bay prepared for sea-level rise? 8/8/2017 Developers, county beef up for Aqua By The Bay hearings 8/4/2017 Lakewood Ranch HOA hopes to reign in unnecessary irrigation 8/3/2017 Erosion may send homeowner to bank in Lakewood Ranch 8/3/2017 Free “Blue Carbon” wetland workshop August 24th 8/2/2017 Mote responds to Fraser's dolphin stranding 8/1/2017 Special CHNEP Citizens Advisory Committee meeting Aug. 2nd 7/31/2017 Training session prepares area scientists for seagrass surveys 7/31/2017 TBEP receives national award for nitrogen partnership 7/31/2017 President Trump's budget would eliminate Florida's Healthy Beaches bacteria monitoring 7/28/2017 State delegation asks Corps of Engineers to stay neutral in water wars 7/28/2017 More than 5,000 lionfish removed so far in Lionfish Challenge 2017 7/26/2017 Study of freshwater turtles to improve treatment of toxins in sea turtles 7/26/2017 Florida communities prepare for sea level rise, potential costs to local economy 7/25/2017 Sea level rise is accelerating in Florida, scientists warn 7/24/2017 228 derelict crab traps removed from Tampa Bay in blue crab fishery closure 7/24/2017 Attention Boaters! FWC has established new manatee protection zones for the state 7/20/2017 Boaters needed for Great Bay Scallop Search 7/20/2017 Critics of DEP water rules now are more hopeful for appeals 7/19/2017 Nitrogen Management Consortium honored by research federation 7/18/2017 Next Sarasota Bay Fisheries Forum is Aug. 3rd at Mote Marine Lab 7/14/2017 Divers protect over 1 million fish from invasive lionfish 7/14/2017 Water Atlas program, faculty, Atlas sponsors receive FLMS Awards 7/11/2017 Tom Palmer: Problem of water use is not a new issue 7/11/2017 Mote’s shelf survey could help scientists improve red tide forecasts 7/10/2017 FWC asking for public’s help in tracking fish kills 7/5/2017 Scallopers get ready, more waters open for harvest starting July 1 7/5/2017 Trump administration moves to withdraw clean-water rule 6/28/2017 Aqua by the Bay hearings rescheduled 6/28/2017 Manatee County receives platinum certification from Florida Green Building Coalition 6/28/2017 Mid-summer cleanup is Saturday, July 8 6/22/2017 Boaters needed for Crab Trap Removal on July 15 6/22/2017 Local governments, more or less, tackling effects of climate change 6/13/2017 Some residents may have to boil their water this week 6/13/2017 Lionfish derby to be held July 7-9 off Sarasota 6/12/2017 MOTE releases loggerhead sea turtle off Lido Key 6/8/2017 Water efficiency in rural areas getting worse, despite improvements in urban centers 6/8/2017 Scott vetoes spending for citrus canker claims, water projects 6/6/2017 Summer fertilizer restrictions begin June 1 6/6/2017 USGS study Finds 28 types of cyanobacteria in Florida algal bloom 6/6/2017 New research vessel to impact marine research across Florida 6/5/2017 Modified Phase III water shortage restrictions 6/5/2017 TBEP director Holly Greening to retire in early 2018 6/5/2017 Instagram contest showcases Bay's seasonal beauty 6/5/2017 Parking lot may be replaced with pond to help with flood control 6/5/2017 Blue carbon research shows value of coastal habitats 6/1/2017 It's a wrap! Volunteer workdays take a summer vacation 6/1/2017 Bay restoration and research grants announced 6/1/2017 Pace of sea-level rise has tripled since 1990, new study shows 5/30/2017 New construction rises in Cortez waterway 5/30/2017 Stone crab rebound continues as catch nears 3 million pounds 5/30/2017 Watering restrictions in Manatee County 5/30/2017 ‘King tides’ predicted for Memorial Day weekend 5/26/2017 Water use restrictions increase for Manatee, Bradenton as drought continues 5/25/2017 Noah Valenstein is new Florida DEP chief 5/25/2017 District Tightens Water Restrictions throughout 16-County Region 5/25/2017 Governor Appoints Schleicher and Smith to the SWFWMD’s Governing Board 5/22/2017 Fire destroyed thousands of tires, leaked motor oil into stormwater system 5/22/2017 Egmont Key makes historic preservation list because it is threatened by climate change 5/22/2017 Manatee County Burn Ban Continues 5/22/2017 Tampa Bay has spent millions to keep hurricane season from turning into sewage season again 5/15/2017 Manatee County drafting public parks priorities 5/10/2017 Sea turtle nesting season underway 5/10/2017 Petition filed for administrative hearing on Aqua by the Bay lagoon permit 5/9/2017 Volunteers come out to Perico Preserve to help oyster project 5/8/2017 Manatee County preparing to spend $6.3M in BP funds 5/8/2017 Army Corp denies Beruff Long Bar mitigation bank... again 5/8/2017 Stormwater improvements may be coming to Rubonia 5/5/2017 Pollution notice bill inspired by sinkhole passes Legislature 5/4/2017 Florida drinking water ranks among nation’s worst, study finds 5/3/2017 Southwest Florida so dry that canals, wells, pumps, lawn watering are concerns 5/1/2017 Environmental budget negotiations falter in Legislature 5/1/2017 Local plumbing company asks for permit to dump human waste near Little Manatee River 4/28/2017 Manatee County Utilities: Water remains safe to drink despite unusual taste 4/28/2017 ‘Big win’: Florida beaches score $50 million in state budget 4/28/2017 Manatee County Commission wants more answers about suspected ‘cancer cluster’ 4/28/2017 SWFWMD declares Phase I Water Shortage throughout 16-county region 4/28/2017 2017 Volunteer Seagrass Survey is Saturday! 4/28/2017 New primer to “living shorelines” published 4/25/2017 Charlotte County Utilities wins regional best-tasting drinking water contest 4/24/2017 Florida Senate unanimously supports pollution notification rules change 4/24/2017 Warning from SWFWMD: Additional water restrictions are possible 4/24/2017 Desal plant, reservoir easing effects of Tampa Bay’s drought 4/24/2017 Manatee Planning Commission recommends Long Bar Pointe project, aka Aqua by the Bay 4/24/2017 New Mote app analyzes microscopic red tide data 4/24/2017 Congresswoman, Others Decry Proposed EPA Budget Cuts 4/24/2017 Wildfire emergency shuts down all SWFWMD campgrounds 4/14/2017 Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority proposes policy model 4/14/2017 Rep. Buchanan sends letter to Congressional panel asking for help in preserving estuaries 4/14/2017 New plans for Long Bar Pointe reignite debate 4/11/2017 More than 100 Florida wildfires scorch state, a sign of how dry we are 4/10/2017 Supreme Court will not pause Obama WOTUS rule 4/5/2017 Seagrasses in World Heritage Site not recovered years after heat wave 4/4/2017 Apply now for Tampa Bay Community Water-Wise Awards 4/4/2017 Agency on Bay Management meets April 13th 3/31/2017 Public input on Long Bar mitigation plan ends April 3 3/30/2017 Mote, Eckerd scientists receive climate change/ocean acidification research grant 3/24/2017 Coastal Republicans warn GOP against climate denial 3/23/2017 Artificial mangroves could bring back vanishing habitats in Florida 3/23/2017 Scientists find seagrass protects against pathogens, climate change 3/23/2017 Manatee County tomato grower wins award for responsible fertilizer use 3/23/2017 DEP continues to scrutinize former Palmetto golf course for housing development 3/22/2017 Republicans lead fight to ban fracking in Florida 3/22/2017 Public invited to Sarasota Fisheries Forum 3/20/2017 Fix water quality or Florida tourism will suffer, fishing and boating industries warn 3/17/2017 DEP secretary Jon Steverson resigns after stormy 2-year tenure 3/17/2017 President Trump transition leader's goal is two-thirds cut in EPA employees 3/17/2017 Lawmakers grill DEP over water pollution limits 3/17/2017 Plan that includes keeping toxic algae from waterways is now bigger and more expensive 3/16/2017 Florida scientists fear hurricane forecasts, climate research will suffer under Trump 3/16/2017 Bill to strengthen pollution notification rules advances in Florida Senate 3/16/2017 Bill that would ban fracking in Florida passes Senate committee 3/16/2017 Environmental researchers warn of dangers of nitrogen fertilizer 3/16/2017 Manatee seeks money to relieve Rubonia flooding 3/15/2017 Register now for Charlotte Harbor Watershed Summit, Mar. 28-30 3/14/2017 Can we get rid of red tide? Not yet, according to Mote scientist 3/14/2017 Red tide suspected of killing Manatees in Gulf 3/10/2017 Help plan the future of Moody Branch Wildlife and Environmental Area 3/8/2017 FDEP to Issue Mitigation Bank Approval for Long Bar Pointe 3/7/2017 Lawmakers propose $50 million to restore beaches 3/7/2017 FWC continues seagrass research and conservation with new status report 3/1/2017 Trump takes aim at WOTUS rule 3/1/2017 Manatee County wins comp plan challenge from Long Bar developer 3/1/2017 Trump begins dismantling Obama’s EPA rules today. First up: the Clean Water Rule 3/1/2017 Mote developing app so beachgoers can record red tide observations 3/1/2017 Peace River Authority wants to double water storage capacity 3/1/2017 Online tool explores sea level rise and coastal marsh health scenarios 2/28/2017 2016 Water Oral History Project to debut new videos Jan. 28th 2/21/2017 Save the date for the First Annual SeagrassFest! 2/21/2017 Robinson Preserve’s environmental classroom taking nature’s shape 2/20/2017 Florida lawmakers push water agenda 2/17/2017 Florida lawmakers in DC learn there are no easy fixes for red tide plague 2/16/2017 Manatee County votes 5-2 to approve Mosaic phosphate mine 2/16/2017 A new rain gauge on Mill Creek will be the county's ninth gauge on waterways 2/16/2017 Long slog likely if Trump EPA attempts WOTUS do-over 2/16/2017 Florida has seen bad effects from Trump-like climate gag orders 2/16/2017 Palma Sola South no-swim advisory lifted 2/9/2017 Manatee water rates to increase by 8% over two years. 2/8/2017 What’s a “Splash Trash Tour”? 2/8/2017 Legislature needs educating about flood risk 2/7/2017 What would happen to Florida if the EPA really did go away? 2/7/2017 Splash Trash Tour: New Art Exhibit at Robinson Preserve 2/7/2017 Obliterating EPA would create chaos, experts say 2/3/2017 Seafood fans prepare to feast in Cortez 2/3/2017 In Florida, debate over pollution limits rages 2/3/2017 State may require licensing for kayaks, canoes, paddle boards 2/1/2017 MOTE debuts podcat: "Two Sea Fans" 1/31/2017 Changes in rainfall, temperature expected to transform coastal wetlands this century 1/31/2017 Palma Sola Beach South hit with ‘no swim’ advisory 1/31/2017 Public expresses mostly opposition to Mosaic mine expansion 1/31/2017 Deadline March 27th for Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund applications 1/30/2017 Overflow crowd attends Mosaic phosphate mine hearing 1/27/2017 Sea level rise could have water lapping at Tampa's edges in 2040, study says 1/27/2017 Court reinstates EPA rule to allow pumping dirty water unchecked 1/27/2017 Environmental groups want EPA to nix Florida’s new water standards 1/27/2017 Red tide continues to reign Bradenton beaches in January 1/25/2017 Beach erosion remains a concern on Manasota Key 1/24/2017 Forum: Collaboration needed to counter looming water shortage 1/24/2017 A new artificial reef is coming to Manatee County 1/24/2017 Wild ride awaits for water issues under Trump 1/23/2017 UF/IFAS Extension offers Water Quality Seminar Series 1/20/2017 Manatee commissioners consider options for expanding water supply 1/19/2017 Bay Mini-Grants awarded to 21 community groups 1/18/2017 Final adoption of updated Bay Management Plan set for February 1/18/2017 Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage plans, readies 35th commercial fishing festival 1/17/2017 F.I.S.H. signs on for Long Bar Pointe fight, mitigation appeal 1/12/2017 Clean Water Network asks federal judge to force EPA’s hand 1/12/2017 Annual Water Resources conference projects the future 1/12/2017 Grassy Point Project Nears Completion 1/11/2017 Manatee County Parks and Natural Resources Department's 3rd annual Photography Challenge! 1/9/2017 Apply now for 2017 Bay Partners Grants; deadline March 3rd 1/4/2017 Environmentalists resume fight against Long Bar mitigation 1/3/2017 Florida judge tosses pollution notification rule 1/3/2017 Environmentalists will sue if Corps permits Florida phosphate mining 12/22/2016 Registration now open for biodiversity conference 12/22/2016 Tighter requirements sought for Environmental Regulation Commission 12/21/2016 FWC “Fishbrain” app to help FWC track nonnative freshwater fish 12/21/2016 Study said no red tide this year: what went wrong, why the science is still right 12/15/2016 Soggy Longbeach Village looks for drainage solutions 12/15/2016 EPA releases final report on impacts from hydraulic fracturing activities on drinking water 12/14/2016 New report to EPA highlights importance of citizen scientists 12/14/2016 Dec. 2016 issue of the Florida LAKEWATCH newsletter is available 12/14/2016 Florida's water demand for development could double by 2070 12/9/2016 Rising seas could swallow Florida's tax base 12/9/2016 League forum focuses on Florida's water quality issues 12/9/2016 Pollution notification plan continues to draw objections 12/9/2016 Drinking water safe but DEP faces criticism over sinkhole response 12/9/2016 Mote scientist awarded grant to study how iron influences harmful algal blooms 12/9/2016 WOTUS is ‘doomed’ under Trump, experts say  12/9/2016 Manatee seeks public feedback for Parks Master Plan 12/8/2016 Free climate change conference Monday Dec. 12th 12/6/2016 Residents complain Ware’s Creek project didn’t fix everything 12/5/2016 Give-A-Day for the Bay: Cockroach Bay 11/28/2016 Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable to meet Dec. 14-15 at FGCU 11/18/2016 Former Manatee County Phosphate Plant an Area of Concern 11/17/2016 Sponsors and exhibitors still needed for Charlotte Harbor Nature Festival 11/10/2016 1000 Friends of Florida hosts free "Water 2070" webinar Nov. 17th 11/10/2016 #LoveTampaBay? Check out new TBEP social sharing campaign 11/4/2016 Manatee Leases 52 Acres to Preserve Coastline 11/3/2016 Science and Society Forum Nov. 3 at Mote in Sarasota 10/27/2016 FEMA gives Floridians more time to file Hermine flood insurance claims 10/27/2016 Mote awarded $500,000 NOAA grant to electronically monitor fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico 10/27/2016 Aylesworth Foundation lures the best and brightest marine science students 10/27/2016 Give A Day for the Bay Nov. 1st at Lowry Park Zoo 10/19/2016 Red Tide Report 10.6.16 10/18/2016 Sewer spill into Ware’s Creek resolved; cause remains a mystery 10/18/2016 DEP announces Water-Quality Restoration Grant opportunities 10/14/2016 Storm reels in Longboat Key fish kills 10/13/2016 Longboat Key dredging delayed again by hurricane 10/13/2016 Mote Marine Lab among organizations monitoring red tide 10/13/2016 Judge refuses to block changes to Florida's water quality standards 10/12/2016 Army Corps defines wetland, sides with Harbor Sound developer 10/11/2016 September is Microplastics Awareness Month 10/11/2016 Fish and wildlife officers begin investigation into St. Petersburg's sewer crisis 10/10/2016 Native clams could help give muscle to patchy seagrass beds 10/3/2016 Impacts of sewer, stormwater dischargers on Tampa Bay will take time to assess 10/3/2016 Big Pass dredging may benefit Perico Preserve 10/3/2016 USDA describes $328M oil spill restoration plan for Gulf of Mexico 9/21/2016 CHNEP announces new Executive Director 9/21/2016 Public invited to community meetings on half-cent for local roads, public safety & parks 9/20/2016 Sewage dump may lead to algae blooms, fish kill, lost seagrass, experts say 9/20/2016 After sinkhole, Mosaic postpones hearing on mine expansion 9/20/2016 Water standards fight heads to appeals court 9/20/2016 Mosaic plant sinkhole dumps 215 million gallons of reprocessed water into Floridan Aquifer 9/19/2016 New method detects low-dose impacts of human-made chemicals in water 9/15/2016 Senate advances water bill with $1.9B for Everglades, Florida algae bloom projects 9/14/2016 Latest post-Hermine sewage spill total: 85.1 million gallons — and rising 9/12/2016 Florida’s losses from a big hurricane could reach a mind-blowing $200 billion 9/9/2016 Sen. Bill Nelson, South Florida leaders question Florida changing water pollution rules 9/9/2016 Longboat Key studying options for canal dredging 9/9/2016 Ex-U.S. Senate candidate Carlos Beruff withdraws controversial wetlands request 9/9/2016 Holly Greening, Tony Janicki keynote speakers at IRL water quality conference 9/9/2016 FDEP extends deadline to issue Big Pass dredge permits 9/7/2016 Register by Sept. 27th for “Nonformal Environmental Education” workshop 9/6/2016 SWFWMD governing board votes to fund conservation easement in Manatee County 8/30/2016 SWFWMD public meeting on MFL priority list Sept. 1st 8/29/2016 New College students win archaeology grant 8/29/2016 Legal Challenges Mount Over New Water Standards 8/26/2016 Water Stewards Wanted for Sarasota County 8/26/2016 Brain-eating amoeba common in Florida; researchers race for cure 8/25/2016 Mosaic wants more mining in East Manatee County 8/17/2016 Register now for Scallopalooza — It’s Clamtastic! 8/16/2016 The latest Florida LAKEWATCH Newsletter is available online 8/10/2016 The Applebutter Express to Headline Sarasota Bay Water Festival November 1 8/10/2016 Largo Cultural Center hosts Be Floridian flamingo exhibit 8/10/2016 FPL wants customers to pay to fight water rules 8/10/2016 Public Meeting to Focus on Myakka Island Conservation Corridor 8/10/2016 Little Manatee River Watershed Master Plan topic of Feb. 10th meeting 8/10/2016 Bacteria could clean Manatee County's water supply 8/10/2016 Hydrilla help needed from Florida LAKEWATCHers 8/10/2016 Bondi adds Florida to lawsuit against federal wetland protections 8/10/2016 Save the Date: 5th Annual Scallopallooza will be Oct. 3, 2015 8/10/2016 SWFWMD approves wetlands permit for Bradenton developer Pat Neal 8/10/2016 Scallop tally improved, but still modest in annual hunt 8/10/2016 National Estuaries Day Coastal Cleanups call for Volunteers! 8/10/2016 Your one-stop spot for fishing in Manatee County 8/10/2016 UF researchers: “Little janitor” merits attention in Florida springs' health debate 8/8/2016 It’s not too late to sign up for TBEP Mini-Grant Webinars 8/8/2016 Submission deadline for TBEP Bay Mini-Grants is October 1st 8/8/2016 Sign up now for TBEP Bay Mini-Grant Writing Webinar on Wed. Aug. 20 8/8/2016 Participate in Tampa Bay's Treasure Hunt! 8/8/2016 Read about all the news at Florida LAKEWATCH 8/8/2016 Give a Day for the Bay at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve March 21st 8/8/2016 Public Invited to Series of Workshops on Surplus Lands 8/8/2016 Gopher tortoise training Jan 13-16 8/8/2016 Get the latest news from Florida LAKEWATCH! 8/8/2016 Register Now for August 6th TBEP Bay Mini-Grant Workshop 8/8/2016 Bay Mini-Grant Workshop Set for Aug. 3 8/8/2016 DEP Report: Half of Florida lakes’ surface have “elevated” algae levels 8/8/2016 Tampa Bay Mini-Grants Due September 1 8/4/2016 ERC signs off on controversial water standards 7/27/2016 Public meetings scheduled to consider Critical Wildlife Areas (CWAs) 7/21/2016 Why can’t Longboat dredge its sandbars? 7/21/2016 Study: More homes at risk of storm surge in Southwest Florida 7/19/2016 Civil Engineers: State Infrastructure Is Mediocre, But Improving 7/15/2016 Environmental groups visiting DC to press for purchase of Lake O ag lands 7/14/2016 “Living shorelines” will get fast track to combat sea level rise 7/13/2016 Design underway for bridge over Braden River 7/11/2016 Bay Mini-Grants application deadline is September 1st 7/11/2016 CHNEP receives FWF Conservation Organization of the Year award 7/8/2016 Tampa Bay Estuary Program requests your input 7/7/2016 Register now through Aug. 30th for free Conservation Lands Workshop 6/29/2016 Longboat Key reaches for federal beach money 6/27/2016 Watch for sea turtles on Tampa Bay area beaches 6/27/2016 Bradenton officials begin planning flood reduction measures 6/24/2016 Tropical Storm Colin displaces Longboat Key sand 6/23/2016 Manatee County targets nearly $1 billion for infrastructure 6/17/2016 Study highlights role of Tampa Bay coastal habitats in removing carbon from atmosphere 6/13/2016 Summer fertilizer bans in effect 6/7/2016 Longboat Key plans $1.8 million Emerald Harbor project 6/2/2016 Solving disinfection byproducts led to unintended consequences 6/1/2016 Palmetto receives EPA grant to clean brownfield along Manatee River 5/31/2016 Volunteers needed for World Oceans Day events 5/27/2016 Deal would preserve ranch near Myakka River 5/25/2016 Turtle watchers reach out, spread awareness 5/24/2016 Sarasota County to consider $500,000 in waterway grants to Longboat Key 5/23/2016 TBEP earns top “Future of the Region Awards” 5/23/2016 Bay Mini-Grants deadline moves to September 1 5/23/2016 Public blasts DEP over new water toxics limits 5/16/2016 Learn about “Florida’s Maritime Past” this summer 5/16/2016 Study: Efficient fixtures have cut U.S. indoor water use 22% since 1999 5/13/2016 The fertilizer industry insider who’s credited with helping Sarasota Bay 5/13/2016 Bradenton to pursue $6.4M loan to upgrade aging wastewater systems 5/13/2016 Florida Springs and Aquifer Protection Act now adopted 5/13/2016 Paradise lost, found in Southwest Florida seagrass 5/12/2016 Palmetto takes next step toward reuse water expansion 5/10/2016 USF Library announces Tampa Bay Environmental Collections & Oral History Project 4/27/2016 Retrofitting Tampa Bay for climate change: From understanding to action 4/26/2016 Sixth Circuit Will Not Rehear Venue Question in Clean Water Act Rule Dispute 4/26/2016 Grand opening of Perico Preserve May 14th at 9 a.m. 4/20/2016 Six years after Deepwater Horizon oil spill, USF Researchers see path forward 4/20/2016 Vegetables irrigated with treated wastewater expose consumers to drugs 4/19/2016 F.I.S.H. Preserve’s salty habitat passes environmental muster 4/14/2016 Longboat Key explores dredging inlet to Beer Can Island 4/14/2016 Sarasota Bay preservation effort becomes model for others 4/14/2016 Wetland mitigation plan questioned 4/14/2016 Longboat Key to dig into $25M beach renourishment project 4/14/2016 Tampa Bay’s largest ecosystem restoration reaches completion 4/14/2016 Climate change: Across Tampa Bay, environmental organizations mobilize around sea level rise 4/14/2016 High bridge replacement plan spurs Save Anna Maria opposition 4/13/2016 How Many Straws? 