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Red tide bloom still evident, but "patchy"

On the southwest coast of Florida, a patchy bloom of Karenia brevis, the Florida red tide organism, continues alongshore.

From Manatee through mid Sarasota County, the red tide organism was detected in very low to high concentrations, with the highest concentrations detected at Ringling Causeway (Sarasota County) on Monday. In addition, samples collected alongshore of Charlotte County contained low concentrations. The organism also persists in lower Tampa Bay, where concentrations range from very low to medium. Multiple fish kills and respiratory irritation have been documented in the affected areas.

To learn more about other organisms that have been known to cause algal blooms in Florida waters, visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission flickr page and click on “Harmful Algal Bloom Species.”

The Web site below also provides links to additional information related to the topic of Florida red tide including satellite imagery, experimental red tide forecasts, shellfish harvesting areas, the FWC Fish Kill Hotline, the Florida Poison Information Center (to report human health effects related to exposure to red tide), and other wildlife-related hotlines.