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Florida’s vanishing beaches: The fight against coastal erosion

FDEP: More than half of Florida beaches surveyed are critically eroded

Released in June 2022, a study titled "Critically Eroded Beaches in Florida" from the Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection Florida Department of Environmental Protection found hundreds of miles of critically eroded beaches.

The report said, "This critical erosion report provides an inventory of Florida's erosion areas on the 825 miles of sandy beaches fronting the Atlantic Ocean, Straits of Florida, Gulf of Mexico, and the roughly 66 coastal barrier tidal inlets."

According to the report, out of those 825 miles, 426.3 miles are considered critically eroded.

Some areas of the state could face severe issues if erosion is not mitigated.

The report states, "a 4.7-mile segment along Kennedy Space Center (V365 – V390) is critically eroded, threatening manned spacecraft facilities, launch pads, Phillips Parkway, and buried infrastructure. Beach and dune restoration is being investigated."