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Manatee County Utilities customers urged to save water

MANATEE COUNTY – Leaders with the Manatee County Utilities Department (MCUD) want to remind residents of the importance of conserving water during Florida’s “Dry Season.”

Water conservation is especially important this year due to warmer-than-normal temperatures and drier-than-normal weather conditions along with ongoing construction at the County’s Water Treatment Plant.

Increased usage results in an increased demand on the water system — which can result in lower water pressure. By conserving water wherever possible, the system is better able to meet demand. In cooperative efforts, MCUD has worked with the fire departments, wholesale customers and the largest users of water to promote conservation. All customers’ conservation efforts are vital — playing an important role in ensuring the most efficient operation of the water system.

As a reminder, a complete list of water conservation resources and rules — including year-round watering restrictions — can be found on the Manatee County Utilities website.