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Spring Edition of Bay Soundings Quarterly News Journal Now Online

Among this issue's offerings is an article by TBEP Outreach Coordinator Nanette O'Hara describing the total landscape makeover she and husband Rick are implementing to make their Tampa home more "bay-friendly."
They have removed all the grass from their yard and are replacing it with a variety of mulched landscape beds featuring water-stingy groundcovers, shrubs and trees bordered by permeable walking paths. They also installed gutters, downspouts and rain barrels to collect and reuse rainfall runoff for irrigation. Nanette is writing a blog about the project.
This issue of Bay Soundings also features a thought-provoking examination of how legislation involving highly complex issues like health care and climate change is reinforcing the need for improved science literacy among Americans, as well as a fascinating glimpse into Tampa Bay's ancient oyster resources and what they tell us about the bay's historic ecological richness.

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Victoria Parsons

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