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Water-Related News

Longboat Key response to Red Tide outbreak

The red tide organism Karenia brevis is present on the Florida Gulf Coast. On Longboat Key, there have recently been reports of minor respiratory irritation, some odor, and some areas along the Gulf (beachside) with discoloration within the water, and minor fish kills beachside. The Town will continue to monitor conditions for our area. For further updates and details, please visit

Preventative Measures

Preventative measures can be taken to avoid dead sea life, sea grass/weed accumulations from entering boat basins and canals with the use of floating barriers.

There are also no rules against burying dead sea life on the beaches. However, property owners must do so in front of their own property and must ensure proper depth to avoid re-exposure.

Town Deployment of Resources

Town deployment of resources is based on the following criteria:

  • Town assessments of dead sea life concentrated volumes and lack of movement
  • Weather conditions, including tidal action wind speed and direction
  • Bloom Conditions

Note: The safety of staff and equipment is top priority. We seek favorable tidal conditions and weather patterns prior to engaging in any bay or Gulfside clearing.

General Areas Not Cleared by the Town:

  • Commercial Marinas and Private Boat Basins
  • Large bodies of water, such as large bayous, the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay
  • Longshore parallel areas
  • Mangrove and mangrove fringe areas
  • Low draft areas.
  • Under and around docks, boat lifts, boats, etc.
  • Configuration of basin not conducive to allow safe Town boat navigation and efficient clearing efforts without damage to public or private property, and ensuring safety of employees.

Please note, the Town does not collect sea grasses nor seaweed.

Additional Resources

Commercial / private boat basins may opt to use private in-house/contracted manual labor or beach raker services, hire Major Debris Management Contractors, local fishermen, and/or use volunteers.

Should you have questions, please call (941)316-1988.