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Manatee County to clean Greer Island

This gesture marks the first step in what the county sees as a thawing of a tense relationship with Longboat Key, County spokesman says.

Manatee County has started removing litter from Greer Island, a step toward establishing a new relationship between the county and Longboat Key.

Town Commissioners, in a February meeting with County Commissioners, said Manatee County's level of service to the town's north-end residents didn't match the taxes paid, including not cleaning nor maintaining its property at Greer Island.

“It’s a source of a significant part of our beach budget to deal with the problems on Greer Island,” said District 5 commissioner Ed Zunz at the meeting with the county. “We’ve asked time and again for assistance with the costs of Manatee County to no response.”

The county gives the Key no more services than Sarasota County does yet asks more money from its residents, according to town staff. Sarasota County invested $10 million into the Key with Bayfront Park.