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Buttonwood Harbour, Sleepy Lagoon neighborhoods to undergo drainage assessments

Combined, Longboat Key is due to spend $168,749 on drainage assessments for the Buttonwood Harbour and Sleepy Lagoon neighborhoods.

Longboat Key residents are familiar with the neighborhoods prone to flooding. Among those at the top of the list: Longbeach Village, Sleepy Lagoon and Buttonwood Harbour.

On Jan. 18, the town distributed purchase orders to planning and design consulting firm Kimley-Horn to conduct stormwater drainage assessments for both the Sleepy Lagoon and the Buttonwood Harbour neighborhoods. The work is designed to gather data on how and why flooding occurs, to help engineers devise solution.s

The town is due to pay $90,016 for the eight-month Sleepy Lagoon assessment and $78,733 for the six-month Buttonwood Harbour assessment.