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Manatee County defers water quality resolution

Manatee County staff members abruptly tabled commissioners' discussion on federal waters quality standards scheduled for today (Mar. 29), saying Monday evening that their drafted resolution is too aggressive and not in the tone of its desire to work with the EPA to set good standards for the county's waterways.

The resolution was an edited version of one passed by the Manasota League of Cities and the Sarasota City Commission. It described the new standards as too costly and the deadline to implement too short, and it cited concerns about the coastal estuary systems, which have not yet been included in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's water quality standards. Regulations governing coastal waters and estuaries are still in the draft stages, and the final proposal is not due until August 2012. Other language citing "aggressive and expensive modifications to all programs" also went too far, the resolution stated. ...