4/7/2016 USDA Seeks Partner Proposals to Protect and Restore Critical Wetlands 4/7/2016 New pipelines shore up region’s water supply coverage 4/7/2016 Catch nonnative freshwater fish, get the chance to win prizes 4/5/2016 USF Marine Science researchers discover ways to improve red tide predictions 3/31/2016 Perico Preserve Volunteer Workday 3/30/2016 Schedule announced for First Annual SeagrassFest Apr. 30 3/29/2016 Bay Guardians: help restore habitat at Perico Preserve on April 16th! 3/29/2016 38 Florida locations among sites military will check for water contamination 3/29/2016 UF/IFAS study: Water conservation important to many; only some take action 3/23/2016 Applications sought in Florida for Regional Conservation Partnership Program 3/23/2016 In first-of-a-kind summit, White House rallies corporate investment in water supplies 3/23/2016 Sea rise could force millions in Florida to adapt or flee, study finds 3/15/2016 House, Senate reach budget deal that includes additional $21M for water projects 3/9/2016 Tampa Bay Area scientists, policymakers plan for rising sea levels 3/8/2016 Pasco County Joins TBEP Partnership 3/7/2016 Competitive Grants Opportunity: Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund 3/1/2016 SBEP Volunteers and Partners Have Fun Tackling Invasive Vegetation at Red Bug Slough 2/29/2016 Charlotte County consents to water authority pipeline 2/25/2016 Study: Loop Current may help scientists predict red tide blooms 2/25/2016 “Give A Day for the Bay” at McKay Bay Nature Preserve on March 19th 2/22/2016 Public workshop on community land use, growth management Feb. 29th 2/19/2016 NASA: Decade of rising seas slowed by land soaking up extra water 2/19/2016 USGS: Algal toxins detected in one-third of streams assessed in 5 southeastern states 2/18/2016 Obama proposing clean-water cuts amid Flint outcry 2/17/2016 New Ungarelli Preserve will open to the public March 5th 2/17/2016 DEP announces water-quality restoration grant opportunities 2/12/2016 Southeast states win coastal resilience grant 2/12/2016 Florida Lake Management Society announces spring workshop 2/9/2016 Bill Nelson blasts proposal to allow offshore drilling near Florida coast 2/8/2016 Register now for free "Estuary Edventures" Teacher Training 2/5/2016 Save the Date: 2016 NALMS monitoring conference 2/3/2016 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces over $20 Million in Grants to Conserve Coastal Wetlands 2/3/2016 Register now for coastal climate adaptation workshop Feb. 23-25 2/1/2016 Save the date for 2016 Charlotte Harbor Nature Festival 1/29/2016 New water law will affect everyone who uses water in Florida 1/28/2016 NCCOS research transitions GrouperChek to commercialization 1/28/2016 Florida mayors to Rubio: We’re going under, take climate change seriously 1/28/2016 CHNEP's Mosaic Phosphate Reclamation Tour: Register now 1/28/2016 Clean Water State Revolving Fund provides more than $375M in loans to Florida communities 1/25/2016 Obama vetoes GOP attempt to block water rule 1/21/2016 Florida DEP to hold public meetings on water quality assessments 1/20/2016 Districts extend deadline to submit applications for $4 million in cost-share funding 1/20/2016 Environmental groups want Scott to veto water bill 1/20/2016 Helping fisheries in Sarasota Bay 1/19/2016 Manatee judge says 'no' to Long Bar Pointe water development, $18M suit 1/8/2016 El Niño expected to dump more rain on Southwest Florida 1/8/2016 Deadline Feb. 29th for Manatee County photo contest 1/8/2016 Register now for Jan. 16th air potato roundup at North Water Tower Park 1/8/2016 Tampa Shores community wins Golden Mangrove Award for Mini-grant project 1/6/2016 SBEP Bay Partners grant program accepting applications for 2016-17! 1/5/2016 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program announces 2016 Bay Wise Kayak Tours 1/4/2016 New water policy expected to flow in session 1/4/2016 Army Corps looks into violation allegation at Harbor Sound 12/23/2015 Congress backs bill banning microbeads in soap, body wash 12/22/2015 Happy Holidays from CHNEP! 12/18/2015 Water quality consortium targets red tide 12/18/2015 Report: Stormwater and graywater valid water sources, but guidelines for use are needed 12/18/2015 Discover the newest addition to Rye Preserve! 12/16/2015 GAO: EPA broke law when it used social media to promote WOTUS 12/15/2015 UWM scientist develops new way to find age of drinking water 12/15/2015 Red Tide plaguing nine Gulf Coast counties in Florida 12/14/2015 Red Tide bloom kills fish and leaves some Pinellas beachgoers coughing 12/10/2015 While environmentalists criticize water policy plans, they draw defender in Putnam 12/10/2015 District Reports Gains in Seagrass Coverage in Sarasota Bay 12/9/2015 Two days from mediation, Neal starts controversial construction on Perico Island 12/9/2015 Manatee set to receive even more in oil spill dollars 12/7/2015 Florida Groups Thankful for Clean Water Protections 12/7/2015 FDEP issues final, Senate-mandated report on water reuse 12/4/2015 Florida League of Cities, Stormwater Association Challenge EPA Waters of the US Rule 12/3/2015 New NOAA Guidance Promotes Living Shorelines for Improving Habitats 12/3/2015 Scott administration helped keep scathing EPA pipeline report out of legal challenge 12/3/2015 Red tide maintains presence in Manatee County as National Weather Service issues beach hazard statem 12/3/2015 Gov. Scott wants more staffing cuts in health, environment 11/25/2015 New Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment Released 11/24/2015 DEP welcomes new director of water policy 11/24/2015 Join the fun at Robinson Preserve in Bradenton 11/24/2015 Culinary conservation hunts predator lionfish for human consumption 11/18/2015 Seafood processing plant wins Gulf Coast Community Foundation incentive grant 11/18/2015 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Announces Projects 11/17/2015 Red Tide Report 11-13-15 11/17/2015 Shocking new way to get the salt out 11/17/2015 Snook shindig fishing tournament postponed until spring 2016 11/17/2015 New underwater robot “Genie” deployed to monitor harmful algae and more 11/17/2015 Damaged lake recovery slow, cause uncertain 11/17/2015 Snook tournament, "reel" science 11/12/2015 Goodbye to two distinctive dolphins 11/12/2015 New scientist doing snook-y studies 11/12/2015 102 SBEP Bay Guardian Volunteers Enhance Bioswale at Celery Fields 11/10/2015 Red Tide Report 11-6-15 11/10/2015 Microplastics: A macro threat 11/9/2015 Global warming's fingerprints are all over recent extreme weather, research shows 11/9/2015 House subcommittee chair cautions against sea level rise “speculation” 11/6/2015 Senate measure to stop water rule advances 11/5/2015 USF Biologist Discovers Secret to Highly Efficient Swimming in Certain Animals, Such as Jellyfish 11/5/2015 Anna Maria's Bridge Street to see storm water upgrade 11/5/2015 Manatee County awarded national honors for Anna Maria Island beach renourishment project 11/5/2015 TBEP Give A Day For The Bay Volunteer Workday 11/5/2015 Position available for Volunteer Oyster Habitat Monitoring Coordinator 11/3/2015 Climate Adaptation Training for Communities 11/3/2015 USF researchers develop off grid NEWgenerator to treat waste around globe 11/3/2015 SBEP provides update on tidal creek study 11/3/2015 Red tide confirmed in Florida: What you need to know 11/2/2015 Suncoast Waterkeeper sues Bradenton over Harbor Sound development 10/30/2015 Sarasota Sportsmens Association Donates $5,000 to SBEP for Artificial Reefs 10/30/2015 SBEP Bay Guardians to complete bioswale project at Celery Fields November 7 10/30/2015 Curious Kids Nominated for an Emmy! 10/28/2015 EPA objects to portions of Sabal Trail pipeline, calls for re-routing 10/27/2015 Florida Agriculture Commissioner Pushes For Water Policy 10/27/2015 UF/IFAS-developed app saves significant water and money 10/27/2015 Lake Manatee marks 50 years of quenching thirsts 10/27/2015 Manatee County not set to need another water supply for some time Read more here: http://www.braden 10/27/2015 Palmetto will seek $4.4M loan for wastewater plant improvements 10/27/2015 Participate in the 'HalloWeed' invasive plant count 10/27/2015 Florida Lake Management Society Fall 2015 Workshop 10/26/2015 NOAA Predicts Wetter, Cooler Winter driven by El Nino 10/16/2015 Critics say budget cuts, hand-picked leaders have hurt water management districts 10/16/2015 Sarasota Dolphin Research Program celebrates 45th anniversary 10/16/2015 Manatee County to mark 50 years of Lake Manatee Dam on Oct. 23rd 10/16/2015 Pat Neal's permit to build on Harbor Sound in Bradenton to be appealed 10/14/2015 Youth Summit Empowers the Next Generation of Ocean Conservationists 10/14/2015 Putnam wants water policy passed 10/13/2015 Ralph Montgomery, 1947-2015 10/9/2015 SWFWMD votes to de-fund Sarasota Bay Estuary Program 10/9/2015 Governor Scott Announces Distribution of Over $82 Million for Springs Restoration Projects Across FL 10/6/2015 New College Completes Summer Program with SBEP Bay Partners Grant Support 10/6/2015 Ag commissioner: Florida needs water fix now before it faces crisis 10/1/2015 West Central Florida under weather service flood watch 10/1/2015 City lets Neal break ground on disputed project despite lack of compliance 10/1/2015 Southwest Florida scientists tracking changes in Red Tide algae counts 10/1/2015 Environmental Education Workshop 9/30/2015 SBEP Bay Guardians to complete project at Grassy Point Preserve 9/29/2015 Conversations at The Crocker Opens 4th Season With the Story of the Myakka River 9/29/2015 Florida needs $16.5 billion for drinking water infrastructure 9/28/2015 Volunteers urgently needed Friday for workday at Pinellas National Wildlife Refuge 9/23/2015 Green sea turtle nesting breaks local record 9/23/2015 EPA is designating Sept. 21-25 as “SepticSmart Week” 9/21/2015 New Sunshine State Maps Add U.S. Forest Service Data 9/21/2015 Florida Sea Grant awarded grant to raise awareness about microplastics in Florida waters 9/18/2015 The SBEP will join with Sarasota County and other Groups to Remove Debris from Parts of Phillippi Cr 9/17/2015 SWFWMD seagrass report on Sarasota Bay to be released mid-September 9/8/2015 Celebrate National Estuaries Day! 9/3/2015 Snook Harvest Season begins September 1st 9/2/2015 EPA: Clean water rule in effect despite court ruling 9/1/2015 Sea Level Solutions Center launches 9/1/2015 SBEP, TBEP remind residents not to use fertilizers with nitrogen or phosphorus through Sept. 30th 8/28/2015 Carlos Beruff resigns from SWFWMD board 8/27/2015 Peninsular Florida in “cone of uncertainty” for Tropical Storm Ericka 8/27/2015 Governor seeks disaster declaration for Tampa Bay flooding 8/27/2015 Prepare now for tropical storms and hurricanes 8/27/2015 New sea level-rise handbook highlights science and models for non-scientists 8/27/2015 Is too much fresh water used to irrigate Florida lawns? 8/27/2015 Local research team competes for grant with innovative new water treatment system 8/26/2015 Count shows scallops rebounding in Tampa Bay 8/26/2015 Webinar on August 27 to provide more details on the Clean Water Rule 8/25/2015 Public meetings scheduled to discuss DEP water quality prioritization and assessment efforts 8/25/2015 Tampa Bay’s seagrass beds to take big hit from rain-fueled algae blooms 8/20/2015 Apply now for CHNEP Public Outreach grants and Micro-Grants 8/20/2015 DEP accepting comments on water reclamation/reuse study; meeting and webinar Aug. 20th 8/18/2015 Register now for CHNEP Retreat on Friday, Sept. 11th 8/18/2015 Do you garden like a Floridian? Take the survey! 8/17/2015 Tampa Bay Estuary Program to receive $2 million from oil spill fines 8/17/2015 New insights on hurricane intensity, pollution transport 8/7/2015 2015 Gulf Guardian Awards announced; TBEP, Bay Point Elementary among recipients 8/7/2015 DEP provides $500,000 to Longboat Key for beach renourishment 7/31/2015 Love for the lowly shellfish 7/30/2015 Register for BASIS 6 7/30/2015 District Approves Proposed Millage Rate 7/29/2015 Florida leads nation in property at risk from climate change 7/29/2015 Bay Mini-Grants Available: Deadline to apply is Oct. 1st 7/28/2015 Tampa Bay cities didn't get what they sought in oil spill claims 7/28/2015 Swiftmud backs down from move of headquarters to Tampa from Brooksville 7/27/2015 FWC Enlists Gulf Reef Fish Anglers to Provide Data 7/16/2015 Workshops set for gopher tortoise conservation 7/16/2015 Sarasota Lionfish Derby Takes Bite Out of Invasive Species 7/16/2015 Entries sought for CHNEP song contest 7/14/2015 CHNEP Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting: August 12, 2015 7/13/2015 PIER Program Provides Environmental Education to 1,266 Students 7/10/2015 Blue crab trap closure in South-S.W. Florida starts Friday 7/10/2015 FWC seeks video from Anna Maria businesses showing destruction of sea turtle nests, skimmer chicks 7/10/2015 Study: One-third of big groundwater basins in distress 7/6/2015 Register now for CHNEP Behavior Change workshop 7/6/2015 Scott vetoes money for controversial water-farming projects 7/6/2015 DEP announces web-based map that identifies beach accesses and amenities 7/6/2015 SBEP Reminds Residents to Hold the Fertilizer through September 30 6/29/2015 Be Kind to Marine Life During July 4 Weekend 6/29/2015 Lionfish Derby at Mote 6/25/2015 SBEP Bay Guardians Plant 1,200 Native Dune Plants on Siesta Key 6/25/2015 Boaters needed for Crab Trap Removal 6/25/2015 Sarasota Bay Today Announces Interviews with Fox, Tanner and Moore 6/25/2015 Skip The Fertilizer to Protect Our Fun! 6/24/2015 SBEP Awards Eight Bay Partner Grants to Local Organizations 6/23/2015 The 6th Bay Area Scientific Information Symposium 6/22/2015 FWC to meet June 23-25 in Sarasota 6/18/2015 Two "Champions of the Bay" Honored 6/12/2015 App will show level of algae in water 6/8/2015 A meeting of the full Agency on Bay Management 6/5/2015 Editorial: Tampa Bay’s environmental and economic revival 6/4/2015 Sarasota Bay Guardians Host Volunteer Event - Siesta Key Beach 6/4/2015 House Passes Posey-Murphy Bipartisan Plan to Help Estuaries with Critical Needs 6/4/2015 Experts tie hurricane changes to climate change 6/4/2015 BLUE Ocean Film Festival opens new headquarters in St. Pete 6/2/2015 Long-term prognosis for Florida manatees improves 5/21/2015 Manatee’s annual hurricane exercise set for May 21 5/8/2015 “Managing Florida’s aquifers” will be topic of fall professional conference 5/1/2015 House Speaker says water bills closer, advisory council could be sticking point 4/30/2015 USGS issues revised framework for hydrogeology of Floridan Aquifer 4/30/2015 DOI, EPA, NOAA announce initiative to prepare natural resources for climate change 4/28/2015 “A Rising Tide Affects Us All”: 2015 Southwest Florida Sea Level Rise Summit 4/28/2015 2015 AWRA scholarship and educational grant applications now being accepted 4/28/2015 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program announces two Blue Dolphin Award winners 4/28/2015 6th Bay Area Scientific Information Symposium (BASIS 6) scheduled for September 4/27/2015 Bradenton’s Robinson Preserve is about to get bigger 4/27/2015 Agency on Bay Management to honor “Champions of the Bay” 4/27/2015 The Spring 2015 issue of Bay Soundings is online! 4/20/2015 “Watery” curriculum guide available for teachers 4/15/2015 Multiple satellite eyes to track algal threat to U.S. freshwater 4/7/2015 Volunteers needed for 2015 Seagrass Survey in Sarasota Bay 4/7/2015 Lots of baby scallops found at Mote restoration site in Sarasota Bay 4/3/2015 Public celebration of the life and legacy or Dr. Eugenie Clark announced 4/1/2015 Give A Day for the Bay May 2nd at Robinson Preserve 3/26/2015 Save the date: National Monitoring Conference, May 2-6, 2016 3/26/2015 From coastlines to the Everglades, researchers tackle sea level rise 3/26/2015 ‘Low risk’ contamination sites to get fresh scrutiny under DEP plan 3/26/2015 Warner's Bayou boat ramp closed for paving, March 23 through mid-May 3/24/2015 CHNEP Subcommittee to Review Water Atlas Water Quality & Water Clarity Tools 3/23/2015 Public input sought on FWC permit request for lake restoration 3/20/2015 Siesta key sand sculpting event raises $20,000 for sea turtles 3/20/2015 Plan will reduce wastewater flowing into Sarasota Bay 3/20/2015 Submit your artwork for the CHNEP 2016 calendar 3/16/2015 Speak Up! Take A Short Opinion Poll on Tampa Bay 3/9/2015 Volunteers needed for Bay Guardians cleanup at Bowlees Creek March 28th 3/6/2015 Results of 2014 harmful algal bloom state survey released 3/4/2015 FGCU professor wins international award for career in wetland research and education 3/2/2015 UF survey: Floridians want to conserve water, but only if it doesn’t cost too much 2/26/2015 SBEP Offers Free Kayak Tour Trips in March and April 2/26/2015 Manatee County accepting applications for Environmental Land Mgmt. & Acquisition Committee 2/19/2015 FREE Family Overnight: Wilderness Survival 101 at Duette Preserve 2/11/2015 Agency on bay management meets Feb. 12th 2/10/2015 Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund grant opportunity 2/9/2015 Trash Bash and Dip Net Volunteer Workday 2/4/2015 Join SBEP Bay Guardians at air potato round-up on Feb. 7th 2/4/2015 EPA Climate Ready Water Utilities Initiative releases storm surge inundation map and scenarios 2/3/2015 CHNEP Micro-Grants are now available 1/30/2015 Deadline Feb. 28th for Manatee Preserves photo contest 1/28/2015 King tide photo exhibit opens 5-month tour 1/14/2015 What’s the Buzzzzz at Camp Bayou? Read the newsletter and find out 1/12/2015 2015 Florida Artificial Reef Summit announced by SeaGrant 1/7/2015 Give a Day for the Bay at Moccasin Lake Nature Park in Pinellas County 1/6/2015 Manatee County accepts $100,000 contribution from Mosaic for Duette Preserve 12/5/2014 Amendment 1’s passage opens floodgate of questions on water 12/3/2014 TBEP pilot project aims to track coastal habitat changes over time 12/3/2014 Coast Guard flies 193 rare sea turtles from freezing Cape Cod to Florida 12/1/2014 USF College of Marine Science Awarded $20.2M for Gulf Oil Spill Research 12/1/2014 Proposed I-75 changes will require wetlands mitigation 11/21/2014 DEP to host public meeting on three area parks Wed. Nov. 20th 11/18/2014 November Meetings of TBEP Management and Policy Boards 11/12/2014 SWFWMD to perform prescribed burns in Coker Prairie, Chance Preserve areas in Nov.-Dec. 11/12/2014 DEP’s Florida Coastal Office debuts interactive map of Aquatic Preserves 11/10/2014 Public invited to 15th annual Charlotte Harbor Nature Festival 11/4/2014 Challenges to Our Local Environment, Past and Present 11/4/2014 As Infrastructure Crumbles, Trillions of Gallons of Water Lost 11/3/2014 Reclaimed irrigation water coming to Lakewood Ranch from Bradenton and Sarasota 10/22/2014 Red Bug Slough to celebrate restoration 10/17/2014 Students from USF, Univ. British Columbia win 2014 water technology design competition 10/15/2014 Near-record sea turtle nesting concludes on Longboat Key through Venice beaches 10/14/2014 Charlie Hunsicker receives Local Government Award 10/14/2014 Florida-Friendly Native Landscape program Oct. 28th 10/14/2014 New Study Finds Steep Increase in East Coast High-Tide Floods 10/10/2014 Report: Worldwide mangrove destruction costs up to $42 billion in economic damages annually 10/9/2014 Photographer Clyde Butcher, local water resource experts to appear at Sarasota Bay Water Festival 10/7/2014 EPA extends comment period on contentious waterways rule 10/7/2014 Sunshine State Survey: Water is environmental issue of greatest concern to voters 10/3/2014 Floating chapel leaves St. Petersburg, anchors in historic Cortez 10/3/2014 It’s time for the annual LeBarge Historical Cruise and Tour 10/2/2014 Mote receives NOAA grant for marine animal rescue and rehabilitation 9/26/2014 Meeting on manatee protection zones 9/26/2014 District to hold public workshop on priority list 9/26/2014 UN Summit On Climate Change In New York City 9/25/2014 US Fish & Wildlife Service conservation grants include $750K for wildlife on Florida beaches 9/10/2014 DEP solicits project submissions for water quality restoration grants 9/8/2014 Conservation Partners Sign MOA for Deepwater Horizon Project Tracker 9/2/2014 State of Florida considering water-quality credit trading program 8/28/2014 Register by Sept. 2nd for Conservation Lands Workshop 8/28/2014 Plastic a serious threat to our oceans, seas, and waterways 8/27/2014 Recreational Bay Scallop Season Opening Soon 8/27/2014 Webcast on Green Infrastructure and Smart Growth 8/27/2014 See the Sea Monsters at Traveling Exhibit 8/26/2014 Restoring Florida Bay: Sponges the foundation for thriving ecosystem 8/25/2014 Sea Level Rise and Climate Change Survey 8/25/2014 Volunteer Planting for National Estuaries Day 8/25/2014 Sign up now for 2014 Water School 8/25/2014 Florida AWRA meeting focuses on Tampa Bay water quality 8/25/2014 Registration open for “Water Words that Work” training 8/18/2014 Mote and FWC release snook into Sarasota Bay 8/18/2014 DEP approves three first-magnitude spring systems to SWIM priority list 8/18/2014 Learn to be a fishing guide or charter captain Sept. 9th 8/14/2014 Clean Tampa Bay worth $22 billion to bay area, study says 8/13/2014 Port Tampa, Port Manatee meet, hoping to heal rift 8/13/2014 Be safe... Be aware of rip currents this summer! 