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People love riding horses in Tampa Bay waters. But what about all the poop?

You can spot the horses from far away, little dots out in the water of Tampa Bay. Drive south on Interstate 275 toward Sarasota on a weekday morning or a pleasant Saturday and they’re probably there, splashing around in a single file line off the North Skyway Bridge Park.

Up close, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular attractions on the local Trip Advisor page. Perched on their saddles, tourists ooh and ahh at the view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge looming along the horizon. If they’re lucky, they might spot a sting ray gliding below or a dolphin’s fin slice through the waves.

The main event comes when it’s time for the horses to swim. The riders kick their heels against their mares and click their tongues. Submerged up to their necks, the horses paddle through the waters. They whinny and snort, furiously bobbing their heads and kicking their hooves.

But back at the shoreline, the water lapping against the sand is dotted with greenish brown lumps the size of softballs.

Horse poop.