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New boater rules set after completion of emergency dredge on Beer Can Island

Restricted areas on the north end of Longboat Key will only allow swimmers, kayakers and paddleboarders.

The emergency dredging project of Longboat Key’s Canal 1A near Beer Can Island has been completed.

Over the past three weeks, the crews have been working to reopen the passage between the lagoon to the west and Sarasota Bay to the east for wildlife access, tidal flushing and boats.

The town used previously granted permits from state and federal agencies to dredge about 1,500 cubic yards of beach-compatible sand from the waterway.

The crews that excavated the sand were directed to place it on a mound temporarily. The sand will then be moved to the Gulf side of the bridge.

In a “Talk of the Town” segment with Town Manager Tom Harmer, Public Works Department Director Isaac Brownman met on the newly created mound of sand on the area also known as Greer Island. They discussed the ins and outs of the project and what the department saw for the future of the area.