8/13/2014 Health officials urge awareness of potential bacteria in coastal waters 8/11/2014 Public workshops scheduled for estuary NNC and water quality credit trading 8/8/2014 Mote Marine Lab robots help researchers, forecasters monitor red tide bloom 8/7/2014 80 mile-long red tide bloom still evident in northeast Gulf of Mexico 8/4/2014 USF & UF approved for grants to support climate resilience and “green infrastructure” 8/1/2014 Webinar will address spread of aquatic invasive species by recreational boaters 8/1/2014 Learn to Get Rid of the Bully Air Potato! 8/1/2014 SBEP announces press conference at the federal building August 26 7/31/2014 USGS study: Nesting Gulf sea turtles feed in waters filled with threats 7/31/2014 EPA encourages homeowners to care for their septic systems 7/30/2014 Average “dead zone” predicted for Gulf of Mexico 7/30/2014 Project at Selby Gardens recognizes importance of bay health 7/30/2014 Recycling rates In Florida continue to climb 7/30/2014 To better combat lionfish invasion, FWC has new rules 7/29/2014 Poll: 7 out of 10 Florida voters concerned about climate change, back EPA action plan 7/25/2014 "Don’t Feed The Monster!" video uses humor to educate about proper fertilizer use 7/23/2014 Manatee County’s Coquina Beach named a “superstar” for water quality 7/22/2014 Gulf Stream gold: Mining green energy from Atlantic currents 7/21/2014 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program Releases Sea Level Rise Brochure 7/17/2014 Learn how to protect drinking water from HABS at July 16th webinar 7/10/2014 Tampa Bay Estuary Program funds $625K in environmental projects 7/10/2014 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program Announces Recipients of 2014 Bay Partners Grant Program 7/8/2014 Residents From Across The State Create Support Organizations For Aquatic Preserves 7/8/2014 Manatee’s Coquina Beach named a ‘superstar’ for water quality 7/7/2014 Dolphin Death Is A Reminder To Protect Marine Life 7/7/2014 Congress approves funding for research on toxic algae 6/25/2014 COE Lido Beach Dredge Meeting Notice 6/25/2014 Obama Signs $12.3 Billion Water Projects Bill 6/12/2014 Take advantage of tax holiday to purchase hurricane supplies 6/12/2014 SWFWMD Schedules Summer Prescribed Fires for Manatee County 6/3/2014 New Tidal Stream Assessment Project Results 6/3/2014 FDEP's Deepwater Horizon restoration projects website updated 6/2/2014 Port serves as protector, steward of its coastal host 5/27/2014 Great white shark tracked to Florida coast 5/27/2014 New FWC Lionfish app to be unveiled May 28 5/27/2014 2014 Hurricane Expo May 31st at MOSI 5/23/2014 USGS: Study Aids Water Managers Battling Saltwater Intrusion 5/23/2014 Register now for Water School 2014 5/21/2014 Aquatic Invaders topic of May 22nd Workshop 5/21/2014 Do you know what to do if you hook a pelican? 5/19/2014 Deep well for Piney Point waste called pending 'disaster' 4/29/2014 Oil company drilling in sanctuary fined $25K for violation that could be fracking 4/29/2014 New springs bill revised to remove language objectionable to ag groups, home builders 4/22/2014 FIU Professors Win Grant For Sea-Level Rise Project 4/22/2014 Free Webinar on Water Quality 4/21/2014 Register now for "Ag Module 2014: Innovation in the Water Space" 4/18/2014 Plan to inject Piney Point water into aquifer raises concerns 4/17/2014 Parts of Kingfish Boat Ramp on Anna Maria Island to close 6 weeks for repairs 4/16/2014 Family Fun at Manatee County Preserves 4/16/2014 Lindsay Cross to speak Tuesday at USF Patel Center 4/12/2014 Manatee County Commission approves repair work on Lake Manatee dam 4/9/2014 Sharks sense prey in surprising ways during pioneering study 4/9/2014 Senate committee approves estuary reauthorization bill 4/7/2014 Beach work betters Tampa Bay estuary for fish 4/4/2014 Environmentalists fight proposed bill that reduces local control of water resources 4/3/2014 New! Learn about oyster and beach monitoring programs in Sarasota County 4/2/2014 Federal judge rules Okeechobee pumping illegal 3/31/2014 House, Senate differ sharply over agricultural water spending in their budget proposals 3/26/2014 Tampa Bay's valuable lesson 3/24/2014 Modeling study adds evidence that oil compounds traveled to West Florida Shelf 3/24/2014 Reprise of Oral History program April 7th in Laurel 3/21/2014 Grand Opening of Neal Preserve scheduled for April 9th 3/21/2014 Estuary Programs team up for volunteer planting at new Perico Preserve! 3/20/2014 FWC asks public to report horseshoe crab sightings 3/19/2014 FDEP develops restoration plan for Manatee and Alafia River basins 3/14/2014 March 14th is deadline to register for Charlotte Harbor Watershed Summit 3/13/2014 Bacteria no match for deep Floridan Aquifer 3/13/2014 President's budget request again slashes federal water infrastructure funding 3/10/2014 Environmental groups to challenge federal ruling allowing state water quality rules 3/7/2014 Florida's water woes are seen as urgent – except in the House 3/3/2014 Ex-governor, scientist, attorney look at springs’ future 2/27/2014 FDEP solicits new requests for water quality restoration grants 2/24/2014 Teacher, Student grants available for Florida Lake Management Society conference 2/24/2014 DEP to hold public meetings for input on water restoration work plans 2/24/2014 Manatee County Parks & Natural Resources "Vistas" newsletter available 2/20/2014 Development bill clears another committee stop despite counties' opposition 2/20/2014 FWC to host Gulf Offshore Recreational Fishing Permit Proposal Workshops 2/20/2014 Former Sen. Bob Graham details opposition to latest Patronis permitting bill 2/19/2014 Grant Partnership Will Boost Bay Restoration 2/19/2014 Water rally draws 200 while speakers promote issue as bipartisan 2/19/2014 Artists wanted for next Charlotte Harbor Estuary calendar 2/18/2014 "Reclaimed" water study bill causes heartburn for Audubon Florida 2/18/2014 Southwest Florida Watershed Council to Meet Feb. 20th at FGCU 2/17/2014 Legislation must provide schedules, funding for springs, scientist says 2/12/2014 Help Give Lowry Park Zoo a Face Lift on February 22 2/10/2014 House Speaker Weatherford: No big water policy this year 2/10/2014 Newest crop of Sarasota Oral Histories now available on Water Atlas 2/10/2014 Associated Industries of Florida forming coalition on water issues while Simmons seeks consensus 2/7/2014 EPA updates National Stormwater Calculator tool, factoring in climate change 2/6/2014 Three First-Magnitude Spring Systems Added to SWFWMD Priority List 2/6/2014 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program Accepting Applications for Bay Partner Grants 2/6/2014 Largest restoration effort along Tampa Bay begins near Ruskin 2/6/2014 Commissioners approve $125,000 for MacDill ferry study 2/6/2014 24 groups sign letter objecting to draft springs legislation 2/6/2014 Register now for Feb. 13th "Stormwater Utilities in Florida" webinar 1/31/2014 Book explains science, politics of Florida sinkholes 1/28/2014 NASA premiers unique film about water for spherical screens 1/28/2014 SBEP Bay Guardian volunteers complete project at Arlington Park 1/28/2014 FIU professors make documentary about sea level rise 1/22/2014 Giant spending bill seeks changes in Army Corps' mitigation requirements 1/21/2014 Rising Flood Insurance Rates Sinking Property Owners: What Can Cities Do to Minimize the Impact? 1/21/2014 Hydraulic fracturing bills pass first committee stop despite Democrats' opposition 1/15/2014 Florida Senate bill takes on water utilities 1/15/2014 Bill encouraging water storage projects on farm lands is moving in Senate 1/14/2014 King Tide Photo Exhibit Moves to Robinson Preserve in Manatee County 1/14/2014 Call for Entries: Future of the Region Awards 1/13/2014 SBEP Offers Free Guided Kayak Trips of Sarasota Bay 1/10/2014 Bay-Friendly New Year's Resolutions from TBEP 1/9/2014 Judge sides with feds against environmentalists on pollution limits 1/8/2014 Register now for Charlotte Harbor Watershed Summit 1/7/2014 'The Cost Of Water Is Going To Go Up': Central Fla. Finding Alternatives To Groundwate 1/6/2014 Health officials issue advisory for four Hillsborough beaches 1/3/2014 USGS Study: Caribbean Earthquake/Tsunami Hazard Higher Than Previously Thought 1/2/2014 Troubled Water: Agencies Work to Clean Storm Water Before It Gets to Waterways 1/2/2014 Water district taking aim at wild hogs 1/2/2014 FDEP announces online water permitting portal 1/2/2014 German researchers propose using plankton to control malaria 1/2/2014 Focus on Ocean’s Health as Dolphin Deaths Soar 1/2/2014 Gulf Council to convene a series of Recreational Angler Participation sessions around the Gulf coast 12/18/2013 Study: U.S. can’t keep up with loss of ecologically-sensitive wetlands 12/18/2013 Public comments sought on Gulf Restoration plan 12/17/2013 New FWC buoy in Tampa Bay to aid water quality, harmful algal bloom monitoring 12/16/2013 State looks to private market as Congress adjourns without flood fix 12/16/2013 Air Potato Roundup Jan. 25th at Arlington Park 12/16/2013 Sustainable Communities Workshop is Wednesday 12/13/2013 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program now accepting 2014 Bay Partner grant applications 12/12/2013 Bill would exempt state review of larger developments in 6 more counties 12/11/2013 USDA, EPA Partnership Supports Water Quality Trading To Benefit Environment, Economy 12/10/2013 FWC, U.S. Power Squadrons boost boating safety efforts 12/10/2013 SBEP Offers 10 Free Guided Kayak Trips of Sarasota Bay 12/6/2013 Call for Proposals: Restore America's Estuaries Summit 12/5/2013 Want to be a SCUBAnaut? Find out more at open house Dec. 9th 12/5/2013 NFWF Announces $15.7 Million for Gulf Restoration Projects in Florida 12/2/2013 Support urged for dry cleaning contamination sites program that saw sharp budget cuts 12/2/2013 Pew/Audubon report: Florida’s coastal birds could face threat