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Splash Trash Tour: New Art Exhibit at Robinson Preserve

The Splash Trash Tour is coming to the Valentine House (1704 99th St. NW. Bradenton, FL 34209)! This unique interactive exhibit features a variety of artwork made out of materials found along the world's beaches. The tour combines art made out of objects found on the beach with an interactive educational exhibit about trash in our oceans and what we can do to make a difference. The exhibits will be installed at Robinson from Wednesday February 15 to Saturday February 25 (we will be closed on President's Day), and visitors can marvel at the transformation of trash into art. Suitable for all ages

Special Splash Trash Tour Programs:

  • Island Library "Trash in our Oceans" (adults) 2-3 pm Wed. Feb. 15
  • Robinson Preserve "Home School Science Club" (ages 6 to 10) 2-4 pm Thurs. Feb. 16 *
  • Robinson Preserve "Splash Trash Tour Grand Opening" (all ages) 4-7 pm Fri. Feb. 17
  • Robinson Preserve "Guided Tours of the Splash Trash Tour Exhibit" (all ages) 9-11 am & 2-4 pm Sat. Feb. 18 & Sat. Feb. 25 *
  • Braden River Library "Splash Trash Tour" (6 and under) 10:15-11:15 am Wed. Feb. 22
  • Robinson Preserve "Home School Science Club (ages 11 and up) 2-4 pm Fri. Feb. 24*
* - reservations are required for these programs

For more information, to book a free group tour of the exhibit, to reserve for a program, or to find out more about the tour's associated programs please email: