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"Ocean Resources" Lecture Series April 14-15

The USF College of Marine Sciences presents:

"Ocean Resources" Eminent Scholar Lecture Series

Thursday April 14th
1:30 pm -- Petroleum Resources and the Current US Energy Situation
Dr. Peter R. Rose, Former Branch Chief, US Geological Survey

3:15 pm -- Battle Over Our Dynamic Coastal System:A North Carolina Vision For A Critical Ocean Resource
Dr. Stanley R. Riggs, East Carolina University

Friday April 15th
1:30 pm -- Impacts of Fisheries and Global Warming on Marine Ecosystems and Seafood Security
Dr. Daniel Pauly, University of British Columbia

3:15 pm -- Alternative Power Generation Potential for Florida by Mechanical and Solar Means
Dr. Robert H. Weisberg, University of South Florida

Karen A. Steidinger Auditorium, University of South Florida, St Petersburg, 100 8th Avenue SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Please call (727) 553-3986 for more information