to food supply 12/2/2013 Report: 80,000 acres of coastal wetlands are being lost annually 11/27/2013 Dec. 12: Public Workshop on Economic Valuation of Tampa Bay Study 11/27/2013 SBEP Bay Guardians Win Sea Preservation Award from Keep Sarasota County Beautiful 11/20/2013 EPA Webcast on Volunteer Monitoring Nov. 19th 11/14/2013 Geoscientist says groundwater contamination via fracturing "not physically plausible" 11/8/2013 Florida DEP issues Everglades permit for stormwater storage and flow 11/8/2013 King Tide Exhibit-Sea Level Program at Weedon Island 10/31/2013 "Shored up" film examines effects of storm surge and sea level rise on coastal development 10/31/2013 Green sea turtles nest at unprecedented pace in Florida this year 10/30/2013 Draft springs legislation would reserve spring flows, require septic tank hook-ups 10/28/2013 Fall 2013 Florida Lake Management Society newsletter available online 10/24/2013 Volunteers Needed for Oyster Shell Project at MacDill AFB 10/24/2013 Firm asks to delay septic tanks study that has blocked local regulations statewide 10/23/2013 Sarasota Water Festival selects Vintage Paws Sanctuary as nonprofit partner 10/22/2013 Conservatory Park is now officially open! 10/21/2013 Regional workshop addresses National Flood Insurance Program concerns 10/18/2013 TBEP targeting freshwater wetlands for restoration 10/18/2013 Scientists wade into seagrass training to prep for fall surveys 10/18/2013 Ag Commish Putnam wants $26M for water quality, re-use programs 10/17/2013 FDEP completes statewide overhaul of surface water and wetland permit rules 10/11/2013 Above-normal rainy season means healthy water levels for bay area 10/11/2013 Amid Shutdown, Bipartisan Congressional Panel Talks Florida Water Problems 10/7/2013 Stone crab season opens Oct. 15 in state, federal waters 10/7/2013 Bay Guardians at North Water Tower Park on Sat. Oct. 19th 10/1/2013 FWC seeks public input on anchoring and mooring program (deadline Oct. 7th) 10/1/2013 Sarasota Bay Water Festival accepting final exhbitor applications 10/1/2013 Fight the bloat! Florida Sea Grant offers FREE Barotrauma webinar Sept. 11th 9/9/2013 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program "Toast the Coast" Photo Contest 9/9/2013 Tampa Bay Estuary Program "Toast the Coast" Photo Contest   9/9/2013 Hymn for Her and Come Back Alice to perform at Sarasota Bay Water Festival 9/6/2013 Piney Point tainted water threat grows 9/6/2013 Advocates say Gov. Rick Scott's $37 million pledge to fix springs not enough 9/6/2013 Guy Harvey will present tiger shark documentary at USF St Pete on Sept. 11th 9/6/2013 Florida House completes paver project with Bay Partners Grant support 9/5/2013 12th Annual Joint FNPS-SBEP Native Plant Sale Oct. 12th in Parrish 9/5/2013 "Give a Day for the Bay" on October 5th 9/3/2013 Analysis: Floridan Aquifer can only handle 6% more pumping before serious environmental harm 8/30/2013 USGS: Real-time Monitoring Tracks Nitrate Pulse in Mississippi River 8/22/2013 Legal experts: Long battle likely if Florida takes water fight to Supreme Court 8/20/2013 Registration open for annual "Water Module" symposium 8/20/2013 Adopt a Monotube! Volunteers needed 8/15/2013 Florida Wildlife Federation sues over "Outstanding Florida Waters" designation 8/13/2013 Florida Geological Survey to perform statewide sinkhole vulnerability assessment 8/9/2013 Manatee County Reclaimed Water System to be Offline Aug. 13th 8/9/2013 USGS Study gives new insights on vulnerability of public-supply wells to contamination 8/9/2013 State of Florida finalizing list of conservation lands it might sell 8/9/2013 Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council to meet on Aug. 28th, 2013 8/8/2013 Notice of Budget Hearing for Tampa Bay Estuary Program: Aug. 23rd 8/8/2013 Combat wounded & injured veterans, SCUBAnauts help Mote Marine restore reef 8/6/2013 Sarasota Bay Water Festival Welcomes More Exhibitors 8/5/2013 Follow the "Tour de Turtles" online 8/1/2013 Dolphin SMART Volunteers Needed 8/1/2013 SWFWMD allows water shortage orders to expire 7/31/2013 Study: Sea-level rise threatens 1,400 U.S. cities 7/31/2013 EPA proposes rule to modernize Clean Water Act reporting 7/31/2013 SWFWMD ends funding for Florida Friendly program 7/31/2013 Sign up now for August 10th Seagrass Survey volunteer training 7/25/2013 Webcast on harmful algal blooms (HABs) July 25th 7/19/2013 Future power generation could further endanger water supplies 7/19/2013 USGS: Effective wetlands are connected wetlands 7/18/2013 Register for CHNEP Environmental Education Conference by Aug. 15th 7/15/2013 High Five seeks local teams for Sarasota Dragon Boat races this fall 7/15/2013 Swiftmud boss may take new job running South Florida water agency, overseeing Everglades 7/11/2013 Hold the fertilizer until October! 7/11/2013 Scientists: 2013 Gulf of Mexico "Dead Zone" potentially largest ever 7/8/2013 Florida Keys prepare for sea level rise 7/8/2013 Citizens win in legal ruling over public access to Fisheating Creek 7/8/2013 Derelict crab trap cleanup planned for July 10-19 7/8/2013 EPA wants Supreme Court to take case dealing with timing of suits challenging regulations 7/8/2013 Water outages, boil water notices 7/8/2013 Here's your one-stop hurricane planning information source 7/8/2013 Sarasota Bay Water Festival Seeks Vintage and Unique Boats 7/2/2013 Warner's Bayou boat ramp to open July 3rd 6/28/2013 Private property advocates win in Supreme Court 6/27/2013 Federal funding cut-off threat looms over Florida's beach water testing program 6/27/2013 Farming carbon: Study reveals potent carbon-storage potential of manmade wetlands 6/26/2013 SBEP deploys 36 habitat modules at three artificial reefs in Sarasota Bay 6/24/2013 Gulf of Mexico Alliance Invites Public to Learn About Gulf Restoration Progress, Partnerships 6/12/2013 SBEP to host urban planner Andres Duane June 18-19 6/7/2013 Environmentalists missing from state's water-management boards 6/7/2013 SBEP to deploy habitat modules at three artificial reefs in Sarasota Bay 6/5/2013 EPA: $384B needed for drinking water infrastructure by 2030 6/4/2013 Rip Current Safety Awareness Week is June 2-8, 2013 6/3/2013 SBEP announces recipients of 2013 Bay Partners Grants 5/31/2013 Endangered sea turtle feeding grounds discovered in Gulf 5/29/2013 Summer fertilizer restrictions begin Saturday in Manatee, Pinellas, Tampa 5/29/2013 Governor approves $32 million in water projects; vetoes total of $27.3 million 5/21/2013 Water projects left off Florida TaxWatch's "turkey" list this year 5/20/2013 Reservoirs language stripped from federal bill while Florida groups support alternative approach 5/20/2013 Foundation will direct $356 million from oil spill criminal cases to Florida for natural resource pr 5/20/2013 USGS Study: Deficit in nation's aquifers accelerating 5/20/2013 Ernst: In Phillippi Creek sewer project, a 'nobody' makes a splash 5/20/2013 Tampa biologist gets national award for restoration work 5/20/2013 Study: phosphate mine expansion will cause 'significant' wetlands damage 5/10/2013 Florida Geological Survey receives national grant to map in NE Florida 5/10/2013 Decades-old nitrate found to affect stream water quality 5/7/2013 Bay Guardian volunteers plant 3,500 plants at Perico Preserve 5/7/2013 Up to 375 USGS flood gauges to turn off because of fund cuts 4/29/2013 Legislators prepare for potential ‘fracking’ in Florida 4/26/2013 Abandoned orange grove now flourishing wetland 4/26/2013 Spring Issue of Bay Soundings is Now Available 4/25/2013 Coast Guard Auxiliary will demo boating safety at spring nautical expo 4/25/2013 New College invites public to free film about seal level rise 4/25/2013 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program Announces 2013 Blue Dolphin Award Winners 4/24/2013 Register for May 1st webcast on "Using Social Indicators in Watershed Management Projects" 4/23/2013 EPA approves State's restoration target for Silver Springs 4/17/2013 Proposed amendment would ban new local fertilizer ordinances for three years 4/16/2013 The SBEP reminds residents to use slow-release fertilizer in spring, no fertilizer in summer 4/15/2013 Hearing officer backs DEP employee who challenged mitigation permit 4/12/2013 Three years after BP oil spill, USF research finds massive die-off 4/10/2013 How to avoid a water crisis 4/9/2013 SBEP Bay Guardian volunteers remove debris from Bowlees Creek Island 4/9/2013 Water Off/Precautionary Boil Water Notice - April 9, 2013 4/8/2013 'Water parade' in House follows vetoes of water projects in past 2 years 4/8/2013 Interior Releases Progress Report on National Water Census 4/4/2013 Save the Date! 2nd Annual Sarasota Bay Water Festival Nov. 2nd 4/1/2013 Flood Safety Awareness Week is March 18-22 4/1/2013 Read the latest issue of the LAKEWATCH newsletter 3/21/2013 Final two Bay Wise Kayak Trips are coming up in April 3/21/2013 Tampa Bay Seagrasses Closing In On Recovery Goal 3/21/2013 New Water-Quality Test May Prevent Unnecessary Beach Closures 3/19/2013 Officials urge wildfire vigilance; lack of rain increases state's wildfire risk 3/18/2013 EPA and Florida DEP sign agreement to stem degradation of state waterways 3/18/2013 Scientists puzzled by mysterious ailment killing manatees on East Coast 3/18/2013 FAU researchers to study carbon dynamics of Everglades ecosystem 3/18/2013 EPA Marks March 18-24 as 5th annual "Fix a Leak Week" 3/18/2013 Florida Gulf Coast NEPs Approve Regional Plan Projects 3/12/2013 SBEP Bay Guardians complete project at Jiggs Landing 3/12/2013 RESTORE Act meeting Wednesday in St Petersburg 3/11/2013 Deadly sinkhole is a sign of more to come in Florida 3/11/2013 Lack of rain prompts drought fears 3/11/2013 Forum at St Pete College addresses beach erosion 3/11/2013 Utilities unite to try to stop climate change from shrinking water supply 3/11/2013 USEPA webcast on WQX water quality data entry tool rescheduled 3/11/2013 Learn How to Garden Like A Floridian! 3/6/2013 Four workshops begin this Sunday on offshore fishing regs 3/6/2013 Special "Give A Day for the Bay" memorial workday to honor volunteer 3/6/2013 Group wants more spending on future water supplies; others call for conservation 3/5/2013 Red tide manatee death rate on track to break records 3/4/2013 Camp Uzita Living History: DeSoto National Memorial 2/28/2013 SBEP Bay Guardians to plant native plants March 9th at Jiggs Landing 2/28/2013 SBEP Bay Guardian Volunteers Complete Project at Baywalk Creek 2/26/2013 Nobel Prize-winning climate scientists will speak March 27-28 2/25/2013 House committee bill addresses federal concerns about 2012 permit-streamlining bill 2/20/2013 Senate bill would expand role of agriculture in water supply planning 2/19/2013 Company offers Florida a free state park, but state DEP says no 2/19/2013 SBEP 2013 Bay Partner Grant applications due March 1st 2/12/2013 Learn to Garden Like a Floridian! 2/12/2013 DEP moving on adopting water quality rules implementation document 2/11/2013 Estuary Programs Prepare for RESTORE Act Funding Opportunities 2/6/2013 SBEP Citizens Advisory Committee approves four new members 2/6/2013 Southwest Florida NEP Joint Management Boards Meeting Rescheduled 2/5/2013 Eleven Manatee County teachers receive SWFWMD Splash! Grants 2/4/2013 UF Survey: US water supply not as threatened as believed 2/1/2013 Report: Climate change poses serious threat to US coastal communities 2/1/2013 New College oral history project to debut latest works 1/31/2013 Bill returns that would extend permitting lengths for alternative water supply projects 1/30/2013 SBEP offers teachers and students online resources focused on environmental education 1/29/2013 'All-or-nothing' provision in state water rules causing heartburn for feds 1/28/2013 Florida's aquifer models full of holes, allowing more water permits and pollution 1/28/2013 Red tide persists on southwest Florida coast 1/25/2013 Environmental groups still opposed to DEP water-use rules 1/23/2013 Senate Committee hears about Kings Bay cleanup while environmentalists protest in Tampa 1/18/2013 "Coral: Rekindling Venus" examines environmental perils threatening reefs 1/16/2013 Attend TBEP's "Sustainable Living in an Urban Setting" Workshop 1/15/2013 U.S. Supreme Court to hear landowner's 'weird' challenge of wetlands mitigation 1/14/2013 EPA solicits public comment on proposed rules to limit nutrient pollution 1/14/2013 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program seeks Citizen Advisory Committee members 1/14/2013 Red Tide stubbornly persisting along southwest Florida 1/11/2013 Preserve taking water lessons to schools with mobile lab 1/11/2013 Authentic Florida Meets Real Florida at event to benefit Oscar Scherer State Park 1/10/2013 Read the winter issue of Bay Soundings 1/9/2013 SBEP Accepting Bay Partners Grant Applications for 2013 1/8/2013 Report on state business climate cites need for energy and environmental planning 1/3/2013 Mining Waste Byproduct Capable of Helping Clean Water 1/2/2013 Group Works to Keep Pollutants From Degrading Estuary 1/2/2013 Recent News on Bay Scallop Restoration 1/2/2013 Volunteers needed to survey of Lee, Charlotte County Shorelines 1/2/2013 US Forest Service report links urbanization to declining ecosystem services 12/21/2012 Given the option, all 19 counties vote not to inspect septic tanks 12/21/2012 EPA Updates Rule for Pathogens in Drinking Water, Sets Limit for E. Coli 12/20/2012 SBEP Bay Wise Kayak Tour program offers six free guided trips 12/19/2012 FDEP to reopen Tampa Bay Aquatic Preserves Office 12/18/2012 Warner's Bayou Boat Ramp to be closed four months beginning Jan. 7 12/18/2012 EPA releases National Water Program 2012: Strategy Response to Climate Change 12/12/2012 Florida Cabinet approves 2012-2013 conservation land purchase work plan 12/12/2012 Brian House and Justin Bloom join SBEP's Citizens Advisory Committee 12/12/2012 Report: water pollution costs Florida up to $10.5-billion annually 12/6/2012 EPA Approves Florida’s Rules to Protect Waterways from Nutrient Pollution 12/5/2012 Tampa Bay Approach Meeting Regulatory Requirements for Nutrients 12/5/2012 From the Tailpipe to Tampa Bay: Air Pollution Research Reveals Impact of Cars 12/5/2012 Golden Mangrove Award Goes To Tampa Community Group For Park Restoration 12/5/2012 Free Webinar "How’s My Waterway? and Other Water Quality Apps" Nov. 28 11/29/2012 EPA recommends new recreational water quality criteria 11/27/2012 Florida's vanishing springs 11/26/2012 USGS study: Streams degraded at earliest stages of urban development 11/15/2012 Red tide bloom still evident, but "patchy" 11/8/2012 Sarasota Bay Water Festival announces sustainability plan 11/5/2012 GAO says federal government needs to better manage energy/water tradeoffs 11/5/2012 DEP lays off 15 in Tallahassee as part of ongoing evaluation of positions 11/5/2012 Local champion of frogs is "everyday hero" 11/5/2012 Bay Guardians to be recognized at Sarasota Bay Water Festival 11/5/2012 Gulf Coast NEPs to host joint meetings Nov. 9th, Nov. 16th in Manatee County 11/5/2012 Sarasota Bay Water Festival seeks volunteers 11/2/2012 New web application from EPA lets users check health of waterways 10/29/2012 Sarasota Bay Water Festival announces musical lineup 10/29/2012 Wind mitigation workshop to help residents prevent storm damage 10/29/2012 2012 was a good year for loggerhead turtles 10/19/2012 Final call for submissions! I Love Sarasota Bay Photo Contest 10/19/2012 2011 aerial imagery added to Water Atlas 10/18/2012 New Bradenton Riverwalk Revives City's Sense Of Place 10/16/2012 Read the latest issue of the Camp Bayou Buzzzzz! 10/15/2012 More details about the Sarasota Bay Water Festival 10/15/2012 Free Webcast on National Water Quality Portal, Oct 23 10/15/2012 "Smart Pot" Finalists Named 10/10/2012 Read the Fall 2012 issue of Florida LAKEWATCH newsletter online 10/10/2012 SBEP Offers 10 Free Guided Kayak Trips of Sarasota Bay 10/5/2012 Drought's silver lining: Gulf "dead zone" is smaller 10/1/2012 SWFWMD to undergo "restructuring" 10/1/2012 Sarasota Bay Water Festival Seeks Vintage Boats to Display at the Festival Nov. 17th 10/1/2012 Gravity probe shows groundwater reserves slipping away 9/27/2012 Deadline for Sarasota Bay Water Festival Exhibitor Applications is Oct. 10 9/26/2012 "I Love Sarasota Bay" photo contest winners to be showcased Nov. 17 9/24/2012 SWFWMD invites public input on water resource priority list 9/21/2012 20 former WMD board members urge governor to restore funding 9/19/2012 SBEP Bay Guardians to plant natives at Perico Presrve 9/19/2012 Florida DEP's Tampa office faces reorganization, staff cuts 9/18/2012 Veterans will soon find it easier to get commercial fishing licenses 9/17/2012 Despite revenue caps being lifted, WMDs hold line against tax increases 9/14/2012 Gulf Fisheries Symposium will bring together diverse stakeholders 9/13/2012 SBEP economic study of Sarasota Bay sets coastal property value at $3.6B 9/12/2012 US Accuses BP of ‘Gross Negligence’ in Deadly 2010 Oil Spill 9/10/2012 FWRI scientists monitoring Tampa Bay to learn more about HABs 9/4/2012 Seafood Lovers (and Haters) Wanted 8/30/2012 SBEP to provide technical expertise in effort to boost scallop population 8/30/2012 DEP Taking Steps to Prevent Piney Point Overflow from Isaac's Deluge 8/24/2012 Manatee County Commission approves Warner’s Bayou boat ramp work, renovations 8/23/2012 Piney Point sale hits hurdle 8/17/2012 Commission to consider final plans for Warner's Bayou boat ramp Aug. 21 8/17/2012 USGS: North American Fish Extinctions May Double by 2050 8/13/2012 Manatee Natural Resources hosts geocache hunt at preserves 8/9/2012 Mercury pollution must drop by 86%, DEP says 7/27/2012 Aquifer Recharge Conference to convene in Orlando on Sept. 10-11 7/25/2012 Read the latest issue of the "Marine Scene" 7/24/2012 Florida Maritime Museum at Cortez Hosts Exhibit of Local Artist 7/23/2012 Giant Bags Used to Rehabilitate Wares Creek in Bradenton 7/23/2012 County seeks public input for proposed Ft. Hamer boat ramp renovations 7/20/2012 SBEP Awarded EPA Grant to Develop Tidal Creek Water Quality Standards 7/18/2012 Bay Guardians Plant 500 Native Plants at North Lido Beach Park 7/16/2012 Study: Winds Kept BP Oil Away from South Florida 7/10/2012 Historic Sinking of the USCGC Mohawk Creates Veterans Memorial Reef 7/5/2012 Lawsuit could come from Florida Water Standards 7/5/2012 See the King Tide Photo Contest Entries 7/5/2012 Manatee Residents Encouraged to Report Property Damage from T.S. Debby 7/5/2012 Manatee Residents Encouraged to Report Property Damage from T.S. Debby 7/5/2012 Check Out the Redesigned Sarasota Water Atlas Home Page! 7/2/2012 Deadline July 2nd for "Leave No Trace" workshop registration 6/29/2012 Summer Teacher Workshop to Explore Tampa Bay History, Habitats 6/29/2012 USEPA proposing end to funding for beach water testing 6/28/2012 County seeks public input for proposed Warner's Bayou renovations 6/28/2012 June 2012 Florida LAKEWATCH Newsletter Available 6/28/2012 Supreme Court Refuses to Hear FL-GA-AL Water War Appeal 6/27/2012 FWC, Defenders of Wildlife Collaborate on Climate Change Planning 6/26/2012 As springs, rivers decline, 40-year-old law to protect them mostly goes unheeded 6/26/2012 Check out the new Seagrass Viewer for Bays! 6/18/2012 New Interactive Viewer Maps Land Use Changes in Watersheds 6/18/2012 Think You See a Mink? Tell FWC! 6/14/2012 Rain May Not Always Be a Welcome Thing to Waterbirds 6/13/2012 New iPhone Fishing Regulations App Includes Florida 6/13/2012 Sarasota Bay Water Festival Set for Nov. 17 6/13/2012 SBEP Supporting Macroalgae Study Led by Florida Expert 6/13/2012 Draft USGS Water Strategy Collides With Tough Budget Situation 6/12/2012 More water concerns aired at water policy meeting 6/12/2012 Online Survey to support Florida Sea Grant Study of Sarasota Bay 6/12/2012 Wares Creek Dredging to Resume 6/8/2012 Wetlands expert cleared by investigation, returns to DEP 6/8/2012 Registration Open for "Tampa Bay: Living Legacy" Educators' Workshop 6/8/2012 FDEP Establishes Public Web Forum on Environmental Resource Permitting 6/4/2012 Judge extends deadline for federal agency to issue new pollution limits 6/1/2012 Florida Conservation Coalition Announces Event June 23rd 5/29/2012 Wetlands Expert Suspended by DEP After She Refuses to Approve Permit 5/29/2012 Trimmed Budgets: A Forecast of Poorer Weather Predictions 5/29/2012 Read the Latest Issue of "The Marine Scene" 5/29/2012 NASA/USGS Contest Chronicles Changes in Local Landscapes 5/29/2012 Environmentalists Battle DEP, Industries on Two Fronts 5/25/2012 Hold the Fertilizer this Summer to Help Sarasota Bay 5/24/2012 Be Floridian This Summer 5/24/2012 Fort Lauderdale Company Makes Water Out of Air 5/23/2012 Critical Wildlife Corridor Protected 5/22/2012 Mote "Science Cafe" Program Focuses on Begging Dolphins 5/22/2012 Bioassessment Workshop in Gainesville on June 18th 5/21/2012 Manatee School District Breaks Guinness World Record for Recycling 5/21/2012 Tampa Bay Nitrogen Management Consortium Releases 2011 Report 5/9/2012 Impact-Based Stormwater Fee Structure Encourages Low-Impact Solutions, Funds Infrastructure 5/2/2012 UF Journalism Students Explore the "State of Water" 5/1/2012 Alliance for Water Efficiency Gives Florida a C+ Grade 4/30/2012 New “Spatial Library” Puts Documents (and More) on the Map! 4/30/2012 Farming Aquarium Species to Save Them 4/30/2012 SBEP Promotes Use of Slow-Release Fertilizers to Protect Sarasota Bay 4/25/2012 USGS Makes Historical Maps Available Online 4/23/2012 Cleanup at Ware's Creek this Saturday 4/19/2012 Hillsborough County Commission Honors TBEP 4/19/2012 Mote Marine Lab Publishes Study on Manatee Hearing 4/18/2012 Register Now for Manatee County Water School 4/18/2012 Manatee County Offers "Water School" April 26-27 4/18/2012 Concern About Florida Water Pollution Not a New Phenomenon 4/16/2012 Bottle Boat Regatta This Saturday in Palma Sola 4/12/2012 FEMA says Florida Risks Losing Flood Insurance Because of Legislation 4/10/2012 Riverview Boulevard Bridge to be Closed May 1st for Replacement 4/6/2012 Study Reveals New Information about Tarpon Movement 4/5/2012 EPA Now Accepting Comments on National Water/Climate Change Strategy 4/5/2012 Warner's Bayou Closure, Renovations Postponed 3/28/2012 Beachgoers Can help Biologists Monitor Spawning Horseshoe Crabs 3/20/2012 Sarasota LID Expo March 23 Attracting Experts From Around Florida 3/20/2012 Camp Bayou Learning Center Holds Spring Open House Mar. 24 3/19/2012 Fire Officials Urge Wildfire Vigilance; Lack of Rain Increases State’s Wildfire Risk 3/16/2012 EPA Unveils New Website on Nutrient Pollution 3/14/2012 Be Floridian This Spring! 3/13/2012 Judge Delays Implementation of NNC Rules for Lakes Until July 6th 3/8/2012 NRC Study Says EPA Underestimated Water Rules Cost in Florida 3/7/2012 Internships with Manatee County Natural Resources Department Now Available! 3/6/2012 2012 Progress Report Chronicles State of the Bay 3/5/2012 Read the Latest Issue of Bay Soundings! 3/2/2012 Sewage Spills on the Rise in Southwest Florida 2/29/2012 SBEP Receives FISH Partnership Award from Non-profit Group 2/29/2012 Federal Court Issues Mixed Ruling On Criteria for Florida Nutrient Standards 2/24/2012 Four FREE Guided Kayak Trips Available in Sarasota Bay 2/24/2012 Bay Guardian Volunteers to Rally at Quick Point Preserve Mar. 10 2/24/2012 Final Call for Bay Partners Grants for 2012 2/22/2012 Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival This Weekend! 2/14/2012 USF Collaborates with Mexican Scientists to Combat Red Tide 2/14/2012 Register Now for "Maintaining Your Florida Yard" Workshop 2/7/2012 Satellite Tracking Reveals Sea Turtle Feeding Hotspots 2/6/2012 Bill Condemned by Environmentalists as Public-land Giveaway is Likely Dead, Sponsor Says 2/3/2012 Scrub Jay Festival Means Family Fun -- Sat. Feb. 4th 2/2/2012 Red Tide Update (Jan. 27): Florida's Southwest Coast 1/30/2012 Florida Environmental Law & Policy Webinar Lectures 1/26/2012 Water Atlas Portal Site Redesigned! 1/26/2012 House takes step toward resolving water pollution feud 1/25/2012 House Panel Agrees on Bill to Extend Water Permits Despite Environmental Concerns 1/23/2012 DOI Announces New Everglades Headwaters NWR & Conservation Area 1/18/2012 Annual Manatee Death Count Shows Cold Weather an Unusually Big Factor Again 1/5/2012 Environmental Coalition Calls for End to Subsidies for High-Risk Coastal Development 1/5/2012 Eight Free Kayak Tours of Segments of Sarasota Bay 1/5/2012 Introduction to Coastal GIS Training Hosted by the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program 1/4/2012 Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition: 1,000 Miles in 100 Days 1/4/2012 Five Bills Introduced to Repeal Septic Tank Inspection Requirement 12/14/2011 Free Duette Wagon Tour with Karen Fraley & Russell Owens 12/5/2011 "Art of Red Tide Science" Projects to Be Unveiled Nov. 29 11/15/2011 SWFWMD, Manatee County Partner to Restore Tom Bennett Park Habitat 11/10/2011 Water Atlas Program Seeking New Faculty Member 11/10/2011 2010 Census Data Now Available on the Atlas 11/7/2011 Understanding Numeric Nutrient Criteria 11/3/2011 Southwest Florida Water Management District Extends Water Restrictions 11/1/2011 DEP Research Reserves Awarded $1.4 Million in Grants for Water Studies 11/1/2011 FWS Extends Comment Period for Everglades Headwaters NWR 11/1/2011 Southwest Florida Water Management District to Shed up to 150 Employees 10/28/2011 EPA Stormwater Outreach Webinar Oct. 27th 10/18/2011 Gulf Coast Task Force Releases Ecosystem Restoration Strategy 10/13/2011 Report Calls for Modernizing Water Quality Monitoring, Modeling Systems 10/13/2011 Record Year for Green Sea Turtle Nests on Florida Beaches 10/12/2011 Public Comment Sought on EPA BEACH Program 9/30/2011 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Find 374 Aquatic-dependent Species May Warrant Endangered Species Act 9/30/2011 Sierra Sues UF Institute Over Lawn-fertilizer Study 9/30/2011 Funding Available for Marine Debris Removal 9/30/2011 Blue is the New Green: Water Plays a Role in Green Construction 9/27/2011 SWFWMD Invites Public Input on Ranking Water Bodies 9/20/2011 Report: Coastal Habitat Restoration Generates American Jobs 9/16/2011 SouthShore Regional Library Hosts Photo Exhibit 9/15/2011 EPA Approves New Waterway Classification for Florida Despite Environmental Opposition 9/14/2011 2011 Great Bay Scallop Search Results 9/14/2011 USF Awarded $11 Million for Gulf Spill Research 9/14/2011 USGS Unveils New Online Nutrient Decision Support Tool 9/9/2011 For Florida, Water Quality an Increasing Challenge 9/8/2011 FDEP Announces TMDL Tracker Web App is Available for Public Access 9/8/2011 Register Now for Sustainable Communities Workshop on Oct. 6 9/8/2011 Enter the 2012 Natural Lands Calendar Contest! 9/8/2011 Dept. of Interior Unveils Plan for Everglades Headwaters Conservation Area 9/7/2011 Update on the Status of Florida Numeric Nutrient Rules 9/2/2011 SWFWMD Selects Blake Guillory as New Executive Director 8/30/2011 USGS: 20% of Nation's Wells Have Trace Elements 8/30/2011 USGS Samples Irene's Surge for Nutrients, Sediment, E. coli, and Pesticides 8/29/2011 Replacement Pier Study May Take Years to Complete 8/29/2011 New System at Mote Marine Laboratory Enhances Water Quality Monitoring 8/29/2011 Noxious Algae Bloom Returns to Tampa Bay 8/29/2011 USGS Taps Florida Sun for Energy in St. Petersburg 8/24/2011 Camp Bayou Photo Contest Deadline Nov. 5th 8/24/2011 Sarasota Bay Watch to Seed Bay with Juvenile Scallops This Fall 8/19/2011 DEP Secretary Appoints New Water Policy, Ecosystem Restoration Chiefs 8/18/2011 Caribbean Coral Catch Disease From Sewage 8/18/2011 Why Cleaned Wastewater Stays Dirty In Our Minds 8/18/2011 New Marine Rescue Facility Now Open 8/17/2011 Sarasota Bay Estuary Program & Partners Complete 1st Phase at Fish Preserve 8/12/2011 FREE Project WET Teachers' Workshop Sept 2nd 8/12/2011 Florida Congressman Seeks Limits on Clean Water Regs 8/12/2011 New Data Summary Feature Provides Quick Access to WQ & Hydrology Data 8/12/2011 Webinars Focus on Green Energy Initiatives 8/9/2011 Stormwater Management Workshop Sept. 9th in Orlando 8/9/2011 Appeals Court Turns Down Attempt to Block New Water Pollution Rules 8/8/2011 Master Naturalist Workshop Offered Sept. 14-Oct. 19 8/5/2011 Organizers Seek Additional Participants for National Estuaries Day Celebration on Sept. 24 7/29/2011 House Passes Bill That Could Undo Gains in Water Quality 7/18/2011 FWC Wildlife Chief to Lead Landscape Conservation Cooperative 7/18/2011 Gamble Creek Flood Insurance Rate Map Open House July 19th 7/18/2011 EPA Rolls Out New & Improved Nutrient Pollution Website 7/18/2011 Survey Explores Health of Fish in Gulf of Mexico 7/11/2011 FDEP Alternative Numeric Nutrient Criteria Workshop July 22nd 6/30/2011 Nonpoint Source Outreach Toolbox Upgrade Released 6/28/2011 FWC to Host Spotted Seatrout Workshop June 29 6/24/2011 DEP: Water wells near Piney Point Okay 6/24/2011 Scalloping Webinars: Regulations & Recipes! 6/23/2011 FWC asks anglers to help with red snapper research 6/20/2011 EPA Responds to Numeric Nutrient Petition by FDEP 6/20/2011 Ag Commissioner Sees Hope for Water Truce with EPA 6/10/2011 High levels of toxic cadmium dumped into Tampa Bay 6/9/2011 Tampa Bay:20/20 Photo Exhibit Visits Bradenton Museum 6/9/2011 Salt Marsh Planting Volunteer Days June 17-18 5/27/2011 On orders from Gov. Scott, SWFWMD Basin Boards Eliminated 5/26/2011 Manatee County Okays Watered-down Fertilizer Ordinance 5/25/2011 USF Researchers Examining What Fuels Deadly Rip Currents 5/17/2011 Wanted: Scrub Jay Monitors 5/13/2011 Read the Latest Issue of the Vistas Newsletter 5/12/2011 City of Palmetto Restricts Reclaimed Water Use 5/6/2011 FWC Seeks Continued Angler Participation for Tarpon Study 5/5/2011 Proposal Eases Limits on Pollution in Florida Waterways 5/4/2011 Governor Reappoints SWFWMD Board Members 4/29/2011 Obama Administration Affirms Comprehensive Commitment to Clean Water 4/27/2011 Proposals Sought for BP-Funded Gulf of Mexico Research 4/26/2011 Florida DEP Asks Feds to Back Off on Numeric Nutrient Criteria 4/25/2011 Satellite Tracking of Sea Turtles Reveals Potential Threat Posed by Manmade Chemicals 4/22/2011 "One Year After the Gulf Oil Spill" Webcast on April 19th 4/15/2011 "Ocean Resources" Lecture Series April 14-15 4/13/2011 EPA Seeks Comments on Watershed Management Document 4/12/2011 Florida Lake Management Society Annual Conference June 13-16 4/12/2011 EPA Agrees to Study New Water Standards in Florida 4/11/2011 Researchers Target Killer Amoeba Naegleria fowleri 4/8/2011 USF Researcher Aims to Change How We Look at Invasive Species 4/8/2011 New Permit-tagging Study Needs Anglers' Help 4/4/2011 FWC Biologists Discover New Species in Hillsborough County Fisherman's Catch 4/1/2011 Local Leaders Launch "" Initiative 4/1/2011 Murky Waters: Pollution and snails figure into death of Florida springs 4/1/2011 Manatee County defers water quality resolution 4/1/2011 EPA Accepting Nominations for the 2011 Gulf Guardian Awards 3/28/2011 EPA Urges Municipal Utilities to Test for Chemical in Tap Water 3/28/2011 Red Tide Study Shows Toxins, Potential Benefits 3/25/2011 Collins Center Releases Proposal for New "Water Ethic" 3/25/2011 Mapping, Wetlands Workshop for Teachers Apr. 2nd 3/25/2011 Cockroach Bay Seagrass Scar Report Online 3/22/2011 Florida Springs, Rivers Featured in Festival 3/21/2011 New! Water Quality Contour Map Tool for Sarasota's Bays 3/18/2011 Webinar Focuses on Role of Microbes in Gulf Oil Spill 3/18/2011 Senators Say Septic Tank Inspections Still Needed 3/14/2011 FWC Offers Shorebird Monitoring Workshops 3/14/2011 Oil Spill a Hot Topic at Ocean Pollution Conference April 13-14 in Sarasota 3/11/2011 Sen. Marco Rubio wants to use budget resolution to stop EPA 3/7/2011 Manatee County to Benefit From Three Community Education Grants 3/4/2011 Real Estate Slump May Add Lands to Manatee County Preserves 3/4/2011 U.S. House Budget Vote Threatens Florida Clean-water Rule 2/25/2011 Judges: Sarasota County Has Best Drinking Water in the Region 2/25/2011 Fla. House Committee Passes Three Controversial Bills Affecting Water Quality 2/25/2011