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Hurricane leaves ‘river’ of sewage in Bradenton neighborhood

As if Hurricane Irma didn’t leave a big enough mess around Manatee County, the storm caused a 10-inch force sewer mainline to rupture near the Lakeside South neighborhood.

The 40-year-old sewer line ruptured along 43rd Avenue West just north of Cortez Road and sent raw sewage surging hundreds of feet to the east, well into the neighborhood. Resident Danielle Borden said sewage swept through her backyard, into her front yard and began filling up the street.

“We actually had sewage flowing down the street like a river,” Borden said. “It was deep enough that far away from the leak, where it would cover the top of your boots. It was moving at such a high rate of speed, we started moving all of our belongings into trucks wondering what to do because at least one person at the city said they may have to evacuate the neighborhood.”