About the Atlas

The people and organizations who make the Manatee County Water Atlas possible.

The Manatee County Water Atlas is designed to provide citizens, scientists, professionals, and planners with comprehensive and current water quality, hydrologic, and ecological data, as well as information about recreational opportunities and a library of scientific and educational materials on water resource issues. Typically, the scientists and citizens who live and work on water resources have found it difficult to gather the information they need from the myriad of agencies that collect the related data. To solve this problem, we conceived of the Atlas as a "one stop information shop" for concerned citizens and scientists alike. The Atlas functions as a warehouse for a variety of water resources information, including documents and educational links. We have also strived to make the Atlas a rich resource that educates citizens about the data presented and gives scientists easy access to the specialized information they need. We encourage you to use the Atlas as a tool to help in maintaining and improving our vital water resources.

Project Funding

Information Providers

  • FDEP Southwest District
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Water Resource Management, Water Quality DataTMDL Program, Watershed Assessment Section
  • Florida LAKEWATCH
  • Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC
  • Manatee County, Watershed Management Division, Environmental Management Department
  • Manatee County Utility Operations, Water Treatment Plant QC Lab, Utility Operations
  • MOTE Marine Laboratory, Center for Coastal and Tropical Ecology
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service
  • Southwest Florida Water Management District, Hydrologic Data Services, Resource Conservation and Development
  • USGS National Water Information System, Water Resources of the United States
  • Hydrologic Data Collection Inc.

Project Partners

Manatee County Water Atlas

  • Manatee County Board of County Commissioners
  • Manatee County
    • Greg Blanchard
  • City of Anna Maria
  • City of Bradenton Beach
  • City of Holmes Beach

University of South Florida Water Institute


  • Shawn Landry, PhD, Program Director, Research Associate Professor
  • Kai Rains, PhD, Research Associate Professor


  • Jan Allyn, BS, Web Content Manager
  • Jennifer Baker, BS, Database Developer
  • Keith Bornhorst, BS, Web Development Team Leader
  • Ruth Costley, BS, Senior GIS Analyst
  • David Eilers, BS, Field Scientist - Environmental
  • Claude Kershaw, MS, Senior Database Applications Developer
  • Jayden Mohacsi, BS, Applications Developer
  • Jason Scolaro, MS, Database Applications Developer


Many thanks to all the wonderful people who have participated in the process of designing and developing the Manatee County Water Atlas.

Water Atlas Program Advisory Group

Special thanks to the following group of individuals who have helped to guide the long-term development of the Water Atlas Program (www.wateratlas.org) by participating in the Water Atlas Advisory Group.



Jennifer Aragon Hillsborough County
Lisa Beever, Ph.D. Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership
Greg Blanchard Manatee County
Julie Bortles Orange County
Mike Britt City of Winter Haven
Rob Brown Manatee County
Maya Burke Tampa Bay Estuary Program
Michael Carnevale City of Winter Haven
Marcia Anderson Clark Orange County
Lindsay Cross Tampa Bay Estuary Program
Amanda Dominguez Sarasota County
Liz Donley Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership
Gloria Eby Seminole County
Ben Garcia Lake County Water Authority
Holly Greening Tampa Bay Estuary Program
Jim Griffin Florida Center for Community Design and Research
Melissa Harrison Pinellas County
Jennifer Hecker Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership
Marie Lackey Seminole County
Shawn Landry USF Water Institute
Kelli Levy Pinellas County
Sarah Malone City of Lakeland
John McGee Hillsborough County
Kathryn Meaux Sarasota County
Ashley Melton Sarasota County
Jack Merriam Sarasota County
Kim Ornberg Seminole County
Michael Perry Lake County Water Authority
Jon Perry Sarasota County
John Ryan Sarasota County
Laura Thorne Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission
Melanie Weed Pinellas County
Kelly Westover Sarasota County
Shannon Wetzel Seminole County