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View under water shows red tide devastation in Sarasota Bay

SARASOTA BAY - A new underwater video reveals a new perspective on the red tide crisis.

Underwater videographer Curt Bowen shot a video in Sarasota Bay on Sunday. After weeks of taking a pounding from red tide, the bay is a barren, bleak environment, devoid of life.

“Well, I actually didn't see anything, which is what the problem was,” said Bowen.

Bowen has been shooting the bay waters for more than three decades. He's seen plenty of red tide blooms before, but nothing like this.

"The bay should have been teeming with a little more life,” he said.

“Normally, when you get down to the bottom of the bay you’re surrounded by lots of little bait fish. There’s a lot of little stuff going on in the bottom. But basically there was nothing to be found.”