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Water Quality Contour Mapping Request

This page contains detailed information on the Salinity (Surface) (ppt) request made for the period of 5/1/2017 to 5/24/2017.

You will see information on the bay segments along with supporting metadata for the sampling locations used. To download the requested map click the "View Contour Map Document" link below.



Like any data provisioning system, the Water Quality Contour Mapping application has some restrictions to use. The below disclaimer should be read carefully before requesting contour maps. Also, the user should fully understand that the information provided should in no way be altered to misrepresent data content or the degree of accuracy provided by the data.

  • The data obtained from the Manatee County Water Atlas may be provisional and thus subject to revision. The sponsoring project partners, the Florida Center for Community Design and Research at the University of South Florida, and the University of South Florida specifically disclaim any warranty, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular use. The entire risk as to quality and performance is with the user.
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If you have any specific ideas that could help us improve the water quality contour mapping system or if you have questions related to the limitations of the current system, please provide your suggestions using our comment form.

I have read and acknowledge the limitations of the current water quality contour mapping system.

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Salinity (Surface) (ppt)

  • Request ID: 1195
  • Request Completed On: 6/13/2017
  • Characteristic: Salinity (Surface) (ppt)
  • Sampling Activity Depth: Samples measured at any depth
  • Date Range: 5/1/2017 - 5/24/2017
Bay Segment# Data Sources# Stations# SamplesAverage ValueData Range
Alafia River 113 29.52 ppt
29.23 - 29.66 ppt
5/24/2017 - 5/24/2017
Boca Ciega Bay 000
Bullfrog Creek 113 16.28 ppt
15.05 - 16.93 ppt
5/22/2017 - 5/22/2017
Gulf Of Mexico 113 34.95 ppt
34.94 - 34.96 ppt
5/16/2017 - 5/16/2017
Hillsborough Bay 11234 29.09 ppt
28.51 - 31.13 ppt
5/8/2017 - 5/9/2017
Little Manatee River 126 28.82 ppt
27.66 - 30.12 ppt
5/15/2017 - 5/15/2017
Lower Tampa Bay 11030 34.48 ppt
33.38 - 37.32 ppt
5/16/2017 - 5/16/2017
Manatee River Estuary 000
Middle Tampa Bay 11339 31.01 ppt
29.75 - 33.10 ppt
5/2/2017 - 5/16/2017
Mill Bayou 000
Old Tampa Bay 11854 28.41 ppt
27.37 - 29.75 ppt
5/2/2017 - 5/2/2017
Palm River 139 27.71 ppt
26.43 - 28.83 ppt
5/9/2017 - 5/9/2017
Terra Ceia Bay 000
Data Source# Stations# SamplesAverage ValueData Range
EPC Monthly Routine Water Monitoring 61181 30.01 ppt
15.05 - 37.32 ppt
5/2/2017 - 5/24/2017