Radar-Based Rainfall Estimates

Radar-based rainfall estimates are based on Doppler weather radar images that are calibrated with actual precipitation measurements to estimate rainfall amounts for each of the 2 x 2 kilometer grid cells in the region. Data are generously provided by the Southwest Florida Water Management District and the St. Johns River Water Management District. Learn more about how the data are collected and aggregated »

Total Rainfall

Geographies of Interest (when visible)
  • WBID (Run 64)
  • Watershed

This tool allows you to view the geographic distribution and variability of rainfall amounts, access statistical summaries of rainfall in graphs and charts, and download the data for your own analysis. Rainfall statistics are provided for the geographic scales of 2km x 2km pixel and WBID (water body identification number).

To see rainfall mapped for a particular year, or to see a map of average rainfall, make a selection from the drop-down menu. To view statistical summaries, select a geographic area from the drop-down menu or by clicking on the map; then click the "View Details" button on the popup.

Download Rainfall Estimate Data

Download the GIS data being presented on the mapping tool for your own analysis.

Download GIS Database

In addition, download estimated monthly rainfall for your own analysis by clicking on the buttons below. Each button below will direct you to the raw data being provided by the Water Management Districts. Note: these are FTP links and will likely require additional tools or browser customizations